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We are very excited to provide the online platform for the Character Development & Leadership Program.

The online version is intended for schools that have access to a 1:1 laptop/ipad program. Students will access and complete all of their lesson plans online. Teachers no longer need manuals and students no longer need textbooks. This is a different pricing model than the traditional version. Schools pay less up front and continue to pay minimal amounts for an annual student usage fee.

To order the online classroom curriculum, we provide two options:
1.  Please fill out this order form and scan/email, fax or mail it to us, or
2. Fill out the online form below. Please note when using the form below, you will need to select the checkbox next to the price for each product that you plan to purchase. If not, when you submit your order we will not know what you ordered and will have to contact you to ask you to place your order again. 

If you have any questions while ordering, please call us at (231) 938-4140.

Our mailing address is:
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Our fax number is:
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