Perspective – Lessons on High School Sports

Perspective – Lessons on High School Sports


After 11 years of writing blogs, this is my first video blog. A bit too long, but after 5 takes, I just had to go with it. I hope it resonates with you.


Your Turn: Why do you play sports and how does it bring you happiness, purpose or identity?

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  1. My sport gives me access to an amazing community and a way to be healthy with the support of my team. It’s fun and engaging for the mind and body.

  2. I play sports to release my stress throughout the day and make new friends with my teammates/The feeling of a point cuase of you being so much joy and i learn how to work with different kinds of people

  3. The reason why I play sports is because it helps me physically and emotionally and mentally because you know we are like stress you have anything to take it out on in that’ll help you so I use sometimes sports to help me take out some of my anger that I’ve had throughout the day my stress and actually really helps and it keeps me motivated and house be physically and mentally get stronger.

  4. I play sports because it relieves my stress and it brings me happiness when I get that killer point or good team work. It helps make me who I am today.

  5. I play sports because it keeps me active and I love that it gives a place that I can just forget about certain issues that are bugging me and just play the game.

  6. i play sports because it is my hobby and passion. i need to keep moving and keep fighting and competing for something i love. sports is a great outlet for this and i wouldn’t trade it for the world

  7. i play sports because it’s an outlet for me to let go of my tension of the day and i get close to different groups of people

  8. I play sports because it’s fun, it’s fun to hang out with friends, and it’s fun to get good. There’s little more rewarding than working your butt off for weeks or months or years, and then having it all pay off cause now your one of the best.