Police & Truckers Come Together To Save a Life #Caring

Police & Truckers Come Together To Save a Life #Caring


Last week a man was spotted on a bridge overpass above busy Interstate 696, just outside of Detroit, Michigan. The man was having family problems and didn’t think his life was worth living anymore. The man’s plan was to jump off the overpass into oncoming traffic to commit suicide. Police were immediately called and they diverted all traffic, except 13 willing truck drivers.  These drivers positioned their trucks so that if the man jumped, he would land on the top of a truck, not on the cement below.  Meanwhile, the police sent in specialized officers to talk him out of his plan. After four hours, the police and the truckers were successful.  The man walked off the bridge and into a counseling center to receive help and support.

Joe’s Perspective: 1 life. Police devoted valuable resources to save 1 life. Traffic was diverted and an entire interstate was shut down to save 1 life. Truckers, on their way to fulfill a shipment, agreed to assist in this effort to save 1 life. In total, over 25 complete strangers came together to help 1 person in his most desperate time of need. What a powerful statement. A man with no hope saw all these strangers come together to say, “You’re life is worth it.”

One of my college internships was to work on a suicide prevention hotline. In an 8 hour shift, I would usually receive 5-8 calls from a conservative county in west Michigan. To my knowledge, none of these individuals ever committed suicide. They really just wanted to know that someone cared. I listened mostly.  I was empathic and supportive. We formulated plans to help and put in place a support team.  This story reminds me once again the power that each of us has to change lives. Sometimes just a simple gesture, a smile or a word of encouragement can go a long way. It’s difficult to know the impact that 1 act of kindness will have on a fellow human being in need.

Your Turn: When you notice someone who is hurting or sad, what can you do to help turn things around?

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  1. This article was about attitude because every single person there could have left and let the guy jump to commit suicide. The truckers could have continued on with their day and the cops did not have to put in so much effort into trying to save the guys life. With that, every single person that had helped had great attitude.

  2. When I notice someone hurting or sad, I´d give them a talk of what happend. To give them a reason to not think about the negative vibes.

  3. Police & Truckers Come Together To Save a Life:
    I think this stories deals with attitude. Attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior. I this story the man who tried to commit suicide was because of his family causing him to think he is not worth it anymore. When I notice someone who is hurting or sad you should immediately talk it out with them. If so you can help them slowly agree to talking to an adult such as a teacher , parent , or a counseling .

  4. I think that to help somebody if there sad is to tell them that no madder what happens someone will always love and care for you.

  5. If someone is hurting or sad, the things i can do to turn that around is to listen and comfort them,never say anything negative probably tell an adult if it gets out of hand and tell them some of my personal problems.