The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking


Almost everyone says they want to be successful, but not everyone knows what it takes to get there. In the following video, several celebrities provide their insight.  I thought this was quite “eye-opening.” This is a very powerful life lesson. Without the power of positive thinking and without fully believing in yourself, it seems almost impossible to achieve much of anything in this life. Maybe the only way to make things happen is to will them to happen. No one will fight for you harder than you.

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction explained simply and beautifully by celebrities and successful people. What do you need more of in your life?HTownHappyHour.comVia New Perspectives

Posted by HTown Happy Hour on Monday, May 22, 2017

In Summary, this is what these celebrities said:

10. You attract what you fear, feel and think.

9. We are all born superstars. You just have to pull it out of yourself.

8. Visualize clearly, precisely and frequently and it will manifest itself into reality.

7. Visualization works if you work hard.

6. Decide what will be, who you will be & how you are going to do it.

5. As you think, so shall you become.

4. Don’t allow your thoughts to be anything you don’t want.

3. Like attracts like. 

2. If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.

1. Laugh every chance you get.

Your Turn:

1. Do you agree that positive thinking will place an enormous role in your life?

2. In what ways do you manifest these aspects into your life?

3. What can you do to incorporate more of this into your life?

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  1. 1. Yes because, it will change what i do. And how i will live in the future.
    2. They can show how you act. Also how you are as a person because we are like magnets we attract what we are.
    3. By changing how i do everything. Example if my car breaks down i will be calm not cussing at the top of my lungs.

  2. 1.Yes because it will make me feel good about myself.
    2.we are all born superstars you just half to pull it out of yourself.
    3.I can use positive thinking.

  3. I truly believe in the laws of attraction so much. If you are constantly thinking negatively in your life you can’t expect to have so much positivity in your life going on. What you put out into the world is what you get. If you think more positive you will attract positive things. When I was struggling with an issue in my life I believed in myself to achieve something and I kept staying positive to make sure I would get what I want and in the end, I did but only because I remembered to stay positive and not have bad thoughts. The best thing to do to incorporate positivity into your life is to just stay humble and remember that you can do anything you set your mind to if you really believe in it hard enough.

  4. 1.) sure. if you let it. but i dont really want it to. i wanna live my life just like i am now, and i want people to leave me alone.
    2.) idk, i think everyones born with a passion for something.
    3.) i could be more positive. but im natually a negatice person and im not about to change that.

    1. Post

      Megan, help me understand why you are so wedded to being a negative person? I agree that it is your decision to be the way you want to be, but why would you want to be negative? What benefit do you get from being negative? There must be something. I hate to be negative because I see how it impacts others around me. People don’t want to hang around a negative person because it bring them down. My kids and wife hate it when I am in a bad mood. I couldn’t imagine wanting to live every day like that.

  5. 1. Yes even though I do not have the most positive thinking, but when I do think positive my whole day turns around.
    2. They show you how you take in the world, weather it be positive or negative it shows in you.
    3. I can go to friends, they always cheer me up and make me smile. If my friends are not around I can go and find something to laugh at or anything that makes me smile in general.

  6. 1. yes I will be more excited as a person and be happier.
    2. they show you how to feel and deal with burdens in your life.
    3. I can be around people that love and support me., and that makes me feel happy.n

  7. 1. yes because it will change my attitude and outlook on life.
    2. they show you how to make the bad things good.
    3. not get stressed out and be happy

  8. 1. I believe that like attracts like and that if you are a positive person, positive people and positive things will happen to you. I also believe that whatever you dream of you really set your mind to it, you can accomplish it with hard work.
    2. I try to be a positive, kind, and respectful person because those are the types of people I want in my life. I also work very hard to be the best I can be.
    3. I can not get so negative about things when things go bad.

  9. 1. Yes because, it will change what I do and how I will live in the future.
    2. They can show how you act and how you are as a person.
    3. By changing how I do things and be postitive and optimistic.

  10. 1. Yes, because right I think positive, it will attract positive people to me

    2. They show how you act in smarting situations, and it shows your true identity.

    3. I can incorporate more positive thoughts in my life

  11. 1. Yes, I agree, because it enables me to feel good about my future instead of fearing it.
    2. These manifestations are made to encourage me. They help remind me that the world can’t hold me back forever.
    3. I can show it in my actions on a day-to-day basis in life around people.

  12. 1. Yes positive thinking does have an effect on your life. It makes you more determined to do the thinga you want to do like if you want to be a docter then be one. Study hard to well. manifests in my life being more determined to do the thing I want to do can think more positively

  13. 1. Yes because if you’re negative about everything you will never get anywhere in life but if you’re positive and you always see the light at the end of the tunnel then everything else will fall into place.
    2. I believe that as long as I stay positive life will always have a way of getting better but if I allow myself to get negative all my hard work will be for nothing.
    3. I can remember that no one gets anywhere by being negative and if we surround ourselves with positive people that positivity will give us drive to accomplish our goals.

  14. 1. Yes because it will make me look at things differently, in a more positive way.
    2. I think about me getting good gredes and getting into a great collage and having a good future.
    3. You can never settle for less than your best, always put in effort.

  15. 1. I do believe that positive thinking will place a big role in my life.
    2. I try to tell myself I can do things whenever I can and I am working toward my dreams to make the realities.
    3. To incorporate more positive thinking into my life I could hang out with more positive people and believe in myself more.

  16. 1. Yes I do think positive thinking will place an enormous role in my life because with it will change the way I look at the world
    2. They show how being positive will make your life better and happier
    3. I incorporate this in my life by being happy and kind to others around me

  17. 1. Yes. Positivity has a big effect on your life because it makes you happier and want to do thing you don’t even like doing.
    2. You should focus on these topics with everything you do. Positivity and hope should be a part of you character all the time.
    3. You should really think about all these things when you are in a difficult time in your life and whenever you don’t like something or don’t want to do something.

  18. 1) I do think that positive thinking will have a role in my life.
    2) I never look at the glass half empty, I look at it half full.
    3) You could look at bad things as things you can improve on like if you fail a test, it is just a chance for you to work harder and improve.

  19. 1) Yes , positive thinking would play a big role in life because positive thinking would lead you to what you want and where you will go .
    2)You manifest these aspects into your life by thinking positive and telling yourself you can do good things and achieve greater in life .
    3)You can incorporate these things into your life by applying it to daily things like school or work and whenever you’re in doubt and having bad times .

  20. 1. Yes, because if you’re negative then your actions will be negative, but if you’re positive then your actions will be positive which means positive things will happen.
    2.You can manifest these aspects into life by thinking positively which will help them come true.
    3.You can be more positive and a have a good mindset or goalto incorporate this into your life.

  21. 1) Yes, because it will change how I precise certain situations.
    2) They Can manifest into your life if you think positively inside of turning everything into a negative statement .
    3)You can be around people that care about you and always think positively.

  22. 1. Yes, I do believe that positive thinking has had an impact on my Life because if you think it can do you can!
    2. This can show how you act around others and how positive you can truly be.
    3. I can incorporate positivity in my life by just saying I CAN do it . I CAN become what I want to be

  23. 1- Yes I greatly believe that being postive throughout your daily life will have a huge impact. Because your experience with everything is based on your mindset. So if you have a positive mindset during Highschool you are likely to have a fantastic memory of Highschool. Being joyful just makes you a better person.

    2- The way I incorporate this into my life is by trying to have an even…mindset. So everything is balanced. I would like to have a double view of the bad side of things and good side. I do keep a postive outlook yet I also like to have some negatives as to be more grateful for the positives.

    3- I should try to incorporate this more into my life by just…being more friendly to others. Giving more advice.

  24. 1. Yes I think that positivity will place an enormous role in my life because if you are positive, then you will have a positive life. You will also have a better and more confident life.
    2. I manifest these aspects in my life because I try to always be happy and confident in life. Happiness makes your life better.
    3. I can try to incorporate these into my life by visualizing what I want in life.

  25. I believe that post it is thinking will have an impact on your life because it determines on your everyday outlook. I am nice to people and I am productive and I’m juist happy. I can help more people out and be good and do everything I can to make things great.

  26. 1) I agree that positive thinking is what impacts your mind and life tremendously. If you dont think you can make your goals happen, then how will you ever achieve it?
    2)I manifest these aspects into my life by making goals set in dance and school for what I want.
    3)In order to incorporate this more into my life, I make notes to myself about my goals in order to make it happen.

  27. 1. Yes if you have a positive attitude then you have positive energy or positive actions that you can use to fulfill your dreams

    2. We manifest these things to help you overcome a bad day

    3. To incorporate this more in my life, I can do more things that give me a positive attitude like hanging out so my friends or doing things that make me happy.

  28. Yes, this will change they way I think of many things and how i live in the future. This will get me to choose the right decisions.
    They show who you are and how you act, you attract what you fear, feel and think.
    I can stay positive and get help from friends and parents. I have to start thinking positively instead of thinking negatively most of the time.

  29. 1. I agree that positive thinking will have an enormous impact on my life. Positive thinking allows you to achieve your goals. It also allows you to become a kinder, more considerate person.

    2. These goals and aspirations affect how you act in your everyday life. I try to be the best person I can be and think in a positive manner.

    3. I can have a positive attitude. I can also try to be a kinder person.

  30. 1) Positive thinking will absolutely affect your life. It has the power to affect your life and everyone around you. We all play an intrumental role in the world, we all have jobs to do and wisdom to give. But this also means that others have jobs to do and wisdom to give us. If you have a positive mindset, the world around you will thrive in positivity.
    2) In my life I know that my thoughts are powerful. If I think only the best, kindest, wisest, most creative thoughts I can then I will absolutely live a better life -a more fulfilling one- than the person who does not. I keep me mind and heart open, I smile and laugh just to show others it’s okay. My goal is to be an epitome of positivity and confidence.
    3) I can incorporate these positive thoughts, the idea that I am a superstar who deserves to laugh and smile, a hard worker who can visualize my goals, by practicing them every chance I get. I will smile and laugh more than ever, I will make it a goal to help those around me smile more. I will never desist in reminding friends and strangers that they are powerful, and imaging success is easy, it’s accomplishing it that defines the winners and everyone else.

  31. 1. Yes, I do think positive thinking will place an enormous role in my life.

    2. No don’t hold grudges and turn bad/ negative things into positive things in my life.

    3. I can not stress out out thing, especially things that won’t be irrelevant to me in the future

  32. Yes, because if I continue to stay positive because I will become a more positive person

    I take in the aspects of this kind of life by spreading in through others and them spreading it to others they know

    I can do daily gratitudes and even the 21 days happiness challenge to become a more of a positive person as well as focusing on the important things in life

  33. 1. Yes, I believe that more positively you think the more positive your life will be.
    2. I like to always look back at every situation and see all the good things that came out of it as well as look forward and see the great things that can come.
    3. Write a journal of everything good today and what i am looking forward to.

  34. 1. Yes, I believe positive thinking will place an enormous role in everybody’s lives, not just mine. If you are thinking positively, you’ll try harder and enjoy each day to the fullest. Being positive can also make other people enjoy being around you more and they might also think positively. When you are positive you perform better and that can help with tests, difficult decisions, or anything.

    2. Your goals can guide you in what you want for the future and can help you figure out what you need to do to accomplish that. Remaining positive about your goals and the way you are going to approach them can also help you enjoy and learn it better.

    3. Try to keep a positive attitude and learn from my mistakes. To never give up and to follow my goals or dreams and try to not let negativity affect me.

  35. 1. Yes it will change the way i think and look at things on a day to day basis
    2. I look at things in a positive way . Happiness is everything
    3.Give compliment to make someone’s day and to make me feel good about myself