President Obama Serves Others on Thanksgiving

President Obama Serves Others on Thanksgiving


As most of us went about our traditional Thanksgiving with family and friends, the President of the United States and his family visited a local homeless shelter to serve food to homeless individuals and veterans. I think this is pretty cool – arguably the most powerful person in the world was serving others. That’s a pretty powerful metaphor and a great example for all of us to follow.

As I watch this video, I am reminded that we are all human beings. Some deliver the mail, some teach at a school, some sell cars and some our presidents of countries. Regardless of the job title, we all put our pants on one leg at a time. I applaud the president for giving up some of his holiday to help those in need. I think this sets a great example for all of us. As a father, I think he is teaching his children kindness, humility and service. We should all be so willing to teach our children such important traits.

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