Privacy Agreement

Character Development and Leadership has two programs that require us to fill out rosters.

For the purposes of the online Classroom Curriculum, we ask teachers to fill out a class roster. As part of this process, teachers provide student names to create this roster. The main reason is to allow teachers to connect students with their completed assignments in the gradebook. However, we do not ask for email addresses or any other information.

For the purposes of the Student Athlete Program, we ask athletic directors to list the names and emails of the coaches on his/her staff.  We then ask the athletic directors to estimate the number of athletes in each sport.  We then provide generic logins for each athlete to access the blog (athlete 1, athlete 2…). Athletes have the option of later changing their generic name to their real name if they so choose in the app.

In either case, we do not share the names with any outside source. The names stay on a secure online platform until June 20th each year.  We then delete every name and class roster. To gain access the following year, new rosters must be filled out.


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