Putting Things in Perspective

Putting Things in Perspective


On March 7, 2009, the Kepler Space Telescope was launched by NASA to determine the number of earth-like planets (capable of supporting life) orbiting the 1-4 hundred billion stars forming our galaxy (the Milky Way).  The answer was provided on June 30, 2014, “about 20%,” which means 20 to 80 billion stars have earth-like planets in “our” galaxy. By the way, it is estimated that there are about a hundred billion other galaxies.

https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=746043185466080  (I hope you can access this link)

Joe’s Perspective: I don’t know if there are other life forms out there in the universe. However, this recent information and this video reminds me how small and insignificant we are in relation to the vast universe.  The earth is just a speck in this galaxy and each of us is just a speck on this speck of a planet.  All of this reminds me that my problems that seem so significant and important, are anything but.

I’m not telling you to not study for your next math test (your teacher, parents and future boss will not care that you are just a speck on a tiny speck of a planet), but I am asking you to put your problems and your worries into perspective.  Maybe obsessing over the next math test or  how your hair looks for a date, etc. is not a really as important as we think it is in our spec-like heads.

Maybe we should spend our time and energy focused on things that really matter.  What is that, you ask? You tell me.

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1. After watching this video, what kind of reactions do you have? And, what is truly important in your life?



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  1. I think that instead of people worrying about the slot toe things in life ad focusing on what they look like we should start focusing on the world and how we can make the Earth a better place. We are just one speck in the galaxy and we need to look past the little things and focus on how we can impact the Earth, even just in our community.

  2. I guess I’ve never really realized how small we actually are in this world, it makes us seem as if we really don’t exist compared to everything else. It makes me realize that regardless of our actions, life will go on and we may make mistakes, but in reality it all doesn’t matter except for the fact that you’ve achieved your own goals.

  3. I think that instead of people worrying about the little things in life and focusing on negatives people should start focusing on the world and how we can make the Earth a better place. We are just one speck in the galaxy and we need to look past the little things and focus on how we can impact the Earth, even just in our community.

  4. I understand that we are specs on the face of a planet, which rotates around a spec of a star, in a spec of a galaxy in our ever expanding universe. But here’s the thing, until we, as in all of Spec Kind, encounter life on another planet, things going on in our own little worlds (little worlds was not intended to speak to the spec thing, but it works) are going to seem to be of the most importance. We have no reason to focus on any other intelligent life, or the future of our own or their own species, because we don’t know of any outside of out atmosphere. How we look on dates and interviews, obsessing over the next math test, and living a life that satisfies our own wishes will continue to be of the utmost importance until we realize that this existence is bigger than us as Spec Kind.

  5. After I watched this video I realized how tiny we are. We are just tiny little specks in this universe. Not all our little problems matter like how our hair looks or what we’re wearing. None of it matters in the grand scale of things

  6. I agree exactly with what Joe’s reaction. I believe that something so small as to what we look like or how tan we are is something we see as such a big deal. I like to compare this to Mattie Stapanek because makes our issues seem so small. What’s truly important to me is my family and my education. Little things like not having the best clothes is very ridiculous.

  7. I’ve learned growing up that you aren’t the biggest fish in the sea. Just like our individual selfs we are not the center of the universe. And that the would doesn’t have to revolve around yourself.

  8. I did not watch the video but other responses make me think that if so many other planets could support intelligent life do they look at us as smaller beings.

  9. Important things in my life have happen, and still yet to come. I’m living those kinds of things everyday. This video shows us how small and collective our planet really is, and we need to treasure it. I usually worry about small little things, including how my hair looks, if I’ve worn a shirt too often, or if my acne is taking a visit… I just need to realize, that no one will remember what I wore, or how my hair looked… I need to stop worrying about small things and remember what’s really important to me. My family, my friends, and most certainly, my sweet little angels, one direction and 5 seconds if summer. (Might sound cheesy, yeah yeah, but it’s true).

  10. I learned that sometimes the things that seem like a big deal really aren’t and we need to live in the moment and not sweat the small stuff.

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  11. Now that i think about it our problems aren’t even as big as we think they are and we aren’t even that important and we should spend out time doing things that are important.

  12. After reading this, I realize how insignificant all the high school drama and problems happening in my life right now actually are. There are much more important things in life to worry and think about.

  13. I think that this is nice putting things into perspective like that. I stress about useless things like this and hearing this makes me feel better about my problems.

  14. In life we need to do what matters to us. Don’t let other people control what you think is important. If it is important to you then that is all that matters. Everyone makes mistakes but as long as you get to what is important to you or your goals then that is what matters.

  15. I think that instead of worrying about things that are not that important in life, people should start focusing on the real world and how we can make Earth a better place. We need to look over the little things and focus on how we can impact the World, even within our own community.

  16. Pleople always say that they will be the biggest or the best or the fastest, but that does not matter, we are dust compared to where we live. We are just dust in the galaxy. It dosnt matter how rich or how poor or what you look like. Do what makes you happy. Anything that makes you happy is your decision. Dont let your dreams be dreams. YOu are your own person and do what you want to do.

  17. Its crazy to think how small we are compared to those stars. It just shows that you need to make your life the best it can be while you have it.

  18. There are way bigger tings than your everyday problems. We are just a speck on a giant universe. We should spend time with others and trying to help other people.

  19. This video shows that we’re not the center of the universe. Outside of your friends and family, no one cares about what’s going on in your life or how you’re doing. So don’t think about what matters to them. Think about what’s important to yourself and your life.

  20. This puts things into perspective that we as people are not even close to the center of the universe, or the most important either.

  21. We should focus more on the future because if you focus on the past it will ruin what you have going on in the future. If you are happy about something and you start overthinking your mind is going to go everywhere.

  22. Don’t let other people control what you think is important. Think about what’s important to yourself and your life.

  23. The blog is encouraging me to use my efforts in the things that matter instead of wasting energy on less important issue.

  24. I think we should think about how important these things really are and how much they will effect us in the future. That is when you should determine how important it is and whether you should stress over it

  25. I feel that this really puts things into perspective, this is one of my favorite ways to look a things if we are truly that small and insignificant what really matters? I would say it’s because were so small that we matter, being such a small cog in the machine of the universe should make us worry less about deadlines or missing opportunities. But at the same time it should make us cautious to choose the path because their is so much else here.

  26. It’s is very important in life to think about what’s important to yourself and your life. You should study all the time, or not go to places.

  27. I agree that it is very important to prioritize the right things, as well as put their importance into perspective. Everything in life matters, however some things more than others. If you know the value of what you put your time into, it will save a lot of worry in the end.

  28. 1. After watching this video, what kind of reactions do you have? And, what is truly important in your life?
    I was shocked, family. Other wise I don’t have anything important.

  29. This article shows how everyone has a different perspective on everything so some people don’t look at things the same way you might.

  30. The article’s positive appoint is that if we worry about the little things that worrying about the little things is extra stress that isn’t needed.

  31. I thought that this made a lot of sense to me and it could be really helpful. My family and friends are important. There are many things that are important to me but friends and family are the top 2.