Shame on the Parents! And Coaches! And Students! College Admissions Scandal

Shame on the Parents! And Coaches! And Students! College Admissions Scandal


At least 50 people have been charged by the federal government on charges of fraud and racketeering. This is essentially what happened. Wealthy parents hired Rick Singer of Edge College and Career Network to give their children unfair advantages to get accepted into college. These parents paid big bucks for 1) having others take their SAT, 2) falsifying academic records or 3) giving bribes to college coaches to recruit their children for a sport they never played.

To be clear, Edge College and Career Network was the catalyst, but many others were complicit. Parents hired the firm, knowing this created an unfair advantage. Three test takers have been charged and at least one test conductor. Ten collegiate coaches from various universities accepted bribes. And, even though the students have not been formally charged, they are just as guilty. They had to know what was going on. Instead of serving time, involved colleges have or will undoubtedly kick these kids out of college.

Joe’s Perspective: As a father of four girls, I cannot understand this scandal. If my kids are successful enough to get into certain colleges, good for them. If not, they will go another route. You succeed or fail based on your own merit and accomplishments.

Nothing about this scandal surprised me though. It’s common knowledge that if someone donates big money to a university, their children will probably get accepted. To me, there isn’t a big difference between donating $1 million to the university or paying some seedy company to do unscrupulous deeds. Each act gives someone an unfair advantage. Athletes get an unfair advantage too, and most people accept that practice as okay. So too do legacies.

My guess is this scandal will call attention to the other avenues that give students an unfair advantage over more-deserving students. This should get interesting.

Your Turn: What is your reaction to this college admissions scandal?

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  1. As a student who strives to do well academically but does not believe they could make it into one of these top colleges, I have all sorts of questions. How could a parent force their child into a place they aren’t ready for? How did those students manage at Ivy League schools?

  2. I think that the bribing gives an unfair advantage to those who do not work as hard. Their should be a harsh punishment for those who disobey the rule

  3. I think that the bribery gives an unfair advantage to the people who grow up with more privileges rather than those who work hard. There should be harsh punishment for those who do not follow the rule

  4. I’m a student and I work hard to do my best. I never give up and I work myself to succeed. I don’t understand why those parents put everyone in a bad position. How can a parent force their child to go to a certain college?

  5. i don’t think that its right to have to try and bribe someone to do something. if they dont want to do it then they wont be at their full potenial

  6. Bribery put people in uncomfortable and bad situations; and some people will accept it even though it’s wrong and illegal to do. My personal belief is that everyone should play the game fair and if you have to bribe someone, you shouldn’t be in the sport.

  7. Trying to bribe colleges just to get your child into a sport or anything does not mean that they should earn it. It’s unbelievable that parents are paying millions to get their child into an elite college

  8. Bribery is definitely unfair not only because people are paying their way through life but that many people work hard for it that aren’t as privileged and have daddy’s money coaches should know that money isn’t all to life and if they take the bribe they definitely deserve their coaching to be taken away and the students shouldn’t be able to attend the higher rank collages

  9. I feel like forcing ur kid to go to a school they don’t like is awful. They should be able to pick it themselves no matter what!

  10. It is beyond ridiculous and how has it not been discovered earlier. It is unfair to the maximum point and kids that should have been accepted got rejected because these parents thought that just because they have money, this was acceptable.

  11. I think that this scandal is very wrong. They took opportunities away from students that worked very hard and earned their spot in college. I also do not think it is right as a parent to put your child into a school that they are not ready for, they won’t succeed.