Simple Lessons in the Classroom Also Apply in Athletics

Coach Auriemma, the head women’s basketball coach at UConn, is at it again. He just has a way of simplifying things.  “If you go to class & you do average work, you get a C. That’s why it’s called average. If you want a B, you have to do more work & if you want an A you have to do even more work. You have to give up stuff,  you have to sacrifice.” The same rule applies in athletics. If you want to get an A in athletics, you have to be willing to do stuff that others aren’t willing to do. Simple, really.

Joe’s Perspective: I love this guy. He will be the featured role model in about three weeks. He has 11 national championships, more than any basketball coach (male or female). He demands perfection. And yet, he struggles to get others to understand what it takes to be successful. In a nutshell, it comes down to effort. Most are comfortable squeaking by with C’s (minimal effort), while others give it everything they have and earn A’s. It’s so simple, yet we have trouble understanding this fundamental lesson.

Your Turn: If you had to grade your efforts in athletics, what grade would you give yourself? If you had to grade your efforts in the classroom, what grade would you give yourself? Explain.

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  1. In athletics I would give myself an A because I feel that I work hard. In school give my self a B because I do a little better than average but I don’t always do more then I have to.

  2. I would give myself and A in the classroom because I push myself to do the best I can. In athletics I would give myself an A as well because I try my hardest in games and in practice to do the best I can and learn from my mistakes.

  3. In the classroom I get A’s for classes over all with some A- and some B+. I’ll say I’m an A student for Middle School cause overall I get A’s. But for high school I might do worse or I might do better it just depends on whether I’m willing to study harder than most are willing to do.

    For athletics it depends on each sport I do. Also it depends on my grade, because I don’t expect a 5th grader to be doing college level training to get A’s. For last years 7th grade cross country I’d say I was an A-. Even though I was the second fastest 7th grader and I could easily say I was an A I know for a fact that I could have worked harder and had a better mindset to be number one. But for this next year I see my mistakes and will be fixing them to be an A.

  4. I would grade myself with at least a B because I do work hard and complete the work, but I sometimes don’t always go above and beyond.

  5. if i was to give my self a grad for athletic it would be a A+ or an B- i dont know but yea im really good at working out and i also love working out.

  6. I would give myself and A in both sports and academics because I sustain good grades in school and continue to improve in my sports.

  7. For athletics my grade would be an A- and for the classroom it would be a B +. In athletics my problem is working hard even when I’m tired and in the classroom I struggle with procrastinating.

  8. And athletics I’d give myself an A and in the classroom I’d give myself a B+ because I’m always focusing in on the new subject that we’re learning and if I get stuck I always make sure to ask the teacher or get help so I can understand what I’m messing up though I occasionally can get sidetracked.

  9. in athletics i would give myself a A- because i struggle keeping focus when i’m tired and in the classroom i would give myself a B because i procrastinate and i tend to give up when i don’t understand a topic or am frustrated

  10. Recently in academics I have been procrastinating a ton, especially towards the end of the year. I would give academic a B right now. I would give athletics an A because I feel I am always very committed and work hard.

  11. In my opinion most days I am an A in everything but there are those days where I am not my fullest self or potential.

  12. I would give my self definitely an a in athletics because I always work hard, but school wise I would give myself a b-. I have been getting behind on school work and procrastinating .

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