So Sad…So True

So Sad…So True


Joe’s Perspective: I really have no words.

Your Turn: What are your thoughts and/or feelings on this depiction of our society?

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  1. I think to a certain extent it is very true. Everyone is so consumed in the digital world they don’t live in the now anymore. People don’t talk or have lunch with each other but instead just text or talk on the internet. I think it is a terrible trap society had fallen into by being so attached to technology people can’t do anything for themselves anymore

  2. everyone is mostly involved with artificial intelligence and not looking up and seeing what the world is coming to and what we have become as human beings

  3. Now that technology has advanced and will keep advancing the world will never be the same. People will never pick up a book to read, they will just put it on their phone. People will no longer send letters or send checks they will just send through text and paypal. Our generation will never know the struggle of walking 2-3 just to get in contact with a friend. This will cause many social problems in the future.

  4. everybody well soon forget what we are and what we are here to do and to help and care for each other and actually help and not just be trapped in our phones and so distract from our real life . seeing the actually beauty to life and not be worrying about your Instagram. pictures or making phone of somebody because they actually have a life and try to be outgoing to make friends and entertain people. and people should worry if somebody jumps off a tower.

  5. People are slowly starting too forget that we are here for each other, thanks to new technology people are hurting each other that girl JUMPED and they didn’t even care, and unfortunately this is true, I know someone who thought ending it all would help them not feel the terrible emptiness inside, they thought what they felt (or the lack of feelings she felt would end) thankfully she’s alive and well today, but in the moment no one even cared they saw it, then went on with their lives