Spreading Happiness…One Sock at a Time

Spreading Happiness…One Sock at a Time


John Cronin was born with Down’s Syndrome, but as he says, “Down’s Syndrome never holds me back.” He always wanted to form a business. After a couple of failed ideas, he and his father formed, “John’s Crazy Socks.” They sell 1,500 different types of socks.  In their first year, they grossed 1.4 million dollars. If you order a pair of socks, you get a hand-written thank you note from John. If you live in the Long Island area, John personally delivers the socks. His company employs 12 employees, most of whom have a disability. They even donate 5% of their profits to the Special Olympics. In John’s words, “We are spreading happiness.”


Joe’s Perspective: Totally inspired. 1) John inspires me as a person because he found a way to turn his passion into a business, 2) John shows us all what is possible through his example of overcoming his disability, 3) he continues in the American way by creating jobs for others and 4) he donates a portion of his proceeds to a charity of his choice. What’s not to love?

Your Turn: What does this story inspire you to achieve in your own life?

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  1. Once i know what i wanna do after high school and im going to help many people as much as i can because with money u can help and spread happiness to families in need.

  2. This story inspries me to not let anything get in my way to achieve my goals and dreams. To go out and do everything I can to achieve my goals and to keep going until my goals are achieved and to also help periplo in the process.

  3. This story inspires me to create a life for myself where I am not only living comfortably, but I am also taking care of my parents and giving back to the community in a substantial way

  4. Inspired me to help others and to not allow anything to bring me down especially if it’s something I really want to do

  5. This story inspires me tremendously especially since im kind of a sock fanatic. The fact that he has a disability he uses it as a gateway to show the creativity and passion in his mind. If he can become successful off of making crazy colored socks, I can achieve and succeed in anything I want to, like becoming the most precise, creative barber.

  6. This inspires me so I can help others at much as I can. And to not let anything get me down to keep chasing after what I want and Not only to focus on yourself but give back to people that might need help.

  7. It proves that nothing should ever hold me back and it inspires me to always follow my dreams no matter what. I realize I can have an impact on people even if I start small.