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We are very pleased with our first year and we are currently looking for other ways to integrate your curriculum. I will continue to pass on good recommendations about your program to any counselors I come in contact with.

Angela LutteneggerCounselor, Carlisle Middle School

The kids coming into JDC typically have very stressed and impoverished family backgrounds and are either starved for your attention or try to keep you as far away from knowing them as possible. What I enjoy about the lesson activities and lecture topics are the open ended discussion questions and the hypothetical scenarios that allow for the students to have a voice and share their opinion without judgment. They LOVE to be asked what they think or to be asked to create an argument for or against a topic. This promotes WILLING student involvement which is a slice of heaven. In addition, many of the topics within the curriculum hit very close to home for our students, i.e. discussing self-control, loyalty, duty, and tolerance. Often times the discussion stemming from the activity or topic takes us down a really interesting road of healthy debating, the sharing of new perspectives, and story telling which is very healthy for these students. I am enjoying this curriculum and feel that most weekly topics can be adapted to fit a variety of student cultures and populations.

Stephanie DoubetScott County Juvenile Detention (IA)

We have enjoyed using this curriculum. We do modify the order of the lesson plans, the time frame, etc. in order to meet our needs and issues. Thanks for all your help this year.

Ann BrusGuidance Counselor, Denison High School

We are thrilled with the curriculum because we are able to showcase the role models, watch clips of the videos, and do follow-up activities. We are using the curriculum in our Advisory Time. We have just used four units this year as our pilot year and then will be incorporating it into the freshmen and sophomore advisories next year. We have completed follow-up surveys after the activities and the students loved it – especially when working with the videos. Thank you for providing this valuable curriculum.

Kim BowenCounselor, CPU High School (IA)

On a personal note, thank you very much for a wonderful curriculum. I love teaching this course. I can honestly say without hesitation this course has changed the lives of so many of my students.

Caroline BrownTeacher, East Gaston High School (NC)

Dr. Hoedel’s character education curriculum is one of the few age appropriate high school curriculums available and our students buy in because he speaks their language. Students are excited about the movies and the role models that we discuss. Staff are impressed that we can address literacy concerns through the reading and writing projects. Dr. Hoedel has gone above and beyond to assist us as we adapted his program to fit our advisee program, and his curriculum provides everything our teachers need to do this with minimal time spent preparing.

Rhonda HerrickBloomer HS (WI)

I am excited to let you know that we are off and running with your curriculum. It has been great. The kids are very engaged in the videos and the readings, which have opened up great discussions and learning. The staff is buying into spending extra time on character education and it is great to see. Thanks again for putting it together for us and kids in general across the country.

Trent GrundmeyerPrincipal, Hampton-Dumont High School (IA)

We run a block schedule of classes. Some weeks students have class twice and other weeks they have class three times. The class periods are eighty minutes long, so I’ve had to modify the Monday-Friday outline, but so far it is going well. The students have been very receptive and have enjoyed the activities and guest speakers. I feel the program, even in a modified form, will greatly benefit my students. Thanks for your help and for your great program.

Melissa HarrisonTeacher, Bushnell-Prairie Junior High (IL)

We are experiencing a great year. We are so excited about our Leadership initiative and have great teachers implementing this year?s program. Thanks for all of your help.

Charlene PodolskyDirector, Ombudsman Charter Schools (AZ)

The teacher doing the program said she loves it! She said that it is very well laid out and the movie clips/role model chapters are very relevant and interesting. We are running the class as part of a trimester, and she said that she is not sure what unit to cut, because they all look so good. Maybe next year it can be run as a semester long course.

JoEllen O’KeefeCounselor, Tekonsha Community Schools (MI)

Wow, I have really enjoyed your curriculum. I’ve had several students let me know already how it has changed their lives for the better. Thanks for taking the time and thought to put it all together. You are making a difference! I do have to tell you, I’m working on getting more classes and am making the argument to the principal. Don’t be surprised if you get a few more orders from Texas.

Michael ToddTeacher, Lewisville, TX

This class is going great. I think the students appreciate the opportunity to talk about LIFE ISSUES and how to deal with them. Most days we run out of time before we run out of conversation. I think my biggest challenge has been trying to keep on track and moving on the next topic!

Julie L. QueenSpanish Teacher, Rosman High School (NC)

Hi Joe… We have had a very enjoyable time teaching our classes this year… This experience has been one of the highlights of my career in education and I thank you for developing a curriculum that has helped us change the lives of some of our students.

Ted DaughtreyPrincipal, Granby High School (VA)

Our Character Leadership class is going great. Our teacher is doing a great job and I knew he would. Our students are loving the class. The one problem we are starting to have is everyone wants to take it now. I would like to keep numbers down and make it a class that has to be somewhat earned to take.

Gary FlaniganCounselor, Aplington-Parkersburg High (IA)

What a great experience! This class was the most fun I have had in teaching since I started this profession. The curriculum and content is full of useful and applicable information that I felt kept the kids engrossed throughout the year. Thanks for all your help thus far.

Ryan MitchellLovejoy High (TX)

I was very skeptical of the class at first, but it has really opened the eyes of some students that not only myself, but other teachers as well thought would be a waste of time. I now have students showing respect, using manners and showing promising signs of becoming a better student and a productive member of society through the development of their character. These kids were hand picked as at risk students to take this class and most had no idea what character even was let alone what it took to develop it. I feel it has made a big difference in the life of many of them. I look forward to continue helping these kids hopefully making a difference in their lives.

Dewayne BroganPetersburg H.S. (WV)

The overwhelming majority opinion amongst the freshman team seemed to be extremely positive about the results thus far. Many were excited about the level of conversation they have had with their classes and have used such phrases as student?s craving to talk about character. Thank you for everything.

Richard GravissAssociate Principal, Oldham County High School (KY)

First, I want to tell you how happy Bob and I are that we selected your program for our students! They are interested in the stories in the Role Models book and give an amazing amount of effort to completing the workbook assignments!

Kathy BloodRadnor High School (PA)

I simply can’t express how wonderful my experience has been teaching your character curriculum. Just this morning, as my class was discussing Radio, one of the students commented, This class could change the world. I realize he was exaggerating, but I believe his statement grew out of a genuine sense of profound understanding that the students regularly experience. The level of trust and respect in the class is unlike any I have taught. I love teaching English, but it has taken me thirty-six years to find a curriculum that I truly feel passionate about. Like my student, I feel I can change the world — or at least my world. Thank you for creating such a powerful course.

Marsha GreenTeacher, Rosewood High School (NC)

I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your curriculum. Our students love it! And our administrators really like it as well, so we?ll be ordering some more work books soon. Thank you so much for all your help and creating such awesome curriculum!

Jessica M. WykstraFountain MIddle School (CO)

I am committed to this course and your curriculum has been very useful, complete, and teacher friendly. Your visit and personalized books were very much appreciated. You made a positive impression on them for sure. I have been in education for over 30 years and I have never taught a course that has had the intrinsic relationships develop like the ones that occurred during this class. I have also never had anyone show the personal interest or caring towards the curriculum they developed like you have done. Thanks for all of the effort you made for the kids at A-P.

Al KernsTeacher, Aplington-Parkersburg High (IA)

My name is Billy Cottrill. I was using your Role Models curriculum at Beaufort high School’s Freshman Academy this year. We loved it. I am now the principal at a high school in West Virginia. We are about 90 miles west of Washington DC. We are starting a Freshman Academy and would love to use your curriculum. Thanks!

Billy CottrillHampshire High School (WV)

From a Principal’s perspective, it has been an unbelievable start. The students love the class and the community loves it as well. We have been able to somewhat personalize it as well to our Lovejoy HS Graduate Profile and align our desired outcomes to the classes and vice versa. We have been thrilled to start setting a standard in character education here in Texas. Thanks for all your help, thus far, in getting us there. Please keep in touch and let us know how to improve, get additional training and take this to the next level.

Michael GoddardEd. D. Principal, Lovejoy High School