The Heroes of Hurricane Ian

The Heroes of Hurricane Ian


Hurricane Ian smashed into southwestern Florida last week as a category 4 hurricane. It killed dozens of people, demolished hundreds of miles property and left millions without power. However, before the storm even hit, thousands of linemen from across the country assembled. They drove toward the storm. They met in pre-determined areas and they rode out the storm. When it was over, they assessed the damage and got to work. They put in 12-hour days, every day until the people had their power restored.

These linemen do this every time there is a natural disaster.  It is coordinated and planned. Linemen as far north as Michigan know this is part of the job.  They leave their families for weeks during these natural disasters, sometimes putting themselves in harm’s way.

Joe’s Perspective: During the beginning stages of the pandemic, I felt like the doctors and the nurses were the heroes. When we didn’t understand the limited threat of Covid-19, these people put their own lives on the line.  I feel the same way about the linesmen in natural disasters. While others are running from the storm, the people of this profession are running toward it. They are helping people get their lives back.  Without electricity, water or internet, life can be difficult. These are the people who fix these problems, and they do it willingly, time after time. So, for those reasons, I call these linemen heroes.

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  1. I think that linemen are underappreciated and need more recognition because of how much they do for us and how much they risk in order for us to have power.