The Importance of Second Chances

The Importance of Second Chances


Typically when an athlete screws up, makes a mistake or shows a lapse in character, everybody wants to condemn him or her. They eagerly express their opinions on social media, talk shows or at social gatherings.  They want the young person kicked off the team. They are willing to judge and condemn without knowing all the facts nor interviewing the person involved.

Coach Nick Saban openly discusses this phenomenon in the following clip. He openly asks the media if these young kids should be kicked off the team and thrown back to the streets or should they be given another chance. Coach Saban then provides a powerful example of when he gave a player a second chance and he excelled in life.

Joe’s Perspective:  For most of my life, I was one of those individuals that Coach Saban complains about in this video. I was quick to judge and condemn. “Throw the kid off the team,” I would say. “Someone has to teach him a lesson.” Sometimes that viewpoint was warranted. Sometimes the mistake that was committed was so egregious that it didn’t warrant a second chance. However, most times it was an immaturity issue or a poor lapse in judgment. Today I find myself agreeing with Coach Saban’s comments in this video. We all screw up. I have screwed up. You will screw up. I trust that the coach will gather all the information and decide what is best for the kid and the school. I also believe that if I don’t have all the information that it is okay for me to say, “Not sure what should happen here. I don’t have all the information. Let’s see how it comes out.”  This is especially true when talking about high school and college athletes. For the most part, I believe in second chances. What say you?

Your Turn: Do you believe high school and college athletes should receive second chances? Is there a line where second chances no longer apply?


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