The National Debate: Syrian Refugees

The National Debate: Syrian Refugees


The National Debate is on. People are debating…arguing…taking sides. It is on every station and in every newspaper. Syria is a country that is being torn apart by Isis terrorists. These terrorists have taken over parts of Syria. As a result hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of Syrian residents have left their homes to escape the violence and the tyranny. They set up in tents and decide what to do with their families. Many decide to go to European countries because they can find transportation. It is an international crisis, to be sure.

President Obama has decided to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees into America. Thirty-one governors have publicly stated that they will not accept any refugees. (watch this embedded video).

Pro: We are America, the richest country in the world. We are a compassionate people. We are a country that is founded on immigrants coming here to make us a better, stronger nation. It is within our American ideals to accept war-torn refugees and help them in this time of need. These people are hurting and have no place to go. This is the right thing to do.

Con: America is a compassionate country. We have already given $10 billion  in humanitarian aid to help this crisis. However, there is no proper way to vet these refugees, which means terrorists can join this group and infiltrate America. For example, one of the terrorists responsible for the Paris attacks was a refugee from Syria. The Boston Marathon bombers were refugees. The number one priority of our government is to keep us safe. Accepting 10,000 refugees leaves us vulnerable to a future terrorist attack. Instead of accepting these refugees, let’s set up no-fly zones, humanitarian aid and more temporary housing to keep these citizens safe in their own country.

Your Turn:

What is your opinion on how America should handle this crisis?


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