The National Debate: Syrian Refugees

The National Debate: Syrian Refugees


The National Debate is on. People are debating…arguing…taking sides. It is on every station and in every newspaper. Syria is a country that is being torn apart by Isis terrorists. These terrorists have taken over parts of Syria. As a result hundreds of thousands (probably millions) of Syrian residents have left their homes to escape the violence and the tyranny. They set up in tents and decide what to do with their families. Many decide to go to European countries because they can find transportation. It is an international crisis, to be sure.

President Obama has decided to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees into America. Thirty-one governors have publicly stated that they will not accept any refugees. (watch this embedded video).

Pro: We are America, the richest country in the world. We are a compassionate people. We are a country that is founded on immigrants coming here to make us a better, stronger nation. It is within our American ideals to accept war-torn refugees and help them in this time of need. These people are hurting and have no place to go. This is the right thing to do.

Con: America is a compassionate country. We have already given $10 billion  in humanitarian aid to help this crisis. However, there is no proper way to vet these refugees, which means terrorists can join this group and infiltrate America. For example, one of the terrorists responsible for the Paris attacks was a refugee from Syria. The Boston Marathon bombers were refugees. The number one priority of our government is to keep us safe. Accepting 10,000 refugees leaves us vulnerable to a future terrorist attack. Instead of accepting these refugees, let’s set up no-fly zones, humanitarian aid and more temporary housing to keep these citizens safe in their own country.

Your Turn:

What is your opinion on how America should handle this crisis?


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  1. I would not let them in. Safety should be the first thing that comes into America. If it comes between American lives and Syrian lives, I would have to pick American lives. More and more terrorists enter the U.S because of immigration.

  2. I don’t believe we should allow them in our country. It’s dangerous towards Americans. France allowed the refugees in and more than one hundred people lost their lives. We can’t let history happen again and us losing many innocent american lives, Sure most of them might be innocent but there are always one bad apple in the bunch and that bad apple can hurt our country severely.

  3. In my opinon is that Yes we should help them, but we also need to think about our vets first. Why are we going to let refugees move here and have a place to stay when we still have homeless vets. Also people need to see how France let refugees in and over 100 people died because of refugees. Its danger to us but not all refugees are bad.

  4. I would not let them come in; not only because it is dangerous to Americans but if we can’t even help our own country(our homeless vets., our poverty level people ect), then why should we bring more people in? Many people already struggle for jobs,paying bills and putting food on our tables; We have homeless veterans and poverty level people with barely anything and many jobless people, yet, we still give billions of dollars to help others, thats all fine and dandy but we should not be ignoring the needs of our own people over other countries.

  5. I believe we shouldn’t let them in because of the safety hazzards that are involved with the citizens of Americans. Also why should we let them in when America is already struggling with homeless vets. America should fix our own problems instead of letting more problems in.

  6. I think the United states need to get there stuff together. We have way too much to deal with as it is and it seems that we have forgotten how to take care of our own beloved citizens. People always say trust has to be earned, then why do we straight off the bat trust the refugees and accost them? Well I’m thinking maybe we should deal with the matters of our own, then once we clean the plate go down on the list and give the refugees IDEAS on what to do. We don’t always have to send troops or money and help them cross a border sometimes people should think to themselves and say if they have any pride I don’t want help I want ideas on what WE can do as people in our own country fight back don’t bow down. Never run away it only makes the predator anxious for the prey. Americans don’t always have to have problems crammed down there throat we no longer have a back bone and it makes me sick to my stomach to even admit I’m a citizen.

  7. I think that we should keep all of them out because we already have problems with food and not having enough money. We as Americans should put us first and keep our own safe and well and not have people starving and jobless.

  8. I believe we should not let them in, until we figure out a way to properly screen them. The most important thing is the safety of our people. Before we can help others, we need to make sure we are safe.

  9. I don’t care very much about this subject, but asking my opinion I will say: I do believe that the situation Syria is a problem, but when a country helps another it’s losing chances to help itself. Before we help anyone we need a good plan of action and help to fix ourselves first.

  10. I believe Americans should first clean up our country and take care of ourselves before we take care of another country and let more people in. We should make sure they actually have a place to stay just like everyone else in this country. I think the first people to be taken care of should be the homeless veterans, they are the ones who fought for this country. They deserve a place to stay.

  11. I believe that we should not be letting the Syrian refugees into our country for the safety of our people. My biggest sympathies go out to all the innocent refugees looking for a better life here, but it is too big of a risk.

  12. I don’t know if either refugees should or shouldn’t be in America because it a really hard choice to do let the refugees stay in America because we don’t know if they’re or aren’t part of Isis and its difficult to let them go because some of them were born in America and it’s not fair like life isn’t fair.

  13. I think we should not help them because we don’t know what intension what they have I know some innocent people we need help but We Need think . If we help them it’s going to be a lot people probably there’s not going be a lot job .

  14. I believe that the Syrian refugees should not be allowed to come into our country until we find an efficient way to screen them. It is too big of a risk, we need to make sure our people are safe. My biggest sympathies go out to all the innocent refugees looking for a better life here, but I think we have a good reason to be hesitant.

  15. I think that we should help are not wn country before we start to help other countries. We have to many people on the street and starving to start offering are house and jobs to.

  16. Even though we have our own problems here in America, I believe we should at least do something to help. You never know what kind of benefits we could get out of it. There is a smaller risk of the refugees attacking us if we could put them in small little camps and watch them closely.

  17. I believe that the Syrian refugees should be shopped from coming into our country, but without a war happening. Our people need to be safe before we let Syria in.

  18. I say we should help the helpless refugees, despite the dangers that could come. We are a compassionate country, and we should help out and try.

  19. I think we need to focus on America and keeping us safe. There just seems to be too big of a risk we take by letting them in. Yes, we should be helping other countries, but not until we are fully equipped and ready to be helping those countries in need of our help.

  20. Don’t let them in. As an American I still have not recovered from the attacks on the US from these people. Everyone says it’s not them and that we should out of good nature. But what happens when this idea blows up in your face and these people are terrorists? It has been proven that most of these people have some affiliation with a terrorist organization, so why put us in harms way?

  21. I think if there is a way to ensure their safety in there own country then we should do that instead of let them into our country, but if we can’t do that I think that we should allow them into our country but have a very strict process that they have to go through to get in so that we can make sure each person is safe to bring in.

  22. I think we should allow refugees in to America but also watch them and keep track of them and what they are doing. Also we should send them aid and support to those still in Syria

  23. No matter what we are involved in it anyways, whether giving money or helping fight. More than likely the terrorists know that we are helping them in some way, shape or form, so I think we should help them in any way can.

  24. We should take care of our veterans first. They sacrificed their lives so that others could enjoy the freedoms we have in America. If we spent half of what we did in humanitarian aid on our veterans, they wouldn’t be dying in the streets.

  25. I Think America should not help because what if some of the people coming to America can be part of the ISIS and can end up killing millions of people.

  26. I think we should help them by defending their country, but we shouldn’t let them in because many terrorist can come through and attack we need to worry about are people first, I know it sounds bad but that’s their home and this is ours

  27. I think that its very dangerous letting them in our country, I think we should focus on to taking care of it ourselves. Bringing them in is very dangerous and risk taking. We already have enough problems as it is.

  28. I think that should let them in because they are in danger and are trying to get out of there own country to come to america.

  29. I do not think that we should allow any of them into our country because its our the only people who should be in this country are americas. If we left people in then every time there a disaster everyone will want to come to use because they now we will accept. Plus if we let them in we don’t know who’s all coming in they could very well be members of isis we just don’t know so i just don’t think it would be a start decision for our country.

  30. I believe that we should let them in for their safety, and because they are people in need. The states that are closing their borders are bad because they think that all Syrians are terrorists, that is like saying, everyone in America is bad because that one guy shot up a school, and it isn’t like that at all, I believe that these people deserve the chance to live in America.

  31. I believe we should allow Syrian refugees to come into America, but I also believe their could be a terrorist trying to come along with the refugees. We could allow them but their background must be check and also they would have to be physically checked.

  32. I think that America should find other ways to help them because we are dealing with our problems too. The best we can do now is to send aid, that all we can do at this moment. Houseing refugees would be to dangerous because it could pose a threat of terorist infultration to our country.

  33. I think we should not let Syria Refuges into the US because what if some of the Refuges are part of ISIS… I mean you never know they can be planning there attack on us any moment now plus right now is there chance for ISIS members to fake their refuges and sneak into the US and Bomb us.

  34. The U.S should block all borders. Anyone from the area could be a terrorist. I do not think it is appropriate to put our own people at risk of death. The people in Syria that need to move to safety can go settle down elsewhere, not here. It doesn’t matter who we are helping, we cannot allow the U.S people to be at risk. This is not our problem here in the US and we should stop trying to get involved.

  35. They shouldn’t let them in because we already have enough problems and this is just adding to it. We need to help ourselves before we start helping others.

  36. I don’t think we should let them in due to the risk. We need to make sure our people are safe before we try to save others.

  37. I can’t agree one hundred percent on one choice because we should always help anyone in need, but at the same time our country already has enough homeless people and adding to that number would not be helpful for us.

  38. This is really inspiring and we should always help someone in need and never complain about something when others may have it worse and can’t do nothing about how they live or how their treated