The Opposite of Composure

The Opposite of Composure


In a high school track meet in Florida, a competitor sucker-punched another runner in the 1,600 meter run. I dug all day for the back-story on this, but I could not find it. However, the video tells me all that I need to know.

Joe’s Perspective: No excuse. If I were the coach, I would kick him off the team. No second chances. I would have called the police and pressed charges. There is no room in high school athletics for this nonsense.

Your Turn: What is your big takeaway from this incident?

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  1. I big take away is well, that is absolutely crazy. I mean it is the opposite of composure. I will say though, I would not press charges against him. I would talk to him. Anybody can be great, you just have to see the best in them, just like the Friday movie a couple weeks back.

  2. My big takeaway from this video is that there was no point in doing it. It was so uncalled for and there is no reason in doing it. You shouldn’t have to punch another competitor go win the race. Its a bad show of sportsmanship.

  3. I didn’t get very much information, but he punched a kid because he would get in the way. Just because the game Disney go your way. Does not mean you get to act out.

  4. My big takeaway from the video is that a lack of good role models in the world and for people can cause negative outcomes, so we should all try to be better role models for people to help make the world a better place.