The Role of Leaders in Domestic Violence Cases

The Role of Leaders in Domestic Violence Cases


Head football coach, Urban Meyer has been suspended by Ohio State University for three games without pay. The athletic director was also suspended for a similar length of time. This is the outcome of an in-depth investigation to understand the domestic violence issues of a former assistant coach, Zach Brown and his estranged wife. It is alleged that Zach Brown had a history of physically abusing his wife. After an incident in 2015, text messages demonstrated that Coach Meyer was made aware of the domestic violence. It was also evident that Urban Meyer did not take steps to protect this woman or notify the authorities. In the summer of 2018, Meyer did fire Zach Brown for undisclosed reasons.

Joe’s Perspective: For most of my lifetime, domestic violence was not something that people discussed. It was a private affair and “none of my business.” Time have changed. If you learn of someone being abused and involves someone who works for you, it is your responsibility to make sure it is handled and resolved properly. If you don’t, this case shows that you can be suspended or fired. Leaders need to step up.

Your Turn: Do you think a leader should be suspended or fired because he/she didn’t do enough to stop domestic violence from happening by an employee? Why or why not?

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