The Role of Leaders in Domestic Violence Cases

The Role of Leaders in Domestic Violence Cases


Head football coach, Urban Meyer has been suspended by Ohio State University for three games without pay. The athletic director was also suspended for a similar length of time. This is the outcome of an in-depth investigation to understand the domestic violence issues of a former assistant coach, Zach Brown and his estranged wife. It is alleged that Zach Brown had a history of physically abusing his wife. After an incident in 2015, text messages demonstrated that Coach Meyer was made aware of the domestic violence. It was also evident that Urban Meyer did not take steps to protect this woman or notify the authorities. In the summer of 2018, Meyer did fire Zach Brown for undisclosed reasons.

Joe’s Perspective: For most of my lifetime, domestic violence was not something that people discussed. It was a private affair and “none of my business.” Time have changed. If you learn of someone being abused and involves someone who works for you, it is your responsibility to make sure it is handled and resolved properly. If you don’t, this case shows that you can be suspended or fired. Leaders need to step up.

Your Turn: Do you think a leader should be suspended or fired because he/she didn’t do enough to stop domestic violence from happening by an employee? Why or why not?

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  1. Leadership sets the standard for program or organization; as a result the leadership of any group should hold itself to the highest of standards to set a good example. What Ohio State has demonstrated is that they value winning over all else (standards, process, and even basic human descency). How would they feel if one of their players covered up abuse or lied about their past? If Coach Meyer wasn’t as successful would his punishment be the same? Actions matter more than words and what OSU has demonstrated shows what they stand for, win at all costs.

  2. yes i️ believe that the coach should be suspended cause he did not show enough leadership to stop domestic violence from happening and he is the coach and he should be the one controlling everything with the team.

  3. Yes, I believe they should be suspended because they could’ve alerted authorities or done at least something to stop the violence.

  4. I love Ohio State and I think of Urban Meyer as a very good person and would not intentionally lie about something that is very serious.

  5. I think a leader should be punished for protecting their employees from the persecution of the law. Anyone really should be punished for not reporting abuse. Abuse is illegal and therefor should be reported.

  6. I think that a leader should be suspended or fired because they did not do enough to stop domestic violence. This is because the people you lead or that work for you can be a reflection of you. If someone you lead is involved in domestic violence than you can’t ignore it because that’s not what leaders are supposed to do. Adressing the problem may be tricky, but with the right steps the situation can be dealt with and help people out in the long run.

  7. I think the leader should be fired for not stopping the domestic violence because I feel that if the leader didn’t have the courage or stand up to the situation that was happening then if it were to happen again how could you trust that person to help you or another person if they didn’t help the first time to stop it.

  8. I think the leader should get fired for not stopping the domestic violence because that person obviously didn’t have enough courage or care to help the person who was getting hurt and if it were to happen again that person probably wouldn’t help because they didn’t help the first time to stop it.

  9. This specific situation should have been addressed because in an interview I watched, the victim brought up a very good point that it’s not right for her abuser to abuse her and coach other developing adults because then those athletes could potentially become abusers, considering that most athletes do look up to their coaches. I think that because of this possibility, Urban Meyer should have said something.

  10. I think this should have been taken care of. it is not right to allow someone to continue coaching after something of such nature has occurred. like other people have said, athletes often look up to coaches and for a coach to do something of that nature and then after that, continuously be looked up to as a leader, is just wrong. athletes should not have to look up to their coach/ leader and them be a bad example. because often athletes turn out like their role models and in this situation, that would not be ok.