The Value of Freedom

The Value of Freedom


Yeonmi Park is a refugee from North Korea. She tells her story at the Young World’s Conference earlier this year. She talks about the human rights violations that persist in North Korea.  If you don’t know, North Korea is a nation ruled by a dictator, Iim Jong Un. He brainwashes and oppresses his people. As this poor, yet strong girl says, “North Korea is an unimaginable country.” She speaks about the great lengths that she traveled to gain her freedom. She also tells us that she carried a knife and she was willing to kill herself if she was forced to return to North Korea.

Please spend the most important eight minutes of your year by watching this video. If you are anything like me, you cannot do so without weeping for this girl and the countless others still residing in this unimaginable country.

Joe’s Perspective: When I watch this video, I am reminded how important our freedoms are. We are so fortunate to be born in America. Many may disagree with their government, but we are free to disagree. We all vehemently disagree with the 300 Nazi’s that protested last week, but we should celebrate their first amendment rights to freely express their hateful message. We live in America and we have such tremendous freedoms.  This video reminds me that we should not take these freedoms for granted. I hope this video provides the same lesson for you.

Your Turn:

  1. For a moment, contrast your life with a teenager born in North Korea. Tell us the freedoms that you have that these children couldn’t dream of having.

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