Tom Brady is Guilty: So What?

Tom Brady is Guilty: So What?


For those of you non-sports fans, Tom Brady, quarterback of the Superbowl Champion New England Patriots, was accused of leading a conspiracy to deflate footballs to unacceptable levels prior to the AFC Championship Game. For the sake of this blog, I am going to agree with the 242 report (yes I read it) provided by independent council that fully investigated what is now referred to as “deflategate.” Each team is allowed to provide 12 game balls to be used when their offense is on the field. Each ball is required to be inflated to 12.5 – 13.5 lbs. Prior to the game, all balls are verified by officials. However, during the AFC Championship game last year, all 12 balls of the Patriot footballs were under-inflated. The report concludes that Patriot personnel “more likely than not” deflated the balls prior to kickoff and that this was intentional and orchestrated by quarterback, Tom Brady. Here is their evidence:

  • There is common knowledge (interviews and text messages) that verify Brady’s preference for footballs with lower poundage, which helps his grip and throwing mechanics.
  • Text messages between football handlers prior to the game that discuss the stress of getting this job done, the need for a needle, specific anger directed at Brady and referring to themselves as the “deflators.”
  • Without permission or knowledge, the football handler (Jim McNally) took the footballs after the “weigh-in” with him to a locked bathroom for 90 seconds on his way to delivering the balls to the field.
  • When a member of the Indianapolis Colts intercepted a pass he brought the ball to the sideline for inspection. It was below the legal limit and at halftime all balls were inspected. All of the balls were less than 12.5 lbs. Conversely, the Colts footballs were well within the limits.
  • The lack of cooperation by Tom Brady with the independent investigation, specifically regarding access to text messages from his phone.
  • Text messages from McNally’s phone that was later corroborated in interviews that Brady signed jerseys and footballs for McNally, presumably in exchange for performing these tasks.

Joe’s Perspective: Tom Brady knowingly altered the gameday footballs and created a competitive advantage (period). Brady cheated (period). What Brady did was against the rules and unethical (period).  That should be enough, right? Ethics, fairness and rules do matter, right? Tom Brady is guilty as charged. My question to you is, so what? On a scale of 1-10, how big a deal is it to take 1 lb. out of a football. He didn’t break any laws and it is difficult to decide an appropriate punishment. So, I leave it to you students to debate.

The Penalty: The NFL decided to suspend Brady for 4 games at the beginning of next season and fined the Patriots  $1 million and took away 2 future draft picks.

Con Argument: The final score of the AFC Championship Game that day was 45-7. The Patriots would have won the game if Brady was throwing grapefruits. 1 lb. in a football didn’t make any difference at all. On a scale of 1-10, this is about a 1 on the big deal scale. What are you going to do, take away the Superbowl trophy and penalize the entire team? That’s not fair.  The punishment fit the crime in this case.

Pro Argument: We know Brady directed this operation to cheat. It might not have mattered this week, but in the divisional playoff game the week before, the Patriots narrowly defeated the Baltimore Ravens 35-31. They also won 12 games that year in the regular season to “earn” a first-round bye and home field advantage in the playoffs.  This set them up to get to the Superbowl and ultimately win it. If he cheated in one game, how many other games did he cheat and how big a difference did it make?

If an Olympic athlete is found guilty of using a substance to create a competitive advantage, that athlete is stripped of any medals and sometimes banned from the sport for years or life. And, Tom Brady and New England Patriots are given a slap on the wrist and allowed to keep the Superbowl trophy. This isn’t fair to the players on the other teams who played by the rules.

Your Turn:

1) Is it enough to say Tom Brady deliberately cheated (right/wrong) or is it better to ask the question, “On a Scale of 1-10, how big a deal is his cheating?”

2) What do you believe the punishment should be for Tom Brady? for the New England Patriots?

3) Does this story and other like it make you more or less likely to cheat on the playing field or in the classroom? Why?

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  1. I think Tom Brady did cheat, and his punishment was appropriate. Although he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the league, despite the whole deflated balls thing he probably could’ve won both the AFC Championship and Superbowl either way. I think this topic is way too stressed and shouldn’t have received as much attention as it did. Take into consideration that Brady has won 3-4 Superbowl rings prior to the incident, he’s very skilled. He was punished appropriately, but overall I also believe this wasn’t that big of a deal.

  2. I do believe that Tom Brady deliberately cheated granted it is not that big of a deal but he still cheated. I believe that the punishment that he and the New England Patriots received was prefect cause what he and the team did was cheating but they did not take drugs to give them advantage they just deflated the balls by one pound not making that much of a difference. No reading stories like this do not make me want to cheat in class or anywhere else cause I know whats good and whats bad.

  3. I think it is enough to say Tom Brady cheated. Messing with the play ball is cheating. Changing anything in a game that isn’t allowed is cheating. I think the punishment should only go to Tom Brady and the ones involved. Taking them out of a few games should be enough because it’s not that big of a deal if they caught the cheating and lost anyway. It makes me neutral about cheating because I know you shouldn’t cheat anyways and a big story of cheating doesn’t influence me in any way.

  4. I guess I have to say that in my opinion I would ask what the big deal really is but that would be rude. Personally football isn’t a big interest and based on others things that are happening in the world it isn’t that big. I’m not really sure what a good punishment would have been, maybe sit out a few games? Have a interview for all player involved? Depends, everyone cheats and everyone will always cheat, it may be intentional or non-intentional but I prefer knowing I earned my win myself.

  5. I’m not sure if he really cheated or not but he shouldn’t have to cheat because hes on a very super bowl winning team.

  6. I think he did cheat but I think it wasn’t right to take away 1 million dollars from the team and take 2 draft picks away.the whole team shouldn’t have been penalized. on a scale from 1-10 its a 5 on the scale of cheating there is more worse ways of cheating.I don’t cheat in a classroom or even when playing sports its not fair if you cheat on the playing field.

  7. I highly doubt Tom Brady cheated and/or deflated the footballs. The reason I believe this is because it would be too easy to get caught, so I don’t think Brady would cheat knowing he would get caught so easily. Yes, somebody deflated the balls but it I am sure it wasn’t someone Patriots related, so I think someone is trying to frame them. The Patriots beating the Seahawks is proof they don’t need deflated balls to beat the Colts, and the Seahawks are a pretty good team. And no this does not make me tempted to cheat anywhere.

  8. 1. It’s enough to say he cheated
    2. Disqualification for both
    3. Neither, because nobody should cheat, field or classroom

  9. Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. What he did was wrong, but he was punished enough as is, let alone the media backfire and hateful publicity. Cheating should not be condoned, but it should be prevented and in this case, between the refs and other officials, it was not.

  10. The thing that he did is was not despicable in any way and I think its the NFL’s fault for not being clear and enforcing their rules to an extent that they would be followed. I don’t think a punishment should be enforced, I think that the rule should simply be more emphasized. I follow the rules and test my own mettle , so no this story does not make me consider cheating.

  11. Tom Brady did deliberately cheat, but I feel that he accepted it like a man. It really wasn’t a big deal because they flat out destroyed the Colts in every aspect. I feel that the Colts were a bit whiny. The punishment was correct in my opinion, 4 games out for Tom Brady and he didn’t say anything about it. He just did his punishment and went on. This story and others make me not want to cheat in games and in classrooms because obviously it is wrong, but this is just another example of cheaters getting caught.

  12. I think that he did cheat but I do not believe it is a big deal. They would have won the game even if he did not deflate the ball. The punishment he got was the right punishment. I never cheat in the classroom or on the playing field in the first place so it does not change my mind about cheating.

  13. Although Tom Brady is arguably the best quarterback in the history of the league, cheating is cheating, and cheating is wrong. His punishment was well-deserved, and he handled it with integrity. The punishment was suitable in my opinion, although it didn’t seem to set the Pats back too much as they returned to win yet another Super Bowl. This story does not make me any more likely to cheat in any aspect of life. I have my own morals on honesty, and an NFL team deflating footballs will not influence those morals in any way.

  14. In my opinion, on a scale from 1-10, what Tom Brady did was a 5. I’m not a big football fan so to me it doesn’t seem like a big deal but it still was handled how it should’ve been and he was punished. I think the punishment he got was good enough, and I think it depends on the person when it comes to making it more/less likely to cheat in the classroom. Just because someone deflated a football, doesn’t necessarily mean they are just going to go cheat in the classroom.

  15. 1. I would say yes Tom Brady did cheat and on a scale 0f 1-10 it probably a 5.
    2. I would say just Tom Brady.
    3. I guess yeah depending on who you are and what you do.

  16. I do believe that Tom Brady cheated, and it is a big deal that he cheated. If you look back and see all the accomplishments and Super Bowls he won you start to think did he cheat for those too? Its like Lance Armstrong in a way he got caught using PEDs and was stripped of every title he won. So people would look at Tom Brady and think is this the only time he cheated? This story would make people less likely to cheat because of all the dilemma and punishment Tom could face. Tom Brady got suspended the first four games of the season but that didn’t stop him from winning yet another super bowl. I think his punishment was what it should have been but the NFL went way over the line on how he couldnt make contact with the team, practice and/or even touch a football.

  17. I think that Tom Brady did cheat, but he took it like a man and the punishment was right and nothing bad the way that other wanted it like kicking them out of the super bowl. I also believe that the punishment was right because the act was such a small thing and i don’t believe that it was worth getting them kicked out of the super bowl, but the punishment was good enough and was not severe. I think no because it should not happen in the field or the class room and it sometimes happens like this, but it is bad ans should not be done.

  18. It is enough to say he cheated. Any cheating should be treated the same way. If you cheated, you cheated. It should not be put on a scale from 1-10. Yes, cheating on a test in college is worse than cheating on a test in 2nd grade but, it is still cheating.

    I think the punishment Brady got was fair. Also, the way he took his punishment was fair. He didn’t try and say he wasn’t guilty. He just took his punishment and lived with it.

    It makes me less likely to cheat even though I do not cheat already. If you cheat, you will get caught. If you caught, you will have punishments.

  19. On a scale one to ten this is a three I think. This was cheating and the wrong thing to do. I didn’t think it was that big of deal that everyone made of it. I believe the punishment was perfect, it was just long enough and short enough for this circumstance. This makes me less likely to cheat in the classroom or on the field because just a little thing can make a big deal and get in trouble.

  20. I do believe Tom Brady cheated. What he did was wrong and unethical but it isn’t as big of a deal as other forms of cheating. The Patriots would’ve won the AFC Championship game anyway but they did cheat. I believe the Referees should’ve caught the deflated footballs but there is nothing you can do now. This does not make me tempted to cheat in the classroom because even if you do get caught everything in school builds on itself.

  21. 1.) On a scale of 1-10 I think this is a 5 because the patriots would have won the game even without the deflated footballs so in that matter it’s not a big deal but no matter what people say he technically did cheat so in that sense it’s still a big deal. 2.) I think that Tom Brady got a good punishment with his 4 game suspension and I think that it was good that the NFL didn’t take away his chance at his 4th super bowl (which he won). 3.) This story didn’t really change my input on cheating , I think it’s wrong no matter who you are and what your cheating in it will always be wrong.

  22. 1.)I would say that it would rank it at a 4/10 mostly because it didn’t really determine the outcome of the game, but the message it sends to kids that look up to Tom Brady.

    2.)I believe that the NFL made the right decision to suspend Tom Brady because he didn’t make that big of a deal about it as other people did. I think the New England Patriots should get a fine because it is still cheating. They did try to bypass the rules and I believe a fine is right for this situation.

    3.)I think stories like this will encourage kids to cheat because a lot of kids think of Tom Brady as a role model and want to do what he does, but I would never do something like this. Stories like this one make me want to cheat less during the course of my life.

  23. I dont think it was even that big of a deal about deflating the ball, but I also believe the NFL made the right decision in giving Tom Brady the four game suspension. This story will not make me cheat anymore or any less because either way cheating is wrong in the field and the classroom.

  24. It’s enough to say that Tom Brady cheated, and he did get a decent punishment for it. The punishment he received was appropriate for what he did. I think that after someone hears this story they won’t be likely to cheat because this story only seems like a huge deal because of how much attention it’s getting and everybody knows not to cheat, and that there are consequences for it.

  25. I think that Tom Brady did, in fact, cheat on purpose and he received the correct punishment for his actions. I think his cheating is more of a 5, where the Colt weren’t going to win that game but it doesn’t make what he did right. I think that the punishment dealt by the NFL was appropriate and Tom handled it well. I don’t think is makes you more or less likely to cheat because that would mean that you as a person would not be an honest person and it would take more than a professional athlete cheating to change that perception. Also, a lot of professional athletes cheat and use PEDs and that usually doesn’t cause other athletes to follow.

  26. On a scale of 1-10 I believe this incident is an eight. They’re not just playing football for fun they’re playing in the NFL where things should be taken a lot more seriously. I believe it’s an eight rather than a ten because it’s not as bad as what it could have been but it’s still considered cheating. I think the punishment was appropriate and fair. This story doesn’t change how I would perform in a classroom but for others it might because it sends the message that cheating is okay unless you get caught.

  27. Cheating is a big deal especially, in a huge franchise like the NFL. Tom Brady may be a good player but, that doesn’t allow him to do whatever he wants to help his team to win a game. He should be banned from playing any games or should be on probation for his punishment. No matter how many people say its okay to cheat or that it’s cool, I will never cheat on anything in my life and if I failed at something, I will take that failure and make it push me to do better next time.

  28. Tom Brady cheated, he knows how much air needs to be in a football in the game. He been in plenty of games to know that. I don’t think what he did was a big deal but it is till wrong. I don’t think the whole team should be punished for one mans actions but they are also a team. One goes down the rest follow. No matter where you are, don’t cheat. Cheating wont do you any good.

  29. It would be better to ask on a scale from 1-10 how big a deal is his cheating because he deflated the ball. Yeah it’s not good, but if they won by that many points chances are the ball wasn’t the main reason that they won. Cheating is not a good thing but he could have done worse things than deflating the ball. I think his punishment was fair. I’m not more or less t less likely to cheat in the classroom or on the field because of this story, I think I would feel to guilty if I intentionally cheated in either.

  30. I rate this offense as a 3. I believe that he should not have been punished at all rather the NFL should have turned it into a learning situation and made an exact rule for this sort of situation. I don’t think that affects me in any way, whether I would cheat or not. Cheating is a personal choice and outside things should not affect personal choices.

  31. 1) I would rate it an 8. I rate this because it is just a pound of air but that still could make a difference. They did cheat. Cheating is really bad. They should be fairly punished like any other sport team would if they cheated in there game.

    2) I don’t think they should be able to qualify for the Superbowl for that year.

    3) This makes me want to cheat less. I would never cheat in the first place but to see what a bad name you can get just from getting accused makes me want to stay away from the word cheating.

  32. He definitely cheated but, like they said it didn’t really change the outcome of the games so, on a scale from 1-10 I would rate it a 3. I believe the consequences that Tom Brady got was what he deserved, he did wrong so he got suspended. Just like with everything else, yes this was on a bigger scale hence the fines. Personally, this makes me less likely to cheat because I want to keep my integrity and I want to lead by example. If I cheat it doesn’t do that.

  33. I think it is cheating because they broke the game rules and the other team did not know what they did so they thought it was a normal ball but the patriots knew it was deflated so they knew what to expect when they are catching the ball and throwing it.

  34. I think Tom Brady did cheat and the punishment that was received was correct. The way that he cheated did not have a drastic impact on the game itself but it sends a negative message. Stories like this make me want to not cheat because overall it is wrong and these stories show that it’s easy to get caught.

  35. Well, on a scale of 1-10 I would say that this was a 7. It is true that they were a better team, but it does not mean they have to cheat to win. That is basically like lying to about something stupid. I think that the consequence was justified for what they had done.

  36. 1) Is it enough to say Tom Brady deliberately cheated (right/wrong) or is it better to ask the question, “On a Scale of 1-10, how big a deal is his cheating?”

    2) What do you believe the punishment should be for Tom Brady? for the New England Patriots?

    3) Does this story and other like it make you more or less likely to cheat on the playing field or in the classroom? Why?

    1)It is enough to say that Tom Brady cheated. On a scale of one to ten, I would rate it a 4.
    2)I believe that Tom Brady should have to pay a fine and he should be suspended for a couple of games. This would also punish the New England Patriots as well because they would be losing their star quarterback.
    3)This story does not affect how I will go about my day on the playing field or in the classroom. I don’t cheat. I know the effects of cheating and I know that in the long run, it doesn’t help.

  37. It should be enough to say that Tom Brady cheated and even if it had to be put into a 1-10 scale, it should be around a 7-8 because it is defeating the purpose of playing a game correctly. I believe the punishment should stand as is because it seemed reasonable in doing so. Seeing stories like these may influence other students or student-athletes to believe it is okay to cheat on or off the field as long as they don’t get caught but will not change how I will perform in or out of the classroom.

  38. Yes Tom Brady did cheat which isn’t good but I don’t think it would’ve made a difference whether the ball was deflated or not. The Patriots were just the better team. Tom Brady’s punishment was appropriate and for the Patriots franchise the only thing that can be done is making them pay for cheating. This story shouldn’t influence anybody to cheat more. This whole thing got more attention than it should’ve. If the balls were really deflated to the point that it makes a huge impact then the refs would’ve noticed the moment they touched them after every offensive down. Everyone is at fault here, not just the Patriots.

  39. On a scale of one to ten I think that what Tom Brady did was a 5. I think that cheating did not win them the game and its more about the message you are sending kids and playing the game in the right way. There are different levels of cheating but they are all still cheating nonetheless.
    I think that the punishment he got was fair because even if what he did was not that bad you still have to contain the situation in some way. He also handled the situation very well and never denied anything that happened.
    This story makes me less likely to cheat in the classroom because there was punishment for him cheating even though it was very minor. It makes me realize that cheating is cheating no matter how light or severe it is.

  40. 1. The fact that he cheated was wrong, however it would have little to no effect on the games. He did not deny that there was cheating involved. It is still unfair and he is seen differently now.

    2. I think anyone who knew/ involved should be punished. Sit out for some games and the fine. They no longer have trust of the fans or the other teams is also some form of punishment on their conscience

    3. I think it makes you more likely, you see others getting away with a slap on the hand so then others think it will be okay as well. Its not seen as a big deal.

  41. 1) on a scale of 1-10 I would probably have it as a 6, because it didn’t really effect the game too much, but they still intentionally tried to cheat.
    2) I believe that the punishment should be that Tom Brady should have a suspension, and the team should have a fine for cheating.
    3) I believe it would make people more likely to do it because, all of these successful people did it, so why shouldn’t they?

  42. 1. On a scale from 1-10 I think its a 4 because they had an advantage and it wasn’t fair.

    2. I think the punishment for the whole team should be that they get suspended for a month from football so they learn their lesson and not let it happen again.

    3. This makes me not want to cheat because of the consequences that could happen. I wouldn’t want people knowing me by the person who cheated their way out of things.

  43. 1) On a scale from 1-10, I would say its a 4, because it is not that big of deal, but I would say a four because it is more of your morals of a fair fight.
    2) I think the punishment should just be a couple game suspensions, because going back to question one, The Patriots would have killed the Colts no matter if the ball was deflated or not, but they still did something wrong that’s against a fair game so he should be suspended for a game or two.
    3) I feel like the story of the New England Patriots does not really effect anyone in school or on the field, Its more of a ethics problem if you want to be known as a cheater or not.

  44. I think that he cheated but I don’t believe that it that big of a deal because they still destroyed the Colts. On a scale from one to ten I would give it a 4. I think they should charge everyone on the team 500 dollars. The team is gonna get sick of him doing this and their going to make him stop because its their money. This makes it less likely because I don’t want to get punished the way he was.

  45. 1. On a scale one to ten how much is he cheating id say 5 because its bad but not the worst that could happen

    2. Even thought the punishment happen I think the punishment should be just him disqualified for the superbowl’

    3. I think stories like this will make kids to cheat because a lot of kids think of Tom Brady as a role model and want to do what he does, But I don’t like Tom Brady so I wouldn’t

  46. 1) Tom Brady may have cheated, but that doesn’t take away from the margin of victory or the fact that New England was simply the better team. On a scale of 1/10, I’d give it a 3.

    2)I think the punishment was fair (4 game suspension), and Tom Brady learned his lesson and will likely never do it again. The one thing he WILL do is continue to win the game of life.

    3)I don’t cheat in the first place because I don’t trust other people and also I don’t believe the consequences are worth the risk.

  47. I think that Tom Brady did cheat and he did get the right punishments and the other team still probably would have lost but it still isn’t right and it should’ve been played fairly. On the scale 1-10 I think it would be a 6 cause it’s giving out the wrong idea to all the people on if it’s wrong or right. The whole team shouldn’t be punished though only the people who were involved. This story probably will put the idea in kids minds that it’s okay to cheat if it’s not caught and the consequences will eventually be over with and you will be able to continue.

  48. 1. On a scale of one to ten, I would give the cheating a 4. The reason is that yes, the ball was deflated , and they may have had an advantage but in the long run not by much. Should they have done it? No but I don’t think its has big of a deal has people make it to be.

    2. I think the punishment they got was fair, teaches people cheating does not pay of and soon or later you will get caught. Plus Tom handled it like a man.

    3. This story makes me not want to cheat in either the classroom or on the field because you will get caught sooner or later. Plus I would not feel like I would earn the grade or the points.

  49. Cheating is about a 7 it is a big deal that he did not ethically play the game with integrity, but he also might not have known that you cannot deflate the football a certain amount. Cheating is bad, but it would not have really made that much of an impact on the game since they won 45-7. I think Tom Brady had a fair punishment of being suspended for 4 games or so because in the end he probably did not know it was wrong and he learned his lesson when he came back. I feel like it would make people less likely to cheat because they see what can happen when they do.

  50. I think Tom Brady did cheat but I don’t think it actaully helped them win all of the games they did with the deflated ball. Yes it was very wrong and a big deal that he did it because it puts a bad name and reputation on him, the Patriots and the NFL. I think his punishment was appropriate and reasonable. He handled his punishment very well too. It definitley makes me not want to cheat even though I already don’t. Even if you think you won’t get caught, you will because someone is always watching. You should never cheat becuase there will be consequences.

  51. Whether it was deliberately or not, I do think that Tom Brady cheated and although I don’t think it’s a big deal I do think that he deserved his punishment, just for the fact that what he did was cheating. Although I’m sure he’s a very skilled player and could’ve been just as good without deflating the ball, I think that the reason this was such a big deal was because other people were questioning their sportsmanship and how they played and some people might’ve even thought that the only reason they were winning was because of the deflating- which is absurd, but overall, I feel that the entire thing was blown out of proportion.

  52. I think on a scale of 1-10 it deserves a 8 because cheating is cheating and if you wanna live with the idea that you cheated all those games then fine. Tom Brady already received the 25k fine and 4 games out so i thin that was well deserved. And story’s like this dont necessarily make me want to cheat more or less but make me think more about the possible consequences before my actions.

  53. 1. i would give it a 5 because even if the ball was a little squishy they still would of won because they had better ball cairesers and runners and reserves so they still would of won they crushed them. but that still doest make it right tho

    2. i think he got a fair consequents and he still won the supper-bowl so people r just butt hurt that hes a winner and he cared his team to victory

    3. It makes me less likely to cheat even though I dont cheat already. If you cheat, you will get caught. If you caught, you will have punishments.

  54. I dont think Tom Brady deliberately cheated, on a scale of 1-10 cheating his an 8. But I also dont believe this was a huge deal at all, but it still wasnt alright to do. I dont really think there should be a punishment for Tom Brady or the Patriots. In all cases it is not good to cheat specially if its not going to affect anyone in a big way.

  55. If he did cheat I think it affects his image more and less about how the game played out. I believe he deserved a punishment, but besides the punishment he will also be viewed differently by fans which could impact him far more than sitting out of games could.

    I don’t want to cheat because the consequences and you never can be sure if you’ll get caught or not so you shouldn’t take your chances

  56. I think this incident doesn’t directly go against the fault of Tom Brady but as the Quarterback, he takes the punishment still deserving. The margin of victory of this game was not because the football was deflated, the Patriots were obviously the better team in every aspect. I would rank it about a 5 on a 1-10 scale because even though it didn’t greatly affect that game, it still is dishonest and is cheating the game. I feel like the punishment was right and deserving for Brady and I think that people that are still hating are mad because he is good and he’s a winner. I don’t cheat, I’ve been cheated against enough in my life and its a sad thing.

  57. I think that the severity of this on a scale of 1-10 is a 5. I think this because if he cheated or not he got his punishment and he dealt with it. I think the punishment Tom Brady got was fine and he moved on. I think that this will make kids think that it is okay to cheat because they see Tom Brady as a role model and want to follow him.

  58. If Tom Brady deliberately cheated, his punishment is just. If he didn’t cheat, oh well, little late to change things. The thing is, people need to be able to understand that what he did was wrong. So don’t go and think that ‘Well Tom Brady cheated so I can too’. That’s just dumb. Think for yourself, is cheating wrong. If you don’t think so, then cheat. If not, don’t.

  59. 7/10 . Its not just Bradys cheating but just cheating in general. Its not that big of a deal.

    Punishment for cheating in football depending on how big the case is should be disqualification for a couple games to a whole season.

    I would feel less likely to cheat because cheating is going to catch up to you and it will not be pleasant.

  60. 1) I think it is a 7 out of 10 because it is sort of a big deal in the realm of football that the New England Patriots did this whether it was intentional of not.

    2) I think that I agree with the suspension that the NFL gave Tom Brady, but I think that the New England Patriots should’ve been punished more as a group than an individual.

    3) This story doesn’t really make me more likely to cheat because they did get reprimanded for it so I think that would make me less likely to cheat.

  61. Personally, I believe Tom Brady and the Patriots organization cheated. Although I don’t think it affected the outcome of those games, I believe he deserved his punishment. The big picture here is their lack of showing sportsmanship and responsibility to the people that look up to them. This event definitely doesn’t make me want to cheat. Even if no one will find out, it could come back to haunt you later.

  62. 1.) If the defence could tell they were cheating then there is no defending it. A safety could tell it was deflated.
    2.)A longer suspension. Patriots should have gotten a Dq
    3.)No because no matter what I know you’ll always get caught

  63. I do not believe that he deliberately cheated, on a scale from 1-10 I would say a 2. I think that the punishment given was appropriate. No because people will cheat no matter what.

  64. 1. In my mind, what tom and the pats did was wrong, cheating is cheating. One a scale of 1-10 ,
    2. In my mind, maybe a fine and a suspension for various games
    3. Less likely, because most people will often get caught and people will realize that and stop.

  65. What Tom Brady and the Patriots did is cheating in my opinion. Whether or not it changed the outcome of how the games ended, they still cheated. I believe on a scale from 1-10, this situation would be an 7 in my opinion. It was not the worst thing he could have done, but he was still dishonest. I believe the punishment was fair, but I also think that if the rest of the team knew about it, they were just as dishonest as him and they should have gotten a punishment as well. I believe stories like these can change ones perspective on how they act and making them realize that they have to be honest.

  66. I believe that Tom Brady and the Patriots did cheat in that game, but they didn’t need to. They would have beat the Colts no matter what, and I agree with the punishment they received. It is not going to make me cheat on anything because I’m smart enough to know that is wrong, and you shouldn’t do it no matter what.

  67. The fault shouldn’t all be on Brady but he’s the quarterback and he didn’t stop it and it’s wrong. Any cheating is a 10 because it’s still cheating. Even if the other team wouldn’t have won the Patriots aren’t playing the game how it’s suppose to be played. I don’t think the punishment was good enough and that they should’ve suspended the whole team and not just Brady. This doesn’t make me want to cheat because cheating is wrong and you’ll just get punished for it.

  68. On a scale of 1-10 I would say a 3. Yes, they cheated and cheating is a wrong. I think the punishment Tom Brady got was fair. He cheated and got his punishment. When you cheat and you get caught your going to get a punishment. Less likely to because you will get caught.

  69. I believe Tom Brady did cheat. On a scale of 1-10 for his cheating id give it a 5 because he was still cheating but it is not a major thing he did to affect the football games. I think the punishments Tom Brady got were reasonable but i feel it should have been more a team punishment rather then just an individual punishment because the whole team was involved and had to agree to do the cheating also. I would feel less likely to cheat because somehow you will more than likely get caught and it will catch up to you some how.

  70. I think that out of 10 it would be about a 5 because it’s not right but it’s not really that big of deal because it most likely didn’t change the outcome of the game. I think some sort of fine or suspension would be the right punishment because then they would pay the price and it will show people that there is a price for cheating. For me personally no it doesn’t make it more likely for me to cheat because there is always a chance you could get in trouble also it doesn’t show your personal best for what it really is.

  71. On a Scale on 1-10, I would give it an 8. Patriots or not, what kind of message are you putting out there in the end? That it’s okay to cheat and be dishonest? Check again buddy. All you are doing is creating more cheaters and lies in this world. Especially since society is screwed up enough as it is in the 21st century. But don’t get me wrong, I think the Patriots’s punishment was enough. But who knows? Maybe they’ll screw up and repeat this problem again. Just by listening to this story, I think I can safely say that I’m glad I don’t cheat and I will definitely will most likely never cheat in the future as school and education becomes a challenge!

  72. Cheating is cheating and it’s wrong no matter what. However, wouldn’t say it’s a huge deal considering the score of the game. Deflated or full, the balls had no true effect on the Patriots winning. They’re just overall a really talented team. I believe the suspension Tom received was fitting. By the same token, the team wasn’t effected by this at all. They still won the Super Bowl, so really Tom Brady got all of the punishment. No, this doesn’t make me want to cheat any more or any less. Cheating is wrong and I’m smart enough that I don’t have to do so. If you’re a good student and athlete then cheating is just a waste of time.

  73. I believe that he on purposely cheated and it was a very wrong decision, cheating is a big deal. it shouldn’t be measured of how bad it is because your choosing to be dishonest and also you are choosing to go down the wrong path.
    I think he should have been suspended from playing any future games until he does some really hard work to regain the trust from his coach, team and also fans because cheating in a national wide football game is a serious deal. it should not be handle as a little slap on the wrist.
    least likely to cheat because first i wouldn’t want to lose a reputation that i spend all my life earning also knowing that people wouldn’t be able to trust me nor respect me anymore

  74. 1.) On a scale 1-10 I think it would be like an 9. I think a 9 because its sending a bad message as well as not playing with good intentions. If you have to cheat to win that’s no fun because it’s not really hard work or true effort.

    2.) The people mostly involved should be punished the most because they took apart in it. A fine seems a good idea as well as being suspended from the league for a while.

    3.)Well for me it doesn’t make me want too cheat, but for other it’s like ” If he/they can cheat. why can I?” Which is the mindset they get used too, and end up messing wound then getting themselves in problems.

  75. I think it is a eight out of ten because what he did was very wrong and shouldn’t be allowed. I believe that his punishment should’ve been a little more then what is was because it didn’t effect the Patriots in anyway. This story doesn’t make me more likely to cheat because I know not to do what he did and cheat like that because it is wrong. It should be obviously, no matter what anyone does, not to cheat.

  76. 1.) On a scale from 1-10 I would say it is a 3 because, the Patriots would have won anyway. The Colts are bad compared to them. We don’t know who did it anyway Tom Brady maybe is not the one guilty for the deflated balls. It could be the coach’s or refs we don’t know. I just don’t understand why. If I were in anyway contributing to the Patriots I would think everybody knows that they were going to win. They have the overall better team.
    2.) To be honest I don’t think he should have got a punishment because they do not have proof if he was the one accountable for the deflated balls.
    3.) This doesn’t mean anything to me I would not cheat in a game. I am the kind of person to play a nice organized game, just to have some fun. that is the best part of activities/ sports for me is to have fun.

  77. Tom Brady is arguably one of the best current quarterbacks in the NFL, still there is no saying that what happened was not deliberate. Enough is said, when you say he deliberately cheated

    The punishment should be a fine for anyone involved, no games suspended though, because that could ruin chances of being ranked high next season

    It makes me less likely to cheat, knowing that you could get caught and be majorly embarrassed if you do get caught

  78. I think Tom did cheat, but the punishment he got didn’t affect the Patriots season. Tom took the punishment like a man. I would rank it a 5 out of 10 because even though the balls were deflated a little they still cheated. I think even if the balls were good and they didn’t cheat they would have still won the Super Bowl because they were a better team on offence and defense the whole game. Tom had to sit out 4 games, but it didn’t do any bad for the patriots season. With this situation I will not cheat because their are punishments and you will get caught.

  79. I believe that Tom Brady may have cheated deliberately, on a scale from 1-10 I would rate this incident a 5. Although I don’t believe that what he did affected the outcome of the games, cheating is cheating and when you cheat you will most likely get caught, and most likely be punished. It may change other people’s perspectives of cheating because they will see the outcomes of the situation and see why they shouldn’t do it. But it doesn’t really change my perspective of cheating because it is wrong and it is something you should know not to do.

  80. 1) I think on a scale of 10 and how bad it was I think it would be around a 6 because it sends a bad message to younger children and gives a bad reputation to the team.
    2) I think he should have been suspended from 8 games to really show him that it is a big deal that he cheated and he should have to pay for his actions.
    3) This story makes it less likely for me to cheat because just the way people reacted about it shows how people can think about you if you cheat. It also sends a message to other people that cheating is normal and that its fine to do it.

  81. Yes, I do believe that it’s enough to say Tom Brady deliberately cheated because no matter how much it affected the outcome of the game it’s still wrong and he knows that. Any cheating is still cheating and it’s all wrong. I also think that the suspension he served was appropriate and he served it respectfully without complaining. I don’t think this story has affected me in the classroom or playing field because I for the most part have forgotten about it. What he did was wrong but hasn’t influenced the choices I make.

  82. 1. I think it is a 7. They are in the NFL, and people look up to them. It was a major let down to the fans. Although they would have won either way, it was still wrong. I think he intentionally cheated, but did not think that people would find out or suspect that the ball was deflated. But, he should have known someone would ind out because there are cameras everywhere. 2. I think the Patriots as a team should have been punished rather than just Tom Brady. He was the one throwing the ball, and people were catching it. They people catching should have realized it was much easier than a regular football. 3. It does not make me want to cheat. Even when you think someone is not watching, someone always is. Word gets around fast everywhere, and how people view you would be ruined.

  83. I believe the severity of this “cheating” is very minor. On a scale of 1-10 I would say it’s about a 4. The Patriots won by so much that a slightly deflated ball could not have been the reason. However, it’s still cheating. I think the punishment was fine and Brady handled it very well. I don’t cheat on the playing field or in class but if I ever get the to the deflate gate is a great thing to think about to see the wrong in cheating.

  84. I myself do think that Tom Brady and the Patriots did cheat by deflating those balls. It may not have made much of a difference in the games but it is still cheating and cheating is wrong. I do think that the four-game suspension is a good punishment even though I do not think that it was Tom’s idea to deflate the balls. He did not speak out about it, therefore, his punishment is justified. This story doesn’t really affect how I feel because I already have an aspect on cheating and that it is wrong. Also that nothing good comes out of it.

  85. I think this issue is not all Tom Brady’s fault, but because he the quarterback of one the best teams in football he gets it all dumped on him, but say if they did do the act on purpose I know it is not right but colts where not winning that game and I think anyone could agree. I don’t believe it is right for Tom Brady to be the only getting the heat, I believe if he is on that team they as well should have been fined more money and lost even more picks in that up coming draft if they are going to make it that big of a deal. Lastly, of course i’d never cheat on the field or court that is just not who I am.

  86. How can it be cheating if the inflation was within the limits. The other team could make what I think is a smart call…

  87. Tom Brady should be stripped of all titles that he gained by cheating ! The deflated footballs aren’t the only time! Serial cheater and not by any stretch of the imagination “the GOAT” Patrick Mahomes is way more talented just to name one! Football is a team sport and Brady’s teams certainly made him look great! But the greatest? Cheater yes indeed!!