Tom Brady’s Toughest Fan

Tom Brady’s Toughest Fan


10-year-old Logan Schoenhardt has been battling cancer most of his life. He has endured 6 brain surgeries. Before his 6th and final brain surgery, he asked the surgeon to engrave the number 12 in the side of his skull – the number of his idol – Tom Brady. The little guy had been through so much, his parents agreed saying, “What could it hurt.”

A few weeks later, Tom Brady heard about Logan and his story. Brady sent Logan a video message to let him know that he was thinking of him. Later in 2016, Logan and his parents received the bad news that his cancer had returned and spread to his spine. This time the cancer was inoperable. This time the cancer was going to win.

The sad news traveled to Tom Brady and the New England Patriot’s organization. Together they helped Logan achieve his #1 goal on his bucket list. Logan was invited to attend a game and given VIP passes to meet his hero, Tom Brady. While this didn’t stop the cancer, it did bring a huge smile to his face.

Dr. Hoedel’s Perspective: This is one more reminder to count your blessings. So many of us have it so good and don’t take the time to realize it. We do take our health for granted and complain about what’s for dinner, what grade we received or having to do our chores. We forget to feel joy when we wake up without pain. So, this holiday season I wish you the simple gifts of joy happiness. Take time to enjoy the simple things in life. Laugh out loud, smile and spread your joy with others.

Your Turn: 1) What message do you take from this blog and this video? 2) If you were going to engrave something on your skull, what would it be?

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  1. 1. What I take from this blog is to never take anything for granted, live life to the fullest.
    2. If I engraved anything in my skull it would probably be a pentagram to symbolize my many modge podge of beliefs.

  2. The message I get from this video is that you should always be grateful for what you have, I know most of us don’t appreciate everything that we have.
    If I were to engrave anything on my head it would probably be symbol for family because they are the best part of my life.

  3. Logan has a beautiful soul, and it breaks my heart that he has to face that struggle everyday. If I were to have something engraved into my skull… it would probably be a heart because its important to keep your mind and heart united with each other.

  4. The message that i took from this passage was that we shouldn’t take life for granite we should enjoy every second of it and there are so many amazing brave people out there. In addition, if I were to engrave something into my skull I would want it to be a number 6.

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  5. what I took from this blog is live life to the fullest and be grateful because there’s kids fighting for their lives. If I can engrave something it would be symbol for family because family is all you got at the end of the day.

  6. This shows just how much influence professional athletes have , if had to get anything ingraved in my skull it would be a basketball

  7. What I take away from this story is that when someone is hurting or is extremely sick you may not be able to cure them but you are able to make a huge impact in their life! If I were to In grave something in my scull it would be the Bible verse Philippians 4:13

  8. Logan is a tough kid and it’s wonderful how the new England patriots gave him his dream and how they was grateful for having him there.

  9. What I got from this blog is that people will always have an idol no matter if they’re sick. And if I were to engrave a number on myself I would do #16 because Jose Fernandez was my idol and he died in an accident