Truly Giving Back

Truly Giving Back


Sadio Mane was born in Senegal, a small country in Africa. His upbringing was rough. His father died when he was 7.  Sadio never owned a pair of shoes as a child or went to school. He spent most of his days working long hours in the field to put food on the table for his family.  When he was 15, he escaped his little village and moved to the capital city of Dakar. When playing soccer there, he was discovered by a pro scout who gave him a chance to play professionally. Nearly a decade later, he makes $10 million a year playing for a professional team in Liverpool, England.

When most Americans earn that kind of money, they typically buy two cars, a big house and spend lavishly. Sadio doesn’t fall into that mold. He lives modestly and sends most of his money back to his native country to help those who struggled like he did. He builds schools, hospitals, religious buildings and athletic fields. The following is a statement he made to the press.

“Now I can help people. I prefer to build schools and give poor people food or clothing. I have built schools and a stadium; we provide clothes, shoes, and food for people in extreme poverty. In addition, I give 70 euros per month to all people from a very poor Senegalese region in order to contribute to their family economy. I do not need to display luxury cars, luxury homes, trips, and even planes. I prefer that my people receive a little of what life has given me.” 

Joe’s Perspective: Sadio knows real poverty and hardship. Now that he is a successful athlete, he doesn’t want anyone in his hometown to experience the type of hardship that he felt. In fact, he gives every family in his hometown money every time he gets paid. Pros in America give back, but many do it to look good or to receive tax credits. Sadio gives away almost all of his money. He does it for the right reasons. His actions are admirable.

Your task this week in the app is to provide at least one random act of kindness. Please don’t just do it because we suggested it. Do it because it is the right thing to do. Help others. Give back. Go out of your way to make someone else’s day.

Your Turn: After reading this blog and watching this video, what are your thoughts about Sadio?

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  1. I think that this blog shows that you don’t need to have money to be successful and you don’t need to have money to play a sport. And that giving back to people is one of the most rewarding things.

  2. Sadio is a very unselfish person, instead of spending his money on himself, he gives it to people in need. This is an admirable quality and one that should be more common among people. He knows what it’s like to not have a lot in life so he wants to give back to poor communities, and I think that’s awesome.

  3. I think what he did was really cool. He could be spending it on himself for expensive luxuries, however he is spending on other people back at his hometown. By doing this, he is giving younger people chances that he never got growing up, and that just shows how selfless he is.

  4. I believe that what Mane is doing is good for the world. He is trying to give the children a better life than what he had

  5. My thoughts are someone like mane never lost himself in the fame and glory and remembers his roots and likes to give back, because when yiu give back yiu share the wealth

  6. I think it’s great that he’s giving back to his community that formed him. I think it’s cool that he’s making sure the kids have a better life

  7. I think Sadio is a very good man. He could’ve let all those things about fame and wealth go to his head, but he remembered his roots and that is why I think he’s a good man. He remember where he came from and wanted to give back. You don’t need all that money for yourself. It goes a lot farther to those people than he himself.

  8. Sadio is incredible and his kindness is immense he is giving back to his home town because that’s where he came out of he’s motivating other kids to do the same for there families

  9. Sadio Mane Is a very accomplished athlete. But what makes him different and one on the best is what he does with his money. Instead of spending all the money in himself doing stuff he does not need he gives it back to people who truly need it and and also try’s to help those who are despite. He also try’s and build things from his native country and helps people over there.

  10. Sadio Mane Is a very accomplished athlete. But what makes him different and one on the best is what he does with his money. Instead he gives the money to those who truly need it and and also try’s to help those who are despite. He also try’s and build things from his native country and helps people over there.

  11. Sadio Mane Is a very accomplished athlete. But what makes him different is that he gives his money back to people and that what’s makes him a better person.

  12. Sadio uses his fame and past to benefit his hometown. He understands how harsh the conditions can be there for children and adults, therefore, he takes money out of his own pocket to try and better others lives.

  13. He is a really good, kind, selfless person that cares about people and their lives. He wants what’s best for all those kids and it shows he really cares about them and cares about their futures.

  14. I think that he loves giving back to others, he seems like a really nice gentle man. The fact that he asked the publicist not too bring it up in even better. That just proves he’s doing it out of the kindness of his heart.

  15. My thoughts on Sadio is that he’s a very generous man who loves to give stuff to people. Also he’s a good soccer player.

  16. My thoughts about him are that he is a really good person especially because he didn’t use all the wealth that he had on himself instead he spent it on his people so that they could have a better life and live happily.

  17. I think he is a good person because he was so rich from playing soccer and he spent his money on his people and not himself so that they could live happily.

  18. After reading this blog and watching the video is that he did a good thing because it kind of him to do what he did and at least he did not spend all of his. He gave his money to his home town people.

  19. after this story, my thoughts on Sadio is that he is a good-hearted gentleman since instead of taking the money that he earned he invested it back into his hometown and gave his hometown about 300,000 or 300k or 300 thousand and that is a lot of money in his small town.

  20. Wow, Sadio is genuinely a hero. He has chosen to make his life a little bit harder in exchange for a little bit happier. He’s living proof that not all people are bad and that some are still good people. I just wish there were more people like him and not so many greedy people.

  21. Sadio cared more for the wellbeing of others than he did publicity or fame, which is nice. it isn’t everyday you find someone who cares more for others than they do themselves.

  22. I believe he is a truly kind and caring man. he helps his village even though he does not have to. he helps better others’ lives so they don’t have it as rough as him.