Two Heroes Save a Man’s Life

Two Heroes Save a Man’s Life


Marcus Harvey and Tre Jones were hanging out together on a Sunday afternoon in 2020. That’s when they smelled smoke. They followed the smoke to a house on South Adams street in Marion, Indiana. When they arrived a small crowd of people had gathered in front of the house. They were just standing there. Some were even filming it on their cell phones. Someone said they could hear a man inside. Marcus and Tre heard the man too.

Marcus and Tre did not hesitate. They kicked down the door. When they did, all they could see was smoke. They began to crawl toward the man making the noise. “When I heard his voice screaming, I just felt like I knew I could get him out,” said Tre. “I didn’t know how far he was in the house. I knew I was in a better position than he was.” They crawled until they found him. The two carried him out and saved his life. The man inside had fallen asleep when he was cooking something on the stove. The grease caught fire and spread throughout the house.

Joe’s Perspective: I can’t believe that some people would stand outside a burning house with a man yelling for help from inside. What is wrong with humanity? Even if you don’t feel like you have the courage to go in and risk your life, at least put down the cell phone and get a hose. Do something. Lucky for this man, Marcus and Tre came along. They had the courage to do something. They risked their own lives to save a stranger. They are heroes. These young men should be celebrated. While pop culture and the media continue to pay attention to meaningless stories, this story gets overlooked. No one knows these two guys or know what they did. Until today, you probably had never heard this story. That, to me, is the shame. I am proud to tell this story and to hold them up as heroes! Thank you Marcus Harvey and Tre Jones for your courage and your heroism.

Your Turn: What lessons do we learn from this story?

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  1. this connects to pat tillman because he was brave and these two were also brave and just trying to save people this is also sacrifice because they sacrificed there lives to save otherrs

  2. This was a pretty good story because it demonstrates sacrifice from one person to save the life of another person while risking their life.

  3. After saving that man’s life, that man now has a lot of trust in them and at least a little bit of loyalty to them.

  4. This represents compassion because the people around the community showed compassion for saving the man’s life

  5. With all the tragedy in the news, it is great to see examples that true heroes do still exist. Thank you for your inspiration Marcus and Tre.

  6. Even when you don’t know anyone you can still be a nice person to others. They risked their own lives for someone they didn’t even know which means a lot.

  7. My response to this story is that some people may not be nice or cool but is dose not matter you should help people out even if you don’t like them or if they don’t like you. My other response about this story is to always trust you in stinks about something if it dose not fell right or good just get help if needed.