Tyler Strong

Tyler Strong


It’s the stuff that movies are made of. Tyler Trent is a 20-year-old former student at Purdue University. Former, because he was not well enough to return for his sophomore year. You see, Tyler has a rare form of bone cancer and now his diagnosis is terminal. Tyler is in hospice care and there are no more miracles. Chances are he will not be alive in a few weeks. Tyler has accepted this reality, as has his mother and his father. The surprising part is that Tyler is still alive at all.

What keeps Tyler going is the Purdue football team. When Tyler was a freshman, he camped out to get tickets to the Michigan game. In fact, he was the first one in line. Newly hired head coach, Jeff Brohm, walked through the line, and met Trent. When the young coach heard Tyler’s story, he basically adopted him. Tyler was invited to games. Tyler served as an honorary captain. When Tyler was too sick to attend school, members of the football team came to his house. They laughed with Tyler, they cried with Tyler and they prayed with Tyler. It continues to be a special relationship.

Tyler’s stated goal was to attend the Ohio State game.  Tyler’s mother referred to the trip as Tyler’s farewell trip to campus – that last time. He was greeted with “Tyler Strong” and “Cancer Sucks” signs throughout the crowd. ESPN interviewed Tyler before and during the game. At each juncture, Tyler predicted that his Boilermakers would upset the #2 ranked Buckeyes.  Well, just as Tyler found a way to make it to the game, Purdue found a way to crush Ohio State, 49-20.

Joe’s Perspective – true inspiration: It seems that Tyler was inspired to stay alive so he could attend this last game. It also seems like the Purdue team was inspired by the example set by Tyler. After the team beat Nebraska, members visited Tyler at his house and gave him the game ball. Quarterback, David Blough said, We just wanted to be there to lift him up and encourage him. He does that ten-fold for us.” Like I said, this is the stuff that movies are made of.

I think this story reinforces the truism that we can all be inspired.  You, me, athletes and yes, even terminal cancer patients benefit from inspiration.

Your Turn: After this story, what are your thoughts and reactions?

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  1. I feel bad for Tyler and hope he gets better. Also, I also feel that hes super strong and loves football more than anything and that that’s keeping him push through whatever terminal disease

    1. He’s in hospice care, which means they’ve stopped all treatment so there’s zero possibility of him getting better. @kasih davis

  2. I feel bad for Tyler. For all that he is going through is hard and he is a fighter. I really liked how the football team gave him the game winning ball to keep and it showed that they cared.

  3. My thoughts are just blown at how amazingly long Tyler has been able to stay alive and see his family and friends longer. This passage fascinates me at how well the football team and fans supported Tyler during his tough times and how they were always caring for him and came to visit him when he wasn’t able to come to the games himself.

  4. my thoughts are that tyler is a very brave and strong man because he fought for his life when he knew he was going to pass away very soon.

  5. My thoughts are blown on how long Tyler has lived. He is very positive and caring. The football team were really kind to visit Tyler. You can see he really cares about his family,friends, and football. He wanted to go to school when kids that are healthy and able to go don’t want to.

  6. my thought are speechless on how tyler has bone cancer in which he is fighting to stay alive in speechless. I really liked when the football team came to visit him at his and gave him the game winning ball to keep and to show that they care a lot for him. In all prayers for tyler i hope that he can get better soon.