U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Sues for Equal Pay

U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Sues for Equal Pay


Members of the Women’s and Men’s National Soccer Team that plays in the World Cup and the Olympics get paid to play. The difference between the men’s team and the women’s team is alarming. If a man makes the roster, he gets paid $68,750 and if a female make the roster, she gets paid $30,000. Men get paid between 6,950 – 17,650 per game and the women get paid between 3,600 – 4,950 per game.

What makes this more interesting is that according to the U.S. Soccer Federation’s own 2015 financial report, the women’s team generated nearly $20 million more revenue last year than the U.S. men’s team. The women’s team has won four Olympic gold medals and won 3 World Cup Titles. Despite all of this, the women are paid about a quarter of what the men earn.

Joe’s Perspective: Hey, a lot of attention has been recently paid (no pun intended) to unequal pay between men and women. There are many fair and unfair reasons for this difference that fair-minded people can debate. However, how do you argue this one? These women work just as hard as the men, they generate far superior revenue than the men and they are much more successful than the men. This sounds appalling and discriminatory any way that you slice this pie. I actually don’t think the women should get equal pay, they should get more, much more!

Your Turn:

If you were the judge in this case, how would you rule and why?

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  1. This leaves me with some questions, why do women always have to fight to be equal? Why do men get payed more? We are all the same the only difference is our genitals. Honestly our women’s team is better then our men’s team and they don’t even get equal pay? They should get the respect they deserve and have equal pay. Both women and men can do the same jobs don’t pay people based on their genitals.

  2. I also don’t find it fair that the men U.S. soccer team gets paid about 4x more than what he women do. They are both the same i don’t find it fair that the men get paid way more. As a matter of fact the women have won 3 world cups while the men have never even been in an world cup semi final. The women’s team is much much better so I personally believe that the women’s should get pair more. If they play better let them get paid better.

  3. I think women and men should get pad equally because you’re till competing, and you’re taking so much of your time just to play, and it would’t be fair if you didn’t get the same amount as someone else did.

  4. I think that these woman should not as equal pay as the U.S Mens team because why would you want equal pay when you are accomplishing more achievements than the Mens team overall. These woman and men team should receive a percentage of the revenue they bring in and the teams will be able to decide how much each player gets paid. And since the womans team have brought in so much money they should receive way more than the men.

  5. The difference in pay of women and men’s professional soccer is very unfair. I think women are ultimately paid less than men simply because they are “women” and society uses stereotypes to play them down, especially in sports. If any one gender gets more pay, it should be the women because they are more successful and make far more revenue than the men’s team.

  6. The most ironic part is that our womens team does far better in both actual competitions and in viewer count as of late and they still don’t get payed as much. Really what the heck