The Victims of Las Vegas

The Victims of Las Vegas


So, what do we know? We know that a man gathered over 30 high-powered guns in his hotel room in Las Vegas. He checked into a suite and scoped the line of fire for four solid days. And, for reasons that we may never understand, he deliberately and continuously shot thousands of bullets into the a crowd of people attending a concert.  He injured over 500 people and killed 59.

Joe’s Perspective: This is senseless, sad and disturbing. Why one person would want to deliberately kill so many people that he doesn’t even know is difficult to comprehend. Each one of those individuals had a name and a life and family and friends.  It would be easy to distance ourselves from this scenario because we probably don’t know any of these people. I simply provide this video to humanize this terrible event in American history. Everyone of these individuals will be missed by many someones and we should collectively mourn this loss of life.

Your Turn: What are your thoughts and feelings after this tragic shooting earlier this week in Las Vegas?


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  1. It really breaks my heart to see lives lost. Instead of everyone coming together after such a tragic loss, we are all dividing and pointing fingers at either guns, or gun laws, instead of looking at the real picture. The point of a terrorist is to inflict terror onto a group and we are letting them win. They are winning when they make us divide instead of come together.

  2. This is sad. Why would anyone take these lives from families and friends. We need to come together and comfort those who have lost loved ones.

  3. That is a cruel thing to do , so many young and married people this makes me sick I am crying just reading this . I would like to say I am sorry this happened for everyone who was affected.

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  4. It makes me sad. All they were doing was having fun at a concert. They didn’t deserve their lives to be taken like this. They didn’t deserve it 🙁

  5. It was really heartbreaking to see and hear about this tragedy. I wish I could help there family get back on their feet after their loss.