What Kind of Player Are You?

What Kind of Player Are You?


I saw this on Facebook today and it made me reflect on how seriously I took sports when I was in high school and in college. I then showed it to my daughters for their reaction. So, I thought I would show it to you as well.

Your Turn: What are your thoughts after your read this quick meme?

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  1. It summarizes the mindset of a good athlete pretty well. You have to take something very seriously in order to get something out of it.

  2. I agree, you get what you put in and by working hard and taking care of your priorities you can become an incredible player and student.

  3. I like this a lot, it shows that dedication to school and work and your sport gets you farther as an athlete than just showing up and running through the motions.

  4. I agree with this. When you give your sport you all while caring about the little things that will effect your performance then you’ll be a great athlete

  5. I totally agree with that, that the amount of time and effort you put into the sport will correlate to your game performance.

  6. If you are a great athlete then you put a everything into the sport you play and take in account for everything that might affect it

  7. I definitely agree with statement. In that great players improve themselves in all areas of there life. Eating right, getting enough sleep, and getting good grades are all things that effect how they play

  8. I think this is a good message. Personally I take everypractice like it’s real because I know it will reflect on what happens in a match , I need to get better on getting on moving to the highest level

  9. I agree with the statements from the meme. I think that every player on a team lies in different categories from that list. I believe that we should all work to aim and be at that last level: great players. A team that has most of its players, preferably all, at that level will be the ones to reach success more often and will experience a more enjoyable season.

  10. I totally agree with the statement. I think that being in a sport especially at a high level requires a lot of commitment with character and out of school actives because it all works together to show how determined and motivated you are to be better.

  11. I agree with this statement, every professional athlete isnt eating unhealthy and slacking off, because they know the real way to be a great athlete is being fully committed.

  12. I agree with the statement, every professional athlete isnt eating unhealthy and slacking off, because they know the real way to be a great athlete is being fully committed.

  13. I like this because it really reflects the definition of what a true student athlete. sometimes, dedication to a sport can make athletes over look the “student before an athlete” part and rely only on sports.

  14. i definitely agree because the only way to become the best is to not take anything for granted and work hard for everything

  15. I agree with this because you don’t see a professional athlete slaking off or not eating the right things, they are fully committed to their sport and they strive to be the best they can.

  16. I agree with this comment as it takes more than just being on a sports team, to be dedicated and if you want to advance your level of dedication, you have to think of the other things outside of that sport as well.