What We Take For Granted

What We Take For Granted


Each year, my wife and I take our children to a Memorial Day service. These ceremonies take place in little towns and major cities all over this country. And, to be honest, the ceremonies are predictable – this year’s service looked a lot like last year’s service and the service in Traverse City looked a lot like the one in Springfield. Veterans speak, members of a high school choir sing, and each branch of the armed services is honored.  Each year when I tell the kids that we are going, a collective groan can be heard. So, why do we do it?

Reason #1: I want my kids to know the meaning and significance of Memorial Day. It’s not just a day off from school or another reason to visit the beach. Memorial Day is a day set aside each May to pay tribute to those who gave their lives to protect our nation. My kids understand this fact and, despite their protests before-hand, they feel inspired at the end of the service.

Reason #2: It’s easy to take our lives for granted. Attending a ceremony like this reminds me how fortunate I am. I think about those soldiers serving in the desert right now. I think about the heat, the long days and the dangers. I think about their families who have not seen their soldier for many long months. I also think about those who served and never came home.

For those of you who did not attend a Memorial Day ceremony, I provide this video to help you remember and keep things in perspective.

Your Turn:

1) Did you attend a ceremony like this on Memorial Day? If so, how did it make you feel? If no, why not?

2) What impact did this video and/or blog have on you?

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  1. 1) I did not attend a ceremony on Memorial Day.
    2) It made me want to attend a ceremony to really understand deeply what it’s about. I would like to experience it. Even if I can’t go every year it would be a good thing to attend since it’s so important.

  2. This person is right most people take this day for granted and uses it as just another day off or out of school no its for people that have served and we need to honor them not take a day off have fun sit on the couch and drink a beer its not like that.

  3. I’ve never attended a ceremony like this on Memorial Day. I’ve never been to one because my parents usually work on that day, also because we’ve never really took our day off that seriously. This blog impacted me by showing me, we take this day off for grant. We think it’s just a day off when people died and that’s why we have this day off. It also shows that I need to be appreciate because I still have my family unlike many people have suffered when family members have died during serving our country.

  4. 1) No i have never attended a memorial ceremony . Mainly because my parents never really taught me that everyday on memorial was a day to be with people have served this country until i got older i learned more of it and i would like to show my appreciation more.
    2)The impact it had on me was respect for the families that show there children at young ages to show respect to your loved ones also how important it is.

  5. This blog made me feel sad because of the people who sacrefice their life for otheres protection. I also agree that our children should know about this so they know how many sacrafices these people make for their life .

  6. No, I did not attend a ceremony like this on Memorial Day. I have never really taken into consideration that their are other families with other people who they get to thank, and/or see. It’s been a tradition in my family just to write something thanking the family we have had as veterans, and even the people still fighting. This blog made me realize that without the veterans, and current soldiers, we wouldn’t be where we are today and we should be nothing but thankful for that. I am going to start doing more to show appreciation for these people that put their lives in danger for our country.

  7. 1.) No, I did not attend a ceremony like this on Memorial Day not because I don’t want to but because my family has never took me to one or have never been offered to go to one but it seems very nice to go to and I hope one day when I am older I can attend a ceremony like this.

    2.) The impact this video and blog had on me was show me how it really isn’t just a day off but a day to remember those who gave up there life for us and are doing so much hard work out in the field and we should appreciate that we have hard working men out there working to protect US.

  8. 1. I did not attend a ceremony like this on Memorial Day because I don’t personally know anyone who has died in the services, but I do plan on going to one of these ceremonies in the near future just for the experience.
    2. This video impacted me on how we do take everything for granted. We are very fortunate to just be alive and be able to go home and to be with our families.

  9. I never attended a ceremony on Memorial Day, I wish I could go. Even though people say their to busy to, I think they should, and so should I. This blog made me realize that we do need to appreciate every moment were alive because people are fighting currently just for the US.

  10. 1) I haven’t gone to a ceremony on Memorial day, It’s not that I don’t appreciate what the soldiers have done for us or anything. I’m very grateful that these individuals took their time in day to make sure our nation is protected, and safe to live in. I honestly feel bad that I didn’t take the time to visit one of these events directed towards the soldiers that served our country.

    1. Post

      There’s always next year. These events take place in almost every small and large community across America. It really does make us sad when almost everyone there is a senior citizen.

  11. I didn’t attended but I should and other people should because the people that died for us protected our country. We need to show more that we are very thankful for our man and women for keeping our country safe. We need to be great full for the lives that we have because other people our fighting for us.

  12. I have gone t a Memorial service once . It makes me fill like the people who have served are country have the right to be paid respect for there service and that they did a lot for the country . That the people were representing on that Memorial day are remembered.

  13. I have not attended a memorial service like this, although I hope to go to one in the future. Those who have died our country should be supported and paid tribute to for their service. this blog has impacted me by teaching me that Memorial day is not just a day to spend with your friends out of school, but rather a day in remembrance of the loved ones we have lost.

  14. This video made me realize I should not take anything or anyone for granted. I should be thankful with the people that I have in my life and I should show more appreciation to them.

  15. I have never attended a Memorial Day service like the one provided in this blog. On Memorial Day, I take the time to thank the veterans and men and women who have and currently serve our nation, but look forward to attending a specific event to honor them in the near future. Every citizen who has served deserves respect, support, and gratitude for their sacrifice and willingness to our country. This blog has inspired me to pay further respect towards Memorial Day and realize it is not just a day, but a day to be grateful.

  16. 1. I don’t really ever go to Memorial Day ceremonies. But when on YouTube I will always see different YouTube videos on Memorial Day and I definitely get very emotional when watching them.
    2. Watching this video definitely made me feel very appreciative of having both parents will me always. And will definitely not take it for granted anymore.

  17. No I have never attended a memorial ceremony, but i know lives cannot be taken for granted. I have lost close ones before and its the worst feeling to have. A memorial service would be very interesting and I would gladly go to one in the future.

  18. I did not attend a ceremony like this on memorial day, nor have I ever. I feel as though I have not attended a Memorial Day ceremony because I have not gone out of my way to find one. The impact that this video and blog has had on me encourages me to be more grateful on Memorial Day. Due to our veterans, I am able to attend school and feel safe in my own home. These veterans spend days, months, and years fighting for our country, however I can not take one day to feel some sort of gratitude towards them. This video has immensely encouraged me to attend a Memorial Day ceremony for the many years to come.

  19. I do take the holiday memorial day for granted i do just view it as a day off school and i know for most people there is a deeper meaning to the holiday. This blog has made me more grateful

  20. I don’t normally go to services on memorial day because I am camping, but I always keep in mind all of the people who have served and died for our country.

  21. I did not go to a memorial ceremony but I did not take this holiday for granted because I’ve had family members who have served the military before. I think we need more people to appreciate this holiday instead of just thinking its another day off of school.

  22. 1.) I have not attended a Memorial Day Service like this one because I have never thought about going. I like the idea though.
    2.) This blog was impactful because it made me realize that I don’t really take the time to go out of my way and appreciate the purpose of this day off of school.

  23. 1.) I have not attended a memorial day service like this because I never thought about it. I don’t want to be in the way of the families and have them think that i am there just to be there and don’t understand. I do think about and reflect on the great things that these people have done.
    2.) This day made me realize how little I actually do to celebrate this day and the people that make this day the day it is.

  24. I have not attended a memorial service before and have taken this holiday for granted to some degree. I recognize the soldiers who have died in battle, but never really done anything. This blog made me really interested in going to a ceremony, especially since my parents have never gone to one either I think it’d be a very cool experience.

  25. 1) I did not attend a Memorial event
    2) It made me fell that I am fortunate in the country and I should be more grateful for those who have sacrificed their life for me to have a better life going forth.