Woman Befriends Boy Who Shot Her – Forgiveness

Woman Befriends Boy Who Shot Her – Forgiveness


A young 13-year-old boy named Ian robs an innocent adult, Debbie, in a parking lot outside a local grocery store. Debbie screams and Ian panics. He shoots her in the face. Debbie lives. Ian pleads guilty and is sentenced to life in prison. This story is all-too common.

The uncommon part about this story is that Ian finds the courage to call his victim while in prison to apologize. Debbie has the grace to accept the call. Ian then proceeds to write her letters. The two become unlikely friends. She plays a role in helping him get released. She then helps Ian, now an adult, get acclimated to life after prison.

Joe’s Perspective: This is such a powerful story. 1) It causes me great pain to know a young boy could perpetrate such violence on an innocent person. How sad and tragic. This mother of two could have easily died for no good reason. 2) I think it’s terrible that a justice system would try a 13-year-old as an adult. This should not happen. I am pleased to know this young man was rehabilitated and released. 3) This story gives me faith in humanity. This 14-year-old found the courage to apologize… and this woman found it in her heart to forgive. Truly amazing!

Your Turn: How does this story make you feel about the world and about people?

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