2020: You are Living Thru History

2020: You are Living Thru History


When students open history books in 100 years, wide-eyed students will undoubtedly study the year of 2020. They will see pictures of:

  • Covid-19 and American citizens wearing masks
  • Businesses shut down and schools closed
  • professional, college and high school sporting events cancelled
  • George Floyd, protests and cities burning
  • dyer race relations, black lives matter, and political unrest
  • Political races involving Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden


Just like you currently view pictures of the civil war in 1862, the stock market crash of 1931, World War II in 1944, the Kennedy assassination in 1963 or the .com bust in 1999, those students will look at the events of 2020 with amazement. They will try to wrap their brains around these events and ask, “How did this all happen?”

And yet, here you are… students in the middle of all the fray. Many of you are “learning from home” while others are wearing masks in your “first day of school” pictures. Many of you are told that you can’t play sports while others are playing in front of empty stands. Oh, how the world has changed in 6 short months.

Your Turn: In 100 years, as a senior citizen you will be asked to visit schools and address students about this bizarre year. They students will ask you, “What was it like to live through the year 2020?”  What will you tell them?

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