Young Entrepreneurs “Nailed It” with their Business

Young Entrepreneurs “Nailed It” with their Business


Six siblings from Washington D.C. started a company called Jr. Flips. They flip older houses and remodel them. This helps the community and it also puts money in their wallets. On their first two homes, they made more than $250,000. They have moved on to their third house now.  The youngest girl, Alianna, age 8, said, “We are not like other kids because we are not watching TV or playing video games. We are busy doing our business in Jr. Flips.”

The siblings started this business after they ran into Oprah Winfrey at a restaurant. They asked her for advice and she said, “Give back, work hard and never give up.”  Fulfilling this directive, the Jr. Flips crew went on the Steve Harvey Show and gave $3,000 of their profits to the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation.

Joe’s Perspective: First off, I love their motto, “Nailed It.” I also love their initiative and their drive. To learn more about them, go to If you put your heart and your head into it, nothing can stop you.

Your Turn: If you were to start a business, what would it be? What is stopping you from going after it now?

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  1. young entrepreneurs nailed it
    This inspires me because of the fact that no matter what age you are, you are old enough to make a difference and start making an impact on your own journey in your life.

  2. I think these kids are very responsible. These kids are flipping houses. They are doing good deeds. Also, they are helping communities. They are inspiring kids to do things they want to.

  3. I think that this little kid company is really good! Kids are usually watching TV or playing video games and these kids are not and they are earning money for it! A lot of kids should do this because they can become active and not lazy. The kids created a company and it was under 500$ And they are getting a lot of money and donated the show 3000$ The money they have can help them a lot with their education. Not only that but that can help their parents with money too. Kids should start taking these responsibilities and help their parents with bills instead of sleeping all day or being on their electronics.