Student Athlete Program

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Working closely with coaches and athletic directors, we developed the Student Athlete Program over several years. This is the perfect complement to the character education "classroom" curriculum (Character Development & Leadership), that is currently used in 3,500+ high schools across this country. The goal of the Student Athlete Program is to develop the character and leadership of high school student-athletes in an athletic environment. This is a program that high school athletic directors purchase for use by all students participating in athletics.

Program Highlights
  • This program is intended for all athletes in all sports.
  • This program covers 3 seasons a year for 4 years without redundancy.
  • This is an app-based program that provides 2-5 minutes of daily content.
  • Athletes receive daily notifications for each lesson on their devices.
  • Coaches can monitor the progress of their athletes via their app.
  • Athletic directors are able to have a consistent program-wide message woven to every athlete - culture.

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Download App to View Sample Week

Sample Week

To view this program as an athlete would, follow the instructions to download the Moodle app further down the page. Here's a sample of a week of the program:[/text_output]

Monday: Life Lesson

Powerful 2-minute video-based life lessons delivered by coaches and athletes.

Watch Video

Tuesday: Sports Blog

Dr. Hoedel authors a sports blog about current events related to character and leadership.

Read Blog Post

Wednesday: Role Model

Students read about a group of diverse sports-oriented role models that exemplify the traits covered in the program.

Read Example

Thursday: Ethical Dilemma

Students respond to sport-oriented ethical dilemmas to learn decision-making skills and ethics.

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Friday: Character Movie

Segments from character-based popular sports movies are viewed and discussed.

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Weekend Task

Student-athletes complete short tasks to improve individual and team performance.

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Student Athlete Program Character Traits

Season 1Season 2Season 3
CommitmentPositive AttitudeCoachable
HumilityGood JudgmentComposure

Student Athlete Program Training for Coaches

Check out our 45 minute training video that shows coaches how to use the student athlete program.

View Sample Week Via our Student Athlete Program App

We have provided instructions on how to access the online Student Athlete Program sample course (contains one full unit and the coach’s box that contains multiple leadership/team building exercises).

  1. From your phone or tablet search the app store and install the Student Athlete Program app.  
  2. Once it has been installed, open the app and enter the following URL and connect.
  3. Log in with the following credentials:   Username: demo    Password: demo (case sensitive)  You are now logged in as an athlete and will see the program from that perspective.
  4. Select my courses and then choose student athlete approach sample
  5. Please select the following sample unit: Season 1: Week 1(Positive Attitude).
  6. You can now view all 5 exercises. At the end of each exercise, answer the follow up question. Your responses can be immediately seen by your coach.