Protected: Leadership Activities

We hope you like these Leadership Activities. Please be sure to review ahead of time. Some of the activities require “equipment”, like a blind fold or a hula hoop or water glasses.  Some are for large groups and some require you to form smaller groups.

Unit 1: Ball Sharing Drill

In order to pass the ball to your teammate you have to say their name first.

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Unit 2: Team Show and Tell

Team members bring in a favorite item to share with the team that will tell teammates more about them.

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Unit 3: All Tied Up

In this fun team challenge, groups are required to work together to do complete a simple task. The problem is that they are tied together by their wrists.

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Unit 4: Water Carry

The goal of this challenge is for the team to try and retrieve 10 cups full of water from around the room and place on a tray without spilling any of it.

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Unit 5: Silent Line Up

Students must line up according to birth month, birth date, how many siblings, the last digit of their phone numbers, etc. without using words.

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Unit 6: Perimeter

Keep the ball on the wall while students pass the ball around the gym with their feet.


Unit 7: Blind Retriever

In this blindfold activity, groups are split into smaller sub-teams and compete against each other to retrieve an object.

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Unit 8: Hula Hoop Ground Touch

The team has to try and lower a hula hoop onto their extended fingers to the ground.

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Unit 9: Only Hands

Team must figure out a way that the entire team touches the ground with only their hands.

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Unit 10: Back to Back Drawing

Working in pairs, one person must describe a shape without naming it and their partner must draw the shape they are describing.

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Unit 11: The Human Knot

The group forms a circle and each person holds hands with two separate people on the other side of the circle and then the group members try to untangle themselves.


Unit 12: Hula Hoop Pass

Students hold hands to form a circle and a hula hoop gets placed between one set of students. The hula hoop gets passed around the circle while the students keep holding hands.

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Unit 13: Video Scavenger Hunt

Working in smaller teams, each team records all the items on the scavenger hunt list within a set time period.

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Unit 14: Balance Ball

A tennis or softball is placed between the backs of students. Students then stand up without dropping the ball or touching it with their hands.

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Unit 15: Human Centipede

Students sit on the floor in a single file line and move to one point from another by walking on their hands.

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Unit 16: Switch Sides If...

Students are asked to stand on one side of a line. Ask them to ``Switch Sides If...`` the statement you say applies to them.

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Unit 17: Snake

A student guides a set of blindfolded students that form a line to pick up objects and put them into a bucket.

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Unit 18: Question Ball

Students answer questions about themselves when they catch the ball.

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