A Special Kind of Signing Day

A Special Kind of Signing Day


In almost every high school across the country, athletes sign their national letter of intent to celebrate a scholarship with a particular school. It’s usually a big deal. Schools set up a table with the college colors. Athletes wear a shirt or hat to indicate where he/she will attend college. Family and friends attend the event to support the athlete. For big-time athletes, members of the media cover the press conference. The athlete then signs the letter to make it official.

However, at Henrico County Schools in Virginia, they hold a different kind of signing day. Students who have elected not to go to college, and instead have accepted vocational and tech jobs, are celebrated. Just like the athletes, these students wear the hats of the business they will soon be working for. Family and friends applaud this decision. The business gets recognition and the athletes smile as they sign their employment contract.

Joe’s Perspective: These athletes deserve a special celebration of their accomplishments. Good for them. They undoubtedly worked hard for a long time to receive this scholarship. The same can be said for these students who have chosen a path in the trades. They will become electricians, plumbers, welders… These students will make good money in these professions and they will begin making that money right away. It is a solid life decision. Good for them. And, in my opinion, they deserve just as much recognition for their accomplishments.

Your Turn: What do you think of these students who are signing employment and apprenticeship letters with employers?


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  1. I think it is awesome and that we need more people going into trade jobs like plumbers and electricians. I would congratulate them too, just like athletes.