Choose Your Friends Carefully

Choose Your Friends Carefully


I always remember my mother telling me to choose my friends wisely. If you befriend the wrong person who does the wrong thing at the wrong time, and you are with them, you too might get into trouble, even if it isn’t your fault. That’s life. Many a person is in prison because of just such a situation. It was always an important lesson to remember.

The lesson below is similar.  It says that you need to pick your friends wisely, but for a different reason. He says that, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most amount of time with.” So, if you want to be goal-oriented and successful, hang out with people who are goal-oriented and successful.  If you find yourself hanging out with a bunch of knuckleheads or class clowns or trouble-makers, you might eventually fall into those categories.  Furthermore, he says that there are four types of friends:

  1.  Addition: people that will add to your life and make your life better.
  2. Subtraction: when you are with these people, you are not the best version of you.
  3. Multiplication: They make you the best version of yourself.
  4. Division: People who are always dividing and making things hard.

In conclusion, you need to pick your friends wisely.  How do you do that? You select the people in your life who bring out the best version of yourself and get rid of the people who bring drama and trouble to your life. If someone makes you feel bad about yourself, they are probably not the best person for you. If someone is distracting you from the life that you want for yourself, they are probably not good for you. Begin paying attention to this and choose the friends that bring out the best version of you. End of lesson.


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