Expressing Gratitude To Parents

Expressing Gratitude To Parents


Kansas City Royals pitcher Brady Singer used part of his $4.25 signing bonus to give his parents a special Christmas gift. In an effort to thank his parents for all of they did for him, he paid off the mortgage on their house and all other debt they had. Brady also wrote a beautiful letter to his parents, thanking them for their time and money over the years. I’m sure his parents sacrificed mightily to help Brady reach his dreams. Imagine the cost for all of those travel teams, tournaments, and private lessons. Imagine the cumulative time off from work that each parent had to take.

Joe’s Perspective: 99.9% of you high school athletes will never make it to the professional level in your chosen sport. Most of you will not make millions in your professional career, especially as a signing bonus. However, all of you can write a letter to your parents to thank them for what they have done and are currently doing for you. Think of all the car rides… think of all the hours spent in a seat to watch you play… think of all the money they paid for you to play… Maybe the hotels for tournaments… Maybe the summer camps… Maybe the time they had to take off from work so you could compete in your chosen sport(s).

My assignment for all of you is to write a letter to your parents, thanking them for everything they did for you. Tell them how much you appreciate their sacrifices. Write this letter from the heart. If you have the courage, read it directly to them. My guess is they (mom, dad or whomever) will really appreciate this act of kindness. Don’t overestimate the power of saying thank you or of receiving a thank you.

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  1. Dear parents,

    I don’t think you know how grateful I am for you. I thank you for giving me your time even when it’s hard. I thank you for everything you’ve given me and more.

  2. Dear Mom and Dad,

    Thank you so much for sacrificing hours of time and days off to take me to practice, buy my basketball shoes, and traveling to tournaments. I am so grateful and appreciative for you both and can’t thank you enough for being the biggest supporters to me.