Bullying: It’s Ultimately Up to You

Bullying: It’s Ultimately Up to You


It’s October and it’s National Anti-Bullying Month. So, I thought I would share a commercial I hear just about every morning on the radio. It always makes me feel sad when I hear it. I think of the thousands of kids these voices represent. I think of the pain these kids feel…going to a place where every child should feel safe and secure.

The other prevailing thought is the solution to this national problem is just so simple. 1) Adults (parents, teachers and administrators) need to take bullying seriously. Their montra needs to be, “Not on my watch.” 2) Students need to stick up for their fellow students. They can no longer be by-standers. Until a student body can look out for other students instead of picking on their fellow students, the climate will never improve. And, unfortunately, kids will continue to make these sad statements. It’s really up to you.

Your Turn: 

1) Do you ever witness students get picked on at school? Can you imagine how that makes them feel? Do you care?

2) If you witness students getting picked on, what can you do in that situation?

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  1. 1) I have never witnessed someone being bullied at school, only being made fun by friends. I think that in this school, there is no bullying.

    1. there is always bullying going on in every school weather you see it or not its always there no matter you like it or not and every one is in on it i thought i was not a bully but something as simple as wanting to win is being a bully sorry if i hurt you but i thought you should know the truth it shoked me as well .

    1. Just like Casey said earlier, there are bullies everywhere. Just because you don’t see them, doesn’t mean you aren’t one. For all you know, you’re a bully and don’t know it.

  2. I see kids get picked on every day. I know they feel terrible on the inside and that they want it to stop. If I see someone getting bullied, I can help them out or get someone to stop the bully.

  3. I usually don’t witness bullying, but if I did I would feel really bad for the kids. Plus I care a lot because I have had to deal with it for my brothers. If I witnessed someone getting picked on I would stand up for them and make the bully feel guilty.

  4. 1. I do see people getting bullied at school. I can imagine how it makes them feel as well. For the most part I see hazing, which is the upper class men harassing the lower class men. No I do not care, because sometimes it is good to learn your place and to be humbled.

    2. I can not do much seeing as I am a freshman, and I have little authority compared to my senority.

    1. I feel like your doing wrong. what if you were the one getting bullied and no one cared you should treat other like you want to be treated it only right as a friend ( I guess) you should reconsiderd(spelled wrong) your choice …. thanks have a nice day.

    2. You should be bullied to “Find your place” because obviously you’re bullying others. If you keep bullying people, it will lead to domestic violence which will lead to you going to jail and not being able to get a job because you have a record. If you know what’s best for you, KNOCK IT OFF AND THINK OF OTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. You should be bullied to “Find your place” I personally have been bullied by 6 people all the same time. and one of the 6 people is my cousin. So if you think that bulling is how to find your “place” Then you are wrong. Yes to those who have been bullied they know it can make you stronger but people shouldn’t be bullied period. Bulling is not a fun/funny subject, it can cause people serious damage to their mental health or they might do physically damage to themselves. or might even try to commit suicide in one way or another.

  5. Not really, it’s mainly just seniors picking on the freshman. I can’t do much to help the t because I’m just a freshman, but I can report it to the office or a nearby teacher or staff member

  6. 1.) I’ve never seen people getting picked on at my school, but I’m sure it’s happened. Words can hurt just as much as a punch in the face, so either way, getting bullied hurts. A lot. I do care. Nobody deserves to be bullied.

    2.) I would try to stop the bully from picking on the student, and if that didn’t work, I’d tell a teacher.

  7. 1.)I have witnessed bullying but not the physically kind. I have witnessed the verbal kind. I imagine it makes them feel horrible and makes them what to believe what that person was saying. Yes I do care.

    2.) I will go up to them and help them and stand up for them about what the bully is saying. Or I will tell a teacher.

  8. 1) I have witnessed bullying before but in different school districts. I can imagine what they have felt because I’ve been bullied before. I also do care because people shouldn’t be put down like that and feel horrible about themselves.

    2) Stickbup for them and have them walk away ignoring the bully.

  9. 1. I don’t witness bullying in school. Usually people are joking around with their friends and people think that they are bullying each other. They probably don’t feel good if they are bullied.

    2. Go get an adult to help with the situation.

  10. I have witnessed certain people talking bad about others. It most likely makes the person getting picked on feel useless and puts them in a very bad mood. I definitely do care.
    I can do in that situation to stand up for the person whose is getting picked on and to talk better about that person and also to tell the bullier to stop bullying them.

  11. I don’t recall ever seeing bullying before. I would think they feel horrible and scared.

    I could tell the person that they shouldn’t be picking on someone of how they look or how they smell.

  12. Yeah, I’ve witnessed bullying before. It probably sucks, but I’m not the one who’s supposed to stand up for them. That’s their own job.

    I suppose I could help. But I’m not going to because people need to learn how to stand up for themselves. Sorry, but not sorry.

  13. I don’t see bullying at this school. Yes I can imagine how they feel because it was going on at my old school. Yes I do care because it was going on at my old school.

    If I see it I could defiantly help

  14. Yes I see kids getting bullied at school. It most likely make the feel terrible and fell bad about themselves. Yes I do care.
    Yes if I see bullying I will stand up for them not matter who they are or who the bully is.

  15. 1.Yes I used to witness students being bullied all the time. I imagine it makes them feel horrible about themselves. I care a lot about it and I wish I could do something but I don’t want to be bullied anymore myself.
    2. You can always try to calm the situation or try to split it up.

  16. 1. No, I don’t ever witness any bullying. If I did though, I could imagine how they would feel. And if they were bullied, I would care. I do believe though that it depends on what kind of school you are at to see bullying or not.

    2. I wouldn’t stay back and watch, even if it was a physical fight. All I would do is get in between them and tell them both to stop. If the problem was out of my control though, I would get an adult.

  17. Yes I care, but sometimes people need to learn to stand up for themselves because in the real world, no one is gonna be there to help them

  18. 1.) As a child I got bullied, knowing others seen what people did to me and what they called me. I see other get bullied and I try and do what I can to help the situation to stop the bully.

    2.) I can talk to the bully and try to explain why it hurts people, the way he/she talks to victim. So then maybe get the point across that it isn’t a nice or respectful to bully others.

  19. 1)I’ve never witnessed someone being bullied, o imagine it’s feels bad, but honestly I don’t really care.
    2) You can tell them to stop and threaten the bully with authority.

  20. Yes I see students getting picked on all the time. And they must feel like they did something wrong or there is something wrong with them. And I do care nobody should be treated like that if they are just being there.

    I stand up for kids that get bullied and tell them to stop and try to get them to see that there words hurt.

  21. 1) I used to see kids get bullied all the time and I cared because I used to be one of the kids that got picked on. But there was never much I could do about it.
    2) If I saw a kid getting bullied I could step up and try to intervene and help them out, but most the time that doesn’t work so I would get an authoritive figure to step in if really really needed.

  22. I have seen people get bullied before and yes i cared.
    if i ever witness bullying i will first try to stop it myself if that doesnt work i would go to the authorities.

  23. 1. I use to see it a lot. I know how it feels and its terrible, I do indeed care.

    2. In that situation you can stand up for them or report it to a teacher.

  24. yes i have witnessed bullying and I do care because its not fun to get bullied like a scrub

    i would tell them to stop and actually stop them from doing it because it isn’t funny

  25. I have seen other people being bullyed and I care because I’ve been there and no one should be bullied.
    We can stand up for them and react in a postive way .

  26. i find bullying in my school a lot. yes i am a senior but that still don’t make it right to just make fun of someone because of how they act

  27. 1. I’ve seen bullying happen since i was a freshman, “Freshie”, “Nobody”, “Loser”, “Spaz”, and worst of all “Gay” …these were names i was called, and it hurt, it never left my mind till i graduated…. it happens to the best of us and we hate it.

    2. I can do more to influence behavior as being 2 levels high of seniority, as a junior that is, i can ultimately influence those who are under-seniority to stand up for themselves, tell a teacher or some form of responsible adult, nobody deserves to be bullied.

  28. Kids should deal with there own problems and others should not get involved it will make is worse but it all depends on the person and who is getting bullied.

  29. Bullying is not a good thing. I rarely see people getting bullied at my school. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if it does go on at school. Parents and students should step up and be leaders in the situation. For example, if students see someone getting bullied they should tell a teacher or any adminstror. Parents should react by telling them to stop.

  30. I haven’t seen anyone being bullied but I have been bullied before and if i ever witnessed someone being bullied I’d stick up for the person being bullied

  31. I have stood up for kids that are in my school. Its sad. Teachers need to take it more seriously, and they need to help that kid with their problem. Of course I care, the reason i care is because i know how they feel, i used to get picked on. Some kids need to help others. The schools should stop bullying.

  32. I haven’t seen anyone being bullied but I have been bullied before and i know how it can make you feel and if i ever witnessed someone being bullied I’d stick up for the person being bullied

  33. 1) I have witnessed a person getting bullied in my 7th grade class math. Every time he went to go answer a question people call him fat and ugly under there breath and the teacher didn’t do nothing because she claimed she didn’t know who it was. When they would say something i would say shut up so they would be quiet.
    2) If i seen someone getting picked on ill help them out and tell them to tell the teacher or i would stand up for them and help them out with what they needed help with.

  34. I have witness bullying first hand I can honestly say that its not cool, we as students should stick together and stop bullying

  35. I have never been bullied before but i would help anybody getting picked on or getting beat up by anybody that’s just the person i am. I hope bullying will end one day. We need world peace.

  36. Bullying is the worst thing to ever do. It’s something that can put people in a horrible depression, causing them to think bad about there selves, thinking about suicide, and other things. It is not the thing to do, it doesn’t make you look tough it makes you look like an absolute failure because when you bully it means your jealous of other people and what they have.

  37. yes, they may feel very hurt or bad but i can imagine whats going on and if i were to see someone getting bullied i would stop the bully an try an get the person who is getting bullied some help

  38. i don’t think have seen any bullying and if i have the authority takes care of it on the spot and i have witnessed to other students to not bully i don’t think its fair

  39. i see people getting bully all of time ,, sometime i say something only because i was a bully before and now when i look at other people getting bully i feel bad

  40. I have seen kids getting picked on at school i know it is really bad because i remember when i got picked on once every time someone is getting picked on i feel bad because is brings u down

  41. I have never seen a kid being picked on. It’s sad knowing that kid is going to school and is being on, probably for no reason. If i do hear someone that is being picked on then i try to say something.

  42. I have seen this girl walk around all by herself, she was in one of my classes. Some people I knew would call her names but I never said anything. I made me feel uncomforable and so I started saying Hi to her on my bus because I care.

  43. Ive seen teasing in school but never like, full on bullying. And im pretty sure someone takes it one of two ways, either they take it as a joke and laugh about it or it really and deeply feel hurt. And of course i car but only as much as ever other careless individual in this world i care enough to stop someone from getting bullied. Also if i saw someone getting bullied id just question the age of the bully and if bullying really makes himself/herself feel better.

  44. I witness people getting picked on all the time, I’m sure they feel bad and sad about it because they don’t know what they did wrong half the time.

    When I see someone who is getting picked on I always ask the bully why are you doing this? whats the point?

  45. I usually never see bullying at school, I can imagine that it makes them feel worthless and small, I do care there is absolutely nothing the bully could get out of picking on someone else so why do it?

    The only thing you could do if you see someone getting picked on is just speak up.

  46. I don’t really see people directly getting picked on, but I do hear people saying something about someone that would be considered bullying. It’s basically gossiping. It doesn’t happen to me, but when it does it’s usually my friends just joking around towards me and I know I shouldn’t take it seriously. It’s not a good feeling. I definitely care and if I were to see bullying, I’d say something to whoever is being rude.
    If I witnessed someone getting picked on, I’d intervene and say something to the person who’s saying dumb stuff. No one deserves to be treated that way because they aren’t the same as someone else.

  47. I sometimes do see people being picked on and I can only imagine it makes people feel bad and I care but im not sure why but I never said anything.
    Next time I see someone being bullied I will make the effort to say something and just say “Hey, knock it off.”

  48. 1) Yes I do witness students getting picked on. It probably makes then feel awful. I do care.
    2) I would stand up and say something to the aggressor.

  49. I can’t think of a time I have seen someone get bullied, but I have seen kids get picked on by their friends and I see them pick on their friends right back. I feel that if its not picking on someone to be mean and both people know that its not a big deal but if they don’t like it then it turns into a big deal. If I saw this I would step in if I knew that someone was uncomfortable in their situation.

  50. There are a lot of kids at my school that get picked on because people think that just because someone doesn’t look how society wants them to they have the right to be made fun of. I know that they don’t like it because afterwards they look really upset because they didn’t even do anything. It really affects me because most of these kids can’t help that they act the way they do and they can’t help the way that the look or dress.
    Whenever I see someone getting made fun of I stand up for those kids because the only reason people make fun of other people is because they want to feel better about themselves.

  51. I have seen someone been picked on at school. If I witness someone getting picked on I would say why man and then bust him up

  52. I never see anyone being picked on. I’m sure it sucks being picked on. I do care about it and I don’t see the point of picking on someone you don’t know.
    If I would witness someone being picked on, I would do everything in my power to make it stop.

  53. 1) I haven’t seen any physical bullying however I’ve heard people verbal bullying others. I’m sure it putts people down and makes them feel like crap. I only care if they don’t deserve it. The best way to stop bullying is to have another student speak up to it because if a teacher were to try to then the student expects it and doesn’t care.

  54. I see bullying a lot at are school (mainly cause theirs around 2,500 kids in one huge school) and I stand up for them in any way possible even if there methods I should not use.

  55. I have not seen bullying at this school. I see a lot of people getting picked on for what they say or for their actions by their friends. If someone was actually being bullied I would stand up for that person because that person probably feels like they are unwanted and that no one cares about them.

  56. 1) Do you ever witness students get picked on at school? Can you imagine how that makes them feel? Do you care?
    I have witnessed people getting picked and it makes me sad and anger because I have been picked on before. Its not a good feeling when someone is picking on you and you have no idea why.

    2) If you witness students getting picked on, what can you do in that situation?
    I always tell the bully about themselves let them know that what they’re doing is not acceptable and they wouldn’t like it if someone did it to them.

  57. I don’t really ever see people getting bullied. I feel like the people that get bullied don’t enjoy coming to school. I do care that people don’t wanna come to school because they don’t enjoy it. If I ever seen a kid getting picked on I would step in and tell them to stop.

  58. Yes, I witness people getting picked on at school and I can’t imagine how it makes them feel. If I witness a student getting picked on then I will confront the person that’s picking on them and tell them they need to stop.

  59. 1.) On occasion I witness bullying, I can’t feel empathy for the victim since I don’t fully understand how being bullied feels.

    2.) I think the best thing to do is to speak up

  60. I think it’s now normal for people to get picked on or witness others getting picked on. I think it’s so stupid for people to pick on others for things that seriously don’t even matter. Most people don’t even think about how that could affect those people because im sure it makes them feel really really bad about themselves. I think it’s really wrong for others to put it upon themselves to put others down or point out their flaws for no reason. If you witness it, you can say something to stop the bully from continuing. I think when no one says anything, that’s what makes them think it’s okay.

  61. Yes I witness bullying and I would imagine that it really hurts them. I care if I see someone getting bullied by speaking up and defending the victim. I would tell the bully hey look at yourself you’re not perfect so get out of here.

  62. 1) Do you ever witness students get picked on at school? Can you imagine how that makes them feel? Do you care?
    -Yes but I believe its within a friend group and its hard to tell if there just teasing them or serious bullying. It probably makes them feel self conscious and hate them self. Yeah I care and its unacceptable

    2) If you witness students getting picked on, what can you do in that situation?
    -Break them up and try to get them to go their separate ways.

  63. I have seen people bullied before and it probably sucks for that person. I care but I don’t really think much about it.

    If you see people getting bullied you can just step in and tell them to stop or just let an adult know.

  64. I have yet to see it happen severely, I do see kids pick on each other but nothing serious. I can put myself in their shoes because I have been bullied because of my race, I can empathize with them.

    You can stand up for the victim, tell a teacher or an adult, or break them up.

  65. I have seen students get picked on but if I don’t know the person, I care but depending on the situation, I don’t know if I would have the courage to stand up for them. I would tell a teacher about it and maybe they will do something about it.

  66. I honestly really dont see anyone being picked on at school. I dont know if I just dont notice it or it dosent happen.

    If I were to witness it I would break it up.

  67. I have witnessed bullying before and for the kid that was getting bullied I felt bad for because they looked innocent and they were just getting picked on. And yes thid does matter because its making kids feel bad about themselves. I would tell the bullt to stop

  68. I don’t see bullying as much in school anymore but I use to see it a lot more but maybe I don’t see it as much anymore because I don’t really pay attention to my surroundings as much. But if I do see someone get bullied next time I will do something about it.

  69. I have never seen students get picked on at school, but I do care and feel bad for those that do.

    If someone was getting picked on you can talk to them to make sure that they are alright, and to comfort them.

  70. 1) I don’t witness kids getting picked on at school but if I did I would feel bad for them because they don’t deserve the harassment one bit.

    2) I would either help the poor kid out by telling the bully or by telling a teacher about the situation.

  71. I have witnessed people getting bullied and picked up and I can’t even imagine how they feel. I would tell that person that they need to stop and that it’s uncalled for.

  72. There’s always bullying going on but sometimes most people don’t always see it. If you witness it you should say something because maybe their not in the best situation and don’t have anyone to talk to.

  73. I have witnessed bullying at my school and it is mostly name calling, the people getting bullied probably feel like nothing, I care and feel like I should speak up but sometimes I just can’t. If I saw someone getting bullied I could say something to the person bullying them and tell them what they were doing wasn’t cool.

  74. I don’t usually witness anybody getting bullied here at school more than I do on social media. That’s where the bullying really occurs. I feel awful when I see a group of people gang up on one person.
    I would stand up for them. I would talk to them make sure they know that they are worth more than they think.

  75. I’ve seen many kids get picked on in school. I can’t say I’ve done something about it everytime but there’s been a couple times where I’ve said something to stand up for the individual. I do care, however, sometimes the person who is getting bullied is the bully and you must allow them to feel how it is to be on the other side because it feel so like total dirt to be brought down by any kind of peer. If you witness someone getting bullied, stop it. Go tell someone if YOU can’t stop it yourself.

  76. I have not witnessed any blatant bullying at our school while I’ve been here. There is always stuff going on between friends, but bullying has moved almost entirely to the internet. If I did witness any severe bullying, I would maybe go out of my way to talk to the victim and assure them that they aren’t doing anything wrong.

  77. 1. I only see people picking on their friends, They most likely feel upset because they don’t really know what to do about it, yes i do care because nobody should be treated that way because that is wrong and not the right thing to do.
    2. If i witnessed someone being bullied i would stand up for the person even if i don’t know them no matter the consequence.

  78. Bullying does still happen, but I think that many campaigns and well recognized people taking a stand against it are helping decrease it’s prominence in schools. It isn’t seen as something ΅cool’ and bully’s aren’t people you want to be friends with. Cyber bullying happens, but I haven’t witnessed it first hand. I am inspired to speak up or do something if I see anybody being bullied in the future.