Bullying: It’s Ultimately Up to You

Bullying: It’s Ultimately Up to You


It’s October and it’s National Anti-Bullying Month. So, I thought I would share a commercial I hear just about every morning on the radio. It always makes me feel sad when I hear it. I think of the thousands of kids these voices represent. I think of the pain these kids feel…going to a place where every child should feel safe and secure.

The other prevailing thought is the solution to this national problem is just so simple. 1) Adults (parents, teachers and administrators) need to take bullying seriously. Their montra needs to be, “Not on my watch.” 2) Students need to stick up for their fellow students. They can no longer be by-standers. Until a student body can look out for other students instead of picking on their fellow students, the climate will never improve. And, unfortunately, kids will continue to make these sad statements. It’s really up to you.

Your Turn: 

1) Do you ever witness students get picked on at school? Can you imagine how that makes them feel? Do you care?

2) If you witness students getting picked on, what can you do in that situation?

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