Is This Your Civic Duty?

Is This Your Civic Duty?


So, you’re walking down the street and you see someone being chased by several police officers. It probably happens hundreds of time throughout the world on a daily basis. Well, in one of those instances, an ordinary citizen in England simply decided to stick out his foot and trip the person being chased. Within seconds, the police officers (they call them Bobbies in England) were able to subdue and arrest him. The person who did the tripping has not been identified and remains anonymous. You can watch the video below.

Joe’s Perspective: I suspect each of us has about a 20% chance of ever finding ourselves in this type of situation at some point in our lives (just go with it). The question is, if you find yourself in this situation, what do you do? I bet the answer depends on several factors A) does the suspect have a weapon, B) what company you are with, C)  your opinion of police officers and D) whether or not you feel a civic responsibility to get involved.

Your Turn: 

  1. What would you do if you found yourself in this situation?
  2. Do you feel you have a civic responsibility in this situation?



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