Pay Attention to Your Date… Or Else!

Pay Attention to Your Date… Or Else!


Here is a light-hearted video. It showcases a “kissing cam” at a Chicago Bulls game. Obviously, the camera focuses in on couples in the audience and they are supposed to kiss. Everyone responds in a different way and it’s entertaining. This video features a couple where the man is on the phone and totally oblivious to the “kiss cam.” After the 3rd time, the Bulls mascot sweeps in to rescue this woman from this “jerk.” What happens next is rather instructive.

Joe’s Perspective: There is not any big ethical discussion here. However, it is instructive, don’t you think? If you pay more attention to your phone than your date, girlfriend or wife, bad things will follow.

Your Turn:
1) Do you think the guy got what he deserved?
2) If you were the guy, would you get upset or simply raise your hand, smile and say, “guilty as charged?” 

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  1. I think that the guy deserves what he got because he payed more attention to his phone than his date. You should spend time with your loved ones while you still have the chance. Life is short don’t waste your time on your cellphone. Life doesn’t happen on a screen.

  2. I think the guy shouldn’t have been on his phone, and paying more attention to his girlfriend, but I don’t think he should’ve got soda dumped on him, but I do like the part where the mascot carries the guy’s girlfriend away.

  3. I think he deserved the mascot taking his date but I don’t think the mascot should have poured that drink on him.

  4. I definitely think that the guy got what he deserved and if I were him, I would apologize and realize how stupid i acted and apologize for being a jerk.

  5. 1.) Yes I do think he got what he deserved, because he didn’t have to yell at his girlfriend. The guy could’ve said to hold (on the phone) then give the girl a kiss and continue on the phone.

    2.) I would be upset that i got a drink poured on me but still say i was being a jerk.

  6. 1) He should have paid more attention to his girlfriend. It’s common sense. Whomever he was talking to, wasn’t as important as spending time with his significant other.
    2) I would be upset that I wasn’t paying attention to my girlfriend. It’s a jerkish move on my part and I would still say I was being a jerk to my girlfriend.

  7. 1.) Yes the guy so totally got what he deserved. You should always pay attention to your Date/Girlfriend/Wife . Its kind of common sense. You should pay attention to who ever you are with. Either your hanging out with friends or with your girlfriend/boyfriend PAY ATTENTION.

    2.)If I was the guy I would raise my hand and say guilty as charged. And I might of even laughed a little bit.

  8. The guy deserved it. Every girl deserves attention and he wasn’t giving her that. he wan’t even acknowledging the fact that they were on the kiss cam. He was too focused on his phone. If i was the guy, yeah i’d be mad but after i would realize that the mascot did that for a reason.

  9. 1.) Yes, I do think the guy got what he deserved because he clearly didn’t really love his girlfriend to be paying any attention to her or showing any affection towards her.

    2.) If I were the guy I would get upset and just walk out rather then sit there in embarrassment.

  10. I believe that the man gt what he deserved. It does not matter who was on the other side of the phone, if whoever you are with is trying to get your attention you should excuse your phone call. If you are at a sporting event with a day, you should at least have the curtsy to excuse yourself from the game. I believe that as the woman, I would not have let it gone that far. That was disrespectful to her to ignore her like that after you have escorted her somewhere. I hope that I will never be put in that situation as a lady.

  11. i think the guy should have been paying attention to his loved one . his phone shouldn’t be more important than his date. if i was a guy and i did that i would of said yup that was my fault i wasn’t paying attention.

  12. He deserved what happened because he was being very disrespectful to his date. You have the idea to go to a game with your date, so what do you do? You obviously enjoy the game and talk and chat with your date and have fun. You don’t ignore them to be on the phone with something that can wait. If it’s that important state something and go somewhere else to talk, not just in front of them. If it isn’t important, than it can wait. Recently, phones have been a big distraction to our daily lives. We are always on them 24/7 and never really communicate and pay attention to the real world. We are so addicted to this device we don’t realize how disrespectful we can be. They are such a distraction. If we are ever out in public, especially if your out with someone, you should silence your phone and pay more attention to that person than the phone.

  13. I think the guy got what he deserved because he could have easily paused his conversation and kissed the girl. If I were the guy, I would have been mad but I also wouldn’t have put myself in that situation.

  14. I think the guy did get what he deserved because he did not treat his date with the respect or love she deserves. He literally ruined her time at the game. If i was the guy, i would realize later that i was terrible for treating her like that.

  15. he got what he deserves, if you bring someone to a basketball game i kinda think its important to pay attention to them and not completely ignore them

  16. 1) Yes, I think the guy got what he deserved. He should of paid more attention to his girlfriend rather than disrespecting her and only being on his phone.
    2) If I was the guy I would take full responsibility and apologize.

  17. 1. Yes, I believe the guy got what he deserved. It was rude that he was on his phone while on a date with this girl. It proved that he didn’t actually care about her and her presence.
    2. If I was the guy, I would be upset, but then I would apologize. I would understand that it was my fault and that responsibility.