Pay Attention to Your Date… Or Else!

Pay Attention to Your Date… Or Else!


Here is a light-hearted video. It showcases a “kissing cam” at a Chicago Bulls game. Obviously, the camera focuses in on couples in the audience and they are supposed to kiss. Everyone responds in a different way and it’s entertaining. This video features a couple where the man is on the phone and totally oblivious to the “kiss cam.” After the 3rd time, the Bulls mascot sweeps in to rescue this woman from this “jerk.” What happens next is rather instructive.

Joe’s Perspective: There is not any big ethical discussion here. However, it is instructive, don’t you think? If you pay more attention to your phone than your date, girlfriend or wife, bad things will follow.

Your Turn:
1) Do you think the guy got what he deserved?
2) If you were the guy, would you get upset or simply raise your hand, smile and say, “guilty as charged?” 

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