Colin Kaepernick: Hypocrite or Activist?

Colin Kaepernick: Hypocrite or Activist?


Colin Kaepernick is a quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers and his actions this week put him squarely in the crossfire of controversy. Before every pre-season game this season, he decided to sit for the national anthem. This time, however, a reporter spotted it and “broke the story.” Following this week’s game against the Green Bay Packers, Kaepernick’s locker was surrounded by a swarm of reporters with lots of questions.  Kaepernick answered every question and spoke for more than 18 minutes.  I hope you can watch at least some of the 18 minute video below, but here is some of what he had to say.

“There are a lot of things that are going on that are unjust, people aren’t being held accountable for, and that’s something that needs to change. That’s something that-this country stands for freedom, liberty, justice for all. And it’s not happening for all right now.”

“There have been situations where I feel like I’ve been ill-treated, yes. But this stand wasn’t for me. This stand wasn’t because I feel like I’m being put down in any kind of way. This is because I’m seeing things happen to people that don’t have a voice, people that don’t have a platform to talk and have their voices heard and affect change. So I’m in a position where I can do that and I’m going to do that for people that can’t.”

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

“Yes. I’ll continue to sit. I’m going to stand with the people that are being oppressed. To me this is something that has to change and when there’s significant change and I feel like that flag represents what it’s supposed to represent in this country-is representing the way that it’s supposed to-I’ll stand.”

Pro: Kaepernick is exercising his rights as an American citizen. He has freedom of speech afforded by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He is merely exercising his rights and taking a stand on an issue that means a lot to him.  He is expressing himself in a non-violent manner that only puts himself in harms way. He has observed and formed an opinion about how black people in this country are treated. He is trying to bring awareness to the inequities and the oppressive behavior he views as a part of the American society. He is taking a stand so that we, as Americans, can have a discourse about such issues, and in his eyes, make appropriate changes.  How can that be so wrong?

Con: What a hypocrite. Kaepernick refuses to stand for the national anthem, yet continues to get paid millions of dollars in an America society that has afforded him wealth and privilege as a black man. He can’t even see the irony of refusing to stand and show respect for a country that has afforded him the opportunity to thrive doing something that he loves. You don’t see him refusing to accept the dollar bill created as a protest. You don’t see him donating those millions of dollars to the causes he professes to believe in. Standing for the national anthem is our small way of showing respect for our country and to the men of women who have fought to provide us with these freedoms. In a subsequent interview he has the gall to wear a shirt with communist Cuba dictator Fidel Castro on it.  If he wants to really understand oppression and inequality, maybe he should (permanently) visit Cuba and see what happens to people like him who speak out against the government.

Your Turn (no profanity, please):

  1. What is your opinion of Colin Kaepernick and his refusal to stand for the national anthem?
  2. Is there any cause that you would personally put yourself and your career on the line for?

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      1. He could have done it in a more respective manner then doing it in front of a ton of people was not the best way to bring attention to the problem.

  1. Colin Kaepernick has the right even though there is more in the con section then the pro section but everyone has a right to his opinion and if he wants to sit down for the national anthem then he can. But instead of just sitting there as if it was going to do something he should actually get off his butt and doing something. There will always be issues and it can be our gain or our loss we have to be the ones to choose.

  2. Colin Kaepernick has the right even though there is more in the con section then the pro section but everyone has a right to his opinion and if he wants to sit down for the national anthem then he can. But instead of just sitting there as if it was going to do something he should actually get off his butt and doing something

  3. I think that he is allowed to sit or stand during the national anthem because of the soldiers who fought for his right to do either. But I think it is wrong for him to sit down and protest his right to do so by not showing respect for those who gave him that right. I admit that there needs to be movement against the oppression of people of color but it needs to be in a different fashion rather than showing disrespect to the flag that gave him his right and freedom to talk about ideas like this.

  4. As an American, Kaepernick has the right to stand or sit during the National Anthem. I just hope he would act as a good role-model and stand and pay reverence to the country that has done so much for him.

  5. In my opinion it is okay that Colin Kaepernick is entitled to his own opinion and views but it is not right for him to disrespect the soldiers who fight for our country, and our country itself. The way he is able to get the medias attention and voice his opinions on the BLM movement is smart, but he should find another way to do so.

  6. I understand that Kaepernick has opinions to the way cops have been treating civilians, we all do but the way that he came across on how he felt was completely disrespectful to this country. He disrespected the country by not standing for the National Anthem and saying how the people who risk their lives serving our country aren’t important

    1. I believe Colin Kapernick is helping bring great awareness to a serious issue that has plagued America since its begging. As far as his approach i do not think it is a respectful way of bringing attention to the racial discrimination in America but his points are being spread very wide in a time where we need it the most, in a time where black males are main targets for racial profiling, and a racist man is running and leading the presidential poles. We need all the help we can get, so thank you Colin!

      1. I agree with Izaias Primo Ramirez especially due to the fact that we hate on a man who is trying to protest and do good. When Colin Kaepernick is trying to create a voice for the people telling them america is not great and needs to be fixed, he gets booed. But when Donald trump does the same, he gets praised and gets voted to be president.

    2. I disagree with Samantha Isernio because this is a real problem is right in front of us and we see it all in the news and we still continue to let it happen. According to Isernio, “The way that he came across on how he felt was completely disrespectful to this country” I do not think expressing your own opinion on the government is disrespectful and he is just expressing his own rights for what he believes. It is a problem now a days with the color of your skin and we see in the news that a cop killed a black man. We see this and we think oh this is only one time but, the reality is that it continues to happen over and over again until people thinks it is okay. Colin is just trying to be the one to start the movement of how we treat people based on the color of your skin. Being white is easy to say he is being racist but being white most know that hey have never understood what it is like to be treated as an unequal.

  7. I agree with Kaepernick’s cause but I disagree with his execution of it. While he tried to do the right thing and stand up for what he believed in. He also disrespected the soldiers who fought for America which is unacceptable. While there are flaws in the US, he should have been specific with his action rather than sitting down and disrespecting everything involved wth the flag.

  8. 1. Kaepernick used his publicity to bring awareness to a movement that this country is so touchy and easily aggravated by. I support Kaepernick in what he is trying to do, because he is bringing this issue up in a nonviolent way. One cannot turn on the news and hear about the BLM movement without some kind of violence being involved. I respect what Colin is doing and I honestly believe some change will come of his actions. I truly believe all publicity is good publicity.
    2. I would put myself and my career on the line for my family.

  9. He has the right to stand or sit down during the Natininal anthem. He is still honoring the men that died for this country and making sure that he does so. So let him do whatever he likes he has freedoms just like the rest of us do.

  10. I believe that he should have an opinion but he is going about it in the wrong way. He should make his stand outside of his football career. Not when he is wearing the 49ers jersey because he is just giving his team and teammates a reputation that many of them could not even believe in.

  11. I agree with Colin Kaepernick because I feel likes hes right about there are a lot of cops killing unarmed people without thinking and they’er getting away with if for free. i also feel like there should be justice for those who died unarmed by an cop.

  12. I think that Kaepernick should realize that he is only bringing up the bad perspectives on the issues he claims to represent. He contradicts himself on almost every point that he brings up in his interviews. For the millions of dollars he makes every year he could start to help the misguided and “oppressed” people with less fortune than them but instead he desides to disrespect the country that protects his rights to speak out .

  13. In my opinion some of the statements Colin made are actually problems. I feel like he isn’t very knowledgeable about the statements because some of them were caused by the victim. He can figure out a different a different way to express his feelings because its not right for him to disrespect our soldiers fighting to make our country better. If he cared about the problems hes addressing he would try to fix them before sitting down and making a fool of himself.

  14. Colin Kaepernick can sit on the bench for all he wants, but if you’re going to keep disrespecting the flag like this then go over and serve your country and tell the world how you feel after you come back. Or as in the article above said that go to cuba and disrespect the government. Colin keep sitting but all you need to do is stand up for a few minutes to show respect for the people that have served this country and did come back or didn’t come back. All your doing is putting the NFL and the 49er’s in a bad spot and a tough spot with you acting selfish. Or here is an idea Colin list off examples but you won’t do that besides just sitting on the bench.

  15. I agree with him because he is being the voice for us. Police brutality is real and happens everyday. Many of which do not get the justice they deserve. There voice isn’t heard and the subject isn’t being addressed because it’s still continuing. He is famous and on t.v. with many people watching him so his little gesture by sitting down many people are seeing and will hopefully understand that not everyone in 2016 are treated equally. I would do the same thing.

  16. 1. My question is why didn’t Colin start standing when he first entered the NFL? Colin started sitting during week 3 of the NFL Preseason in 2016, he stood week 1 and week 2. Black people were opressed before Colin was born, and continued to be when he was growing up. He never opened up about Black People being opressed before people called him out. I don’t agree with what Kaepernick did, but it’s his choice.

  17. If he wants to not stand for the national anthem he should be able to do so. If you have something you stand for or don’t stand for you should be able to show it with out worrying that others will find something wrong with it, however it is common curtsy to stand for the national anthem especially if its in front of people who lookup to you.

  18. I agree for the cause he is standing for, but I feel he is going about it in all the wrong ways. Not standing for the national anthem is not something I would agree with, because it represents the US and all the people who fight for our country, sure their is things wrong with our country but he isn’t doing anything to fix our problems. He gets paid all this money, and could be using that to help make things better, but he doesn’t.

  19. I respect his rights but he is not doing this the right way what so ever. I don’t even feel that there is racism going on in those cases. The cases are just people who did something wrong with a weapon and tried to not have the consequences that they deserve. Therefore the police officer needs to enforce the laws and will make worse consequences if the person does not cooperate with the police officer.

  20. I agree that there are problems but I do not agree on how Colin is doing it. The National Anthem represents our country and the soldiers who fought and are currently fighting for us. Plus if he really wants to change things he would actually be doing something to help other than sitting for the National Anthem. My answer to the second question is that I honestly probably wouldn’t risk my job for any cause. I wouldn’t wanna lose my job.

  21. I believe that he should have an opinion. If he thinks he shouldn’t stand for the National Anthem then so be it but he shouldn’t be doing something like this to his team, at least not when he is wearing his jersey because he is putting a bad reputation on his team.

  22. I disagree with him because he hasn’t given a good example of what he’s fighting for, police protocol hasn’t changed the police only use their weapons if their own lives are in danger for the most part so if he can’t provide an example of when a someone was killed unjustly I will continue to disagree with him while he sits during the national anthem.

  23. i agree with Colin because he has a point cops are killing unarmed Americans i feel as majority of the unarmed killings that happen go unseen. The cops that have killed unarmed Americans should have more of a consequence hen being paid leave or laid off for a certain amount of time.

  24. In my opinion I understand and agree for what Colin is standing for. Kaepernick is going with this the wrong way. I think that all people should stand for the anthem to show respect to the people risking their lives for us. For people that are gonna decide to break the law should know theirs gonna be consequences that are gonna come with the act. Law enforcement is trained to go out and protect, an if someones gonna be armed bad things are gonna happen.

  25. On one side, Colin Kaepernick has the right to stand up for his beliefs, but the way he is doing it is wrong. Kaepernick is disrespecting the country that has given him so much. By not standing for the national anthem, he is doing more than what he says he is doing. He claims to be standing with people being oppressed, but he is also being disrespectful to everything positive in this country, such as the men and women fighting for this country. This country is not perfect, and there are problems, but the way Kaepernick is trying to address them is wrong.

  26. In my opinion he can do what he wants. But he has to understand that the flag doesn’t only represent freedom. If he sits or kneels then he is against everything the flag stands for not just freedom. You cant choose what you stand for or what you sit for. It’s either he doesn’t respect the flag and the anthem as a whole and what it represents, or he does. Just go where the cameras can’t see you if this is really about the problems and not just a publicity stunt.

  27. I believe that Colin is standing up for the right thing but he is doing it in the wrong way there are other ways they to put barriers and create arguments between people who are already some what separated by things that we are trying to fix. He should still respect the anthem and the people serving our country by standing he could go talk to someone in the white house anything he could maybe even talk on a show to get the word out. So i am not saying what he is doing is right but its for the right cause

  28. In my opinion he stand up for the flag and protest a different way than not standing for the national anthem. Colin should not be able to protest at his job that he gets paid 16 million dollars a year .

  29. I can understand how Colin Kapernick feels and I understand why he did it because he wanted to bring awareness to ¨police brutality¨. To me its not that he didn’t stand for the anthem but that after he has gotten the medias attention he hasn’t gone anywhere with it. He says he has things in the work but if police brutality has been going on for a long time according to him why did he wait already have these things figured out and not just talk. Also why did he wait till now to start sitting why didn’t he do it last year or before that why didn’t he do it in the Superbowl is he just trying to get attention now and if not why did he wait he said hes not afraid to hang out his neck for it.
    I would put my career on the line if something or someone went against my values in such a way where if I do not do anything it will affect me or others I love negatively.

  30. In my opinion I think that he is showing disrespect to the people over seas risking their lives to fight for our freedom. But, I do think that he is right, there are some things that need to be addressed. None of this stuff should really be on police at all if you look at how many white police that kill white people, there is a huge difference than when you look at how many blacks are killed each year by the police. The real problem is that we don’t need so many troops overseas right now when we could use them in our own country. Another problem is that in urban run down neighborhoods, the kids are many times not taught the right things to do so they feel like they can do whatever they feel like doing.

  31. In my opinion Colin Kaepernick did the wrong thing by refusing to stand for the national anthem. The national anthem represents a lot more than what he talks about. He needs to show respect to the soldiers that allow him to live in this country and be able to play football. I see where he is coming from when he discusses the issues that are wrong with this country but there is so many better ways to go about protesting.

  32. I understand and agree for what Colin is standing for. I think he is going with this the wrong way. i agree with Colin because he has a point cops are killing unarmed Americans but I have to disagree with him because he hasn’t given a more detailed reason for what he’s fighting for.

  33. I believe that Colin made the wrong choice in not standing up during the nation anthem. Everyone has their own way of dealing with problem, but why zero your self out and disrespect the national anthem over something that is already huge. It wasn’t worth it. I understand police are out of line, sometimes. Police risk their lives for us every single day. Someone breaks into your house, steals property, is trying to hurt you, who do you call? Think about that. The put their life on the line day in and day out. They don’t know if they’ll make it home that day. They have to insure they safety in them selves and the people around them. Sometimes they don’t do it the right way, but could you do the job? Sure, their are many things I’d put my career on the line for, because you can always get a new one. But it has to be something really worth it.

  34. In my opinion, I do not like how Collin is choosing not to stand. He is standing for something that needs to be talked about, yes, but he is not doing it in a correct matter. I think that he should be showing and telling others what he cares about but not on the football field. He is continuing to not stand even after people say they do not like the way he is representing his passions. I think that if he really cared for the matter he would take others advice and do it a different way. As of right now I would not risk my job for anything, but that could change if something I cared about was on the line.

  35. I agree and disagree with what Colin Kaepernick is trying to say in his stand. Colin was right for having his opinion and believing in what he stands for. Colin was showing what he and other African Americans wanted but there word wouldn’t make and impact as much as Colin’s would. In my opinion I don’t think that the way Colin went about what he was trying to say the right way. The people in our country that represent our flag and our country have nothing to do with law enforcement killing armed and unarmed citizens in the community. I feel that Colin’s word would have made more of and impact on our country and community’s if he had took this another way then the way he did. Everyone should respect his opinion and what he stands for weather you agree or disagree with what he is saying. In my opinion I don’t think that there is racism going on in our country today as a whole. One thing that Colin doesen’t understand is that if you were in the police officers predicament and a man is armed and is only feet away from you, you would have no choice but to shoot him to protect yourself.

  36. I totally agree with what he is standing for. I agree that there is a lot more cop/criminal violence going on. But I do not like the way he his standing up for police brutality. Kneeling during the National Anthem is just disrespectful and what he should have done was not kneel in protest but just tell the people what his opinion on the matter is.

  37. I think that colin kapernick is in the wroung by not standing during the nathional anthom . Ever one should stand to show our graditude tords all of the people wow faught for the country and all of the people that are fighting for our country. would i put my life and or career on the line for somthing . I dont htink that there is a cause that i feel that stroungly about to do that .

  38. In my opinion, Colin is standing for a legitimate cause, but is going about it in the wrong way. He should find other ways to protest besides sitting for the national anthem which honors war veterans. I would give up my career for religous reasons or anything that violates basic human rights.

  39. I agree with what Collin for what he is standing for but I disagree with the way he is going about it. There are other ways he can make a difference that don´t involve disrespecting the flag. Others may disagree but that´s just the way I look at it.

  40. I do not agree with Colin . By sitting during the national anthem, I think that he is showing disrespect to thus great nation. I think that everyone should stand to honor all the men and women that served for this country. The men and women who served are the reason why he gets to play the great game of football.

  41. What is him not standing for the national anthem really doing for the movement? Nothing. Its not helping it in anyway. The only thing he’s doing by not standing is giving publicity to himself.

  42. I think the reason behind him sitting is a good reason to be upset. But standing up for the national anthem is important and he could have done something else about it.

  43. I believe Colin Kaepernick is doing a good and a bad thing. I understand that he is trying to make an impact about African American people in this country. But the way he is going about it is wrong. He is showing no respect to the people that fight for our freedom every single day. I understand why hes doing it, but he should go a different way about it. As of right now I wouldn’t want to loose my job. But in the future I would stand up for myself and put my job on the line.

  44. I don’t think he should sit during the National Anthem because he’s not showing respect to his country of the people who fought for this country. He should address these problems in a different way instead of sitting. I do agree on what he’s trying to do. I get that he’s trying to help but he can do it in a different way.

  45. I disagree in how Colin is demonstrating his “movement” because I feel it is arrogant & unneeded. I feel like he is trying to draw attention to himself and if he really doesn’t want to stand for the national anthem for his reasoning maybe he shouldn’t put himself out there by drawig attention to himself.

  46. I think its a good thing that he is willing to stand up for what he believes in, But he is also doing it in the completely wrong way. We stand for the National Anthem out of respect for those who fought for us, so that’s what he needs to do. Being someone of his status he has many other was he can spread his message with out offending people and that’s what he should have done.

  47. i think being disrespectful to the country that you were born in over something that doesn’t even concern him besides he has the same color.

  48. 1: I believe what this man stands for is fine, he does live in the US and this stand isn’t even for him. He states that this is a stand for those who do not have a voice, he has his opinions and we have our own, no side is “right”.

    2. I would put my career and myself in jeopardy for complete equal rights for every gender, why do body parts have to define how we act, speak or anything else?

  49. To be honest i don’t really care for it because its not my place for its his opinion not mine. No because its not worth losing a job or a career for.

  50. I think that he should have still have stood for the national anthem because this is still a good country yes there are some problems in the country but we are working on making it great. He was right on a few things like some of the veterans being denied help, but most people normally get the help. Yes we do still have some racism problems but its not as bad as it was. You just need faith and it will turn out good.

  51. 1.) I think he’s doing the right thing, he’s believing in what he thinks is right and that’s why we have people fight for our country. We’re not really free if we can’t protest for what we want. The only reason people think that it’s respect to stand for the National Anthem is because that’s what society tells us. There could be a totally different way to show respect and none of us may know what that is. Everyone is just worried about what society tells us.
    2.) I don’t know if there is anything I would I haven’t came across anything that means that much to me. If there was though and it meant a lot to me I would.

  52. i think its a good thing that he willing to tell everyone in what he believes in but hes also doing it in the way in just the way he said it but he has ever right to tell on how he feels about it like everyone else is.

  53. He is a hypocrit to be saying things, yet only backing some of it up before the interview. Yes black people got shot, yes it is the cops fault on occasions, but most of the time its the victims fault. They know that officers are going to extreme lengths to avoid conflict and get over confident and that is how some of the black victims get shot or ‘assaulted’ but you never see a black cop get into trouble for something like that.

  54. I have heard a lot on this story and I cannot say whether I agree or disagree for certain. He has the right to do it and I admire his courage to do something offensive to bring awareness. I feel like his reasoning isn’t quite good enough though. The examples sounded ignorant because those are the same stories that are spread across the internet like the plague. He has the right not to stand but, personally, I would have found another way of protest. This was a very effective way to get attention but I feel like he might have angered more people than he brought awareness to.

  55. I think that its good that he doesn’t stand up for the national anthem. Maybe if more people realize his point. They might start making a change for this country. These problems are are ongoing and never changed.

    If i had to risk my career for something, it would probably be the legalization of marijuana. This natural plant that has been made illegal for a a very long time. Mostly for money. This plant can make paper, cure cancers, help your well being. This is one thing i will risk my career for.

  56. 1. I Believe that he refuses to stand up for the national anthem because the constitution Says Its a free country.

    2. Yes I Would Jeopardize My Job Over Something That Was Controversial Over Something Big That People Argue About.

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  57. 1.) Many men and women have fought for our everyday freedoms, and those freedoms are being oppressed from a majority of our people. Colin is not happy with they way our government is treating our people, and he has every right to stand up for what he believes in. Police brutality is and has been a huge problem in our country, and something does need to change for the better, so I am glad he is doing what he is doing. He is also making a stand for all of our veterans who have been mistreated by the government. I personally know three men who have fought for this country in Vietnam. They all came back to the United States with life changing injuries, and still to this day have not received any of the benefits they were promised. So I think Colin is doing a great thing by bringing attention to this problem.
    2.) I would put myself and career on the line for the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana has more benefits than not, and people have given this natural drug a bad name.

  58. My opinion on kaepernick, is that I totally agree with what he did. These days in our country is not showing freedom, justice, and liberty for all people. I also agree on what kaepernick said about not standing because not everybody is getting the same respect as others.

  59. I believe that he does have the right to sit down but it isn’t right in my eyes because he’s playing an American sport that is a privilege to play and he should thankful. Yes, many have been treated awful in this country but that’s never going to change, we are human, we all get angry, we all discriminate in some way whether we like it or not. He should be grateful that he isn’t in another country that allows him to do this, other places he would’ve been executed. I would always stand for the pledge because maybe right now there’s a lot of violence but people are dying everyday in war to give us freedom and a home.

  60. I think him not standing is right. In this day people of color are getting treated so poorly. Someone needs to make a change in this unjust society. That is a huge sign of respect, to be able to have the courage to sit in front of thousands of people during the national anthem and take all the disrespect they’re giving him.

  61. I believe that he was a bit disrespectful only for the fact that he sat down if he would’ve took a new that could’ve shown some respect for the soldiers that give us the freedom. At the same time I really respect his actions and reasons for his protest. There is a lot of people out there in the world that kill innocent people especially blacks and no one does anything and it was about time someone did something a took a step so yes I do respect his protest.

  62. I understand his reasoning in why he doesn’t want to stand up for the national anthem. I understand that there has been many black fatalities due to racism from cops and others . I understand his message that he is trying to send, but in my opinion I think there are better ways to spread this message than that. Then again there will always be violence and crime in this world no matter what. There will always be racism no matter what because our world isn’t perfect and not everyone sees the world in the same way we want them to see it. He should be grateful that we even live in a free country and have access to so much freedom.

  63. I believe that it’s up to him to do what he wants to do, he does have a good reason but if he believes that the flag doesn’t stand for what it stands for and nobody has to agree to it.

  64. Kaepernick has every right to not stand during the national anthem, it’s his constitutional right to not be punished for doing so as well so nothing can be done period. I don’t find this disrespectful in the slightest since the flag hardly represents out soldiers fighting but simply acts as a banner for our government that is doing us wrong. You can say that it is supposed to represent our soldiers, which it is, but does it really in the first place? Aside from that Kaepernick has the perfect platform to speak up about social issues and it’s working quite well since he and the BLM movement has been major talk as of late. He’s advocating for the equality this country is supposed to stand for the only he can, the real hypocrites are the people upset with him.

  65. I think what he did was perfectly fine. If he wants to st down for the national anthem, then so be it. It only effects him and his personal outlooks. He is the only one involved so it shouldn’t even matter what he chooses to do.

  66. My opinion about Colin Kaepernick refusing to stand for the national anthem is that he has the right to do so, if he that’s what he feels is best for him, but in a way I get why people are angry about it and how it’s a sign of disrespect to the country. If I made millions of dollars in any job it could be sports or business, I wouldn’t have cause that would put my good career on the line for it because I am happy with my job and I’m blessed that America gave me an opportunity to get that career.

  67. I agree with him and think that he has the right to express what he feels. We as Americans have the freedom of speech and what he is saying is big. We should all listen to what he is saying.

  68. I my opinion I think he has the freedom of speech. But I think it is truly is disrespectful to the police officers and military personal that are protecting our country 24/7 and giving us freedom that some countries don’t even have.

  69. I believe that this was an act of opinion and that he has the right to freedom of speech but he was representing our country and he needs to respect us.

  70. I believe that what Kaepernick did was not wrong. Juts because you profit from something doesn’t mean that you can’t see injustices with in it, and when you see injustice you should try and right it. This is exactly what Kaepernick. While this might not be the best way about going about it he still has every right to do this and is bringing awareness to his cause.

  71. In all honesty, I support Colin Kaepernick. Yes, his tactics to bring awareness may offend others, but in reality he is in entitled to his opinion. Kaepernick is the only one receiving all the backlash from society, but yet their are still eighth graders in school, high school football players, even soccer players following in Kaepernick’s footsteps. I believe ever since African Americans were first brought into the Americas, they always received some sort of discrimination due to the color of their skin. Now, someone is putting their career on the line to inform others of the maltreatment present in America today. I would put my career on the line to express my beliefs regarding my race, because all lives are worthy of dignity.

  72. I think Colin is a great role model and leader for people like me. Due to myself being African-American and a teenager during this time I believe this message applies to my life. Colin mentions that in America we are supposedly guaranteed freedom, liberty, and justice for all, at this time I don’t feel everyone is receiving the same treatment and black people have a target on their back. I think its a shame to America that we bash this man and hate him because of some peoples inability to see the same thing he does. In all arguments the first thing he usually states is he never meant to disrespect the nation but raise awareness for cause.

  73. I do respect his decision to sit during the flag but I also think there are other ways, that are more respectful to go about this situation.

  74. My opinion of Colin Kaepernick and his refusal to stand for the national anthem is that he has the right to do so and he is standing up for something he believes in. Yes, many people argue that he is being disrespectful to the men and woman who serve this country and in some cases they are right, but Colin is expressing a major issue that is happening in the U.S right now which needs to be solved so that everyone is treated just and equal.

  75. i agree with Colin and how he wants a change and wont stand until there is a change, but he is going about it the wrong way by kneeling. it is disrespectful to kneel during the national anthem in any circumstance. he says how he has friends and family who have fought for this country but he wont stand for the anthem of our country. i support his beliefs but he should go about it a totally different way, because now many other players in the NFL and even a whole high school team kneeled for the national anthem.

  76. I think he is embarrassing himself. What he has been doing is dumb and his ideas to back him up do not make sense. I disagree with his statement.

  77. I believe Collin K is a hypocrite because him taking a knee for standing up for black rights has nothing to do with the National Anthem. i think there are other ways to make a statement for black rights and the national anthem should be left out of it. Collin is not an activist.

  78. I really dont know how to feel about him i just know that what hes doing is very wrong and that the flag represents all people just becuase a cop shoots someone doesnt mean you sit during the anthem.

  79. I understand why he is doing it but this is not the way to go at it. When you stand you are honoring those who died for your freedom. So he is basically saying he doesn’t care for peoples sacrifice they gave for him and others.

  80. I think that He should be able to protest for this cause but he is just going about doing it in the wrong way. From little on people are taught that you stand up for the National Anthem to respect those who have fallen.

  81. I agree that there could be problems in our society, but he needs to go about it in a respectful way. Sitting and kneeling during the national anthem is very disrespectful to those who served and lost their lives for us. A peaceful protest goes a long ways.

  82. My opinion of Colin Kaepernick is that he does have the right to stand but I think it is not the time or the place to be protesting. The protests are very non-American and if he doesn´t like the country the he can leave the country.

  83. I think he is doing the right thing like he as a American have the rights to do what he want to do. Next he also can do what he think is right so I 100% agree for what he is doing. So with all of this he is a smart man at what he is doing.

  84. My opinion of Colin Keaperknick is that he´s a good person at heart but right now I don think he should be doing this on the field. He is a horrible quarterback and right now he should stand up for the anthem.

  85. I don’t really agree with Colin’s logic. He is being very disrespectful to fallen soldiers and their families. Even soldiers of color. He was raised by white parents. He’s also extremely wealthy. He has nothing to do with the black families living in poverty. He should show pride and be thankful for what he has.

  86. I partly agree with Colin but don’t at the same time. I think the message he’s trying to get across is good, but the way he’s doing it isn’t. He could express his pride of his history without disrespecting the soldiers who have fallen. Colin should think about what he’s going to do before he does it, because all eyes are on him now ever since that incident.

  87. I think Colin has the right to protest as he pleases i just feel that the way he is doing it is very childish and there could be better ways of doing so. If something was really immoral and not right then I would stand up for it if it costed me everything.

  88. 1. I think that his demonstration was perfectly okay there no where that says Americans have to stand up for the national anthem that in of it self is pretty racists. “No refuge could save the hireling and slave
    From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave”
    If some of you guys needed to be educated this is part of the third stanza of the national anthem that no one sings. Just in case you didn’t know part of the reason why he was sitting.
    2. He should be totally free to express or demonstrate his views, I know theres ignorant people out there that are mad cause their football is ruined but he should be able to express his free speech. Everyone likes to say this country is free but then theres examples like this that show us that we can even express how we feel without being persecuted by others.
    3. What does him getting money have to do with him expressing himself. For the con you say that’s theres people in Cuba that suffer because of speaking out against the government, but people suffer all the time for speaking out in America, yea he has money and is a “celebrity” but atleast he’s saying something instead of hiding behind the national anthem.

  89. My only problem with Kap was that people were more angry that he was sitting, than the fact that the reason why he was sitting is a reality. In other words, People were more mad that an athlete was sitting or kneeling for a song, than that people of color have to deal with complex racial climates everyday.

  90. 1.) See for me I really don’t care if he decided to sit or stand, for some people its seen as disrespectful but I see nothing wrong with him sitting, maybe if he was just disrespecting it by like talking during it or messing around with the grass or butterflies but the man was just sitting.
    2.) I have a lot of things id risk my career for but the one main one would be if I was being treated unfairly, if I was in a work place and I kept getting blamed or talked down to like I’m nothing I would definitely not stand for it.

  91. It doesn’t bother me that he is kneeling because he has reasoning behind it and he has talked to marines and military veterans.
    I think the thing i would risk my career for wold be my rights. If i were to be treated unfairly i would risk my career to fight that .

  92. I understand where Collin is coming from and I think it is very noble of him to complete such an act, but I think that it would be better if he should how he felt some other way. The national anthem and the flag represent America and everything that we stand for. It represents all of our soldiers that were lost over seas. I think that he is protesting the wrong thing.

  93. I agree with my dude colin K. He did what he did to show others what HE believed in. I understand how others may view him at this point but this world brazy man.. we need a change

  94. I feel that he could express himself differently, I feel he doesn’t understand what the U.S does for us so we can raise the flag and sing our national anthem everyday. The only way I would put my career on the line would be if I truly believed what was happening was wrong i would would not stop fighting until things are changed.

  95. I think that even though he doesn’t like what is happening in our country, he shouldn’t show that by not standing for the pledge. Yes there are things that he doesn’t like with violence and the way our country is being run but you have freedom of speech and it’s because you live in this country that you are allowed to do so without getting shot or punished for. He is a NFL football player. He gets thousands of dollars and it’s because he can play. In america we have a lot of freedom and there isn’t a need to sit for you’re country where you can live under a nice roof and eat a good meal and wear good clothing and live a good life. Our forefathers fought for our freedom and it’s about time we showed our appreciation.

  96. I believe that Kaepernick is a good person. He knows whats important to him and other people and he had the courage to do what he did. He had every right to do that, even though some people don’t think so. I would like to think I would have the courage to stand up for something I believe in too.

  97. Even though the issue of people sitting or standing isn’t of discussion as it was at the start of the season I’d still like to add comments on the topic. I still feel as if exercising his rights and kneeling for the national anthem is the right thing to do so if he feels this way. I think this idea is difficult to grasp because the reason he is kneeling doesn’t apply to everyone in America. It is these same people who swear he is disrespecting the country but in fact Colin stated his actions aren’t intended to disrespect the country but raise awareness on an issue. I also feel this issue is very interesting because people who watch football haven’t brought up the fact that NFL players didn’t come out for the national anthem until 2008 but the world goes into an uproar when a person decides to voice his opinion.

  98. I think this a great way to express himself because there are so many things he could’ve done to express but no he just taking a knee and I understand a lot of people don’t respect it but i don’t respect and how some Americans treat Hispanics, African-American and people from the middle east.