A Little Enthusiasm Please

A Little Enthusiasm Please


Car dealerships sometimes sponsor car giveaways to promote their dealerships. They set the competition in such a difficult manner that it’s nearly impossible to win. In this case, they allow a broke college student to putt a golf ball from 94 feet into a tiny hole in a cardboard box that is just slightly bigger than a golf ball.  The odds of someone making this putt are remote. Virtually no one ever wins, which is why the dealerships do it.

However, every once in a while, someone makes a full-court shot… or kicks a 40-yard field goal… or hits a hole in one… or in this case, makes the impossible putt. Let’s watch and enjoy.

Joe’s Perspective: What does this have to do with character, leadership or sportsmanship? Nothing. But, this is the week on enthusiasm. It’s great to see authentic enthusiasm. This is what winning should look like and feel like. It’s pure joy wrapped up in excitement. You can’t plan it. It’s just a raw emotion that should come out if you’re not worried about what others think of you. Sports is a great place to experience enthusiasm. I hope that you get to experience many of these moments often in your life, both on and off the field.

Your Turn: In the world of sports, what moment has produced the most amount of enthusiasm for you?

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  2. The moment in sports that has placed the most amount of enthusiasm for me is in volleyball when we won conference 2 years in a row.

  3. The moment that has produced the most enthusiasm was probably winning the league championship in 5th grade for football. It was a great game and was very exciting.

  4. I was most excited when I won my softball tournament this past summer. My team as well as myself were very excited and I will cherish that moment forever.

  5. I think when I’ve seen my teammates succeed I get very excited for them. Especially on floor we are all cheering and supporting each other.

  6. Seeing all of my teams hard work in practice reflected in our games. When we win against a hard team, I’m enthusiastic because I know we all worked hard and the win was well deserving.

  7. The moment that I have shown the most enthusiasm was when my team got second in a basketball tournament. I know second isn’t much, but the teams were really good and we played really hard. I was excited for us.