…And Sometimes You Fail

…And Sometimes You Fail


There I was, watching the Chicago Bears play the Philadelphia Eagles in the first round of the playoffs. With less than a minute to go, Philadelphia scored a go-ahead touchdown, 16-15.  On the following kickoff, the Chicago returner made an outstanding play. The quarterback then threw a great pass down the field for a big reception. With just seconds to play, Chicago maneuvered themselves into position to win the game. The kicker stepped on the field… calmly walked off his steps… and with his teammates counting on him, he missed the kick.

Game over. Heart break. Season ended.

Joe’s Perspective: At the end of every game, there is a winner and a loser (with the obvious exceptions of a tie). Sometimes you are going to be on the winning side and sometimes on the losing side. It’s why they say, “You can’t win ’em all.”  Even Tom Brady lost a couple of Super Bowls and Nick Saban lost a couple of National Championship games. It’s inevitable.

This kicker, who has spent his entire life practicing for this kick, failed. He did his best and his best wasn’t good enough. He must have felt terrible. Social media was so mean to him. Many fans booed and forgot he was a human being. He will probably lose his job. Still, he shook the other team’s hands and he answered the questions from the media.  It was quite impressive. I wondered to myself, if I would do the same thing on such a prominent stage.

Your Turn: What is your biggest failure on the athletic field and how did you handle it? Will you be better the next time you fail?

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