Boy Dying of Cancer Inspires Others

Boy Dying of Cancer Inspires Others

Zach Sobiech went for a run 3 years ago. He complained of pain in his hip and went to the doctor. The pain turned out to be a malignant tumor that eventually grew to the size of a plumb. He had multiple surgeries and chemotherapy – none of it worked. In May of 2013, the doctors told him that he had less than a year to live. Time has almost ran out for Zach. He will most likely die in the next few months (author’s note – Zach did die soon after recording this).

Zach, who has been playing guitar since the age of 12, wrote a song entitled “Clouds” to get some of his emotion out. With lyrics like, “If I only had more time,” and “We’ll go up, but I’ll fly a little higher”, he found his own way to say goodbye to his family and share his inner thoughts. What he didn’t anticipate was that a local radio station would want to record the song and produce a video. The video was placed on Youtube and has been viewed over 2 million times.

Author’s Perspective: Life is terminal for all of us, i.e. we will all die someday. There are no exceptions to the rule. Still, it saddens us to hear of someone so young with so much to offer who is dying. Zach is inspiring millions with his attitude to live life to the fullest despite having limited time left. He is not happy about his prognosis, but he is staying positive and dedicating what time he has left to help others who will one day find themselves in this predicament.  If you feel inspired, perhaps you might want to donate to this worthy cause at Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund.

Your Turn:
1) What do you think and feel when you hear about Zach’s story? Do you find it inspiring?
2) Do you understand that this could just as easily be you or a loved-one? How do you think you would cope with this kind of news?
3) Are you living life to the fullest, understanding that you only get one March 12, 2013?

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  1. I think Zachs story is a really good story. It really was inspiring to me.
    If it was me or a loved one I would at least give them a call and ask them to come over to talk, or I will go to them, If I was telling them the news I will just tell them the truth and what’s going on.
    As for me I am living life yes there may have been my rough and good times in life but all you can do is to be you and have to be strong.

    1. 1. I think, and feel that Zach’s story is very inspiring.
      2. Yes I understand. I don’t think I would cope very well if a loved one, or even me had to deal with kind of news.
      3. Yes I will be living my life to the fullest.

    2. i think he will inspire alot of people going through things like that
      i think i would be fine because i know the time that i shared with that person isnt going anywhere.
      well as a kid i cant do everything i wanted to do

  2. 1. Zach’s story was inspiring it told me we don’t live forever so we should make the most out of the time we do have no matter how long it is . It made me feel sad for the family of zachs , but it made me feel happy we had someone in this world like him. I hope it inspires people to be like him, and enjoy the little things.

    2. If i found out that it was me or someone i really care about i would spend the most time i could with them, i would charise the moments i have with them til they go. I would tell them how much i love and care about them, i would want them to go with a smile on there face knowing someone cares that they are gone then dieing not knowing if someone ever noticed.

    3. As for my life i am, yes there may be bad times,heart breaks, and lose but without those bad ones we wont trasise the good ones as much. You need to know sadness to know happiness you need to have both the positive and negitive to live life to the fullest.

  3. 1. it was a great story. It was really inspiring.
    2. Yes i understand that this could be anyone. I would try really hard to be okay and help them through it .
    3. NO, I am not living life to the fullest.

  4. 1. It makes me appreciate life more and it kind of gives me a boost of confidence that i can do what i aspire to do. he is extremely inspiring.
    2. I would be devastated i don’t know how he copes with it so well. i would be all over the place, worried if it was a relative.
    3. I am living life but i feel like i’m not living it to the best of my abilities because of anxiety.

  5. 1. Zach’s story makes me think more about how I choose to live and inspires me to be more thankful.
    2. It would absolutely devastate me. I don’t know how well I would be able to cope with this.
    3. I think that I am living life and trying my hardest to live it well, but I’m not living it to the fullest. I let the littlest things bother me and I shouldn’t.

  6. 1) It gives me goose bumps thinking that every day could be our last. I do find it inspiration that he wrote a song about dying.
    2) I would be a mess and would just cry the rest of the time I was a live or my loved one was a live.
    3) I try my hardest but sometimes I don’t remember I only live once.

  7. 1. I feel very sad and heavy. I have experienced cancer firsthand with loved ones and it is terrible. I find it very inspiring, he seems like a creative kid. Not many people could put pain into a song like that.

    2. I know this could be me or a loved one. I have been through this pain and if it happened again I would still be a mess. However, it isn’t my place to cry for someone going through that, I would realize I need to be strong for them.

    3. I know I need to but I don’t. With school and everything I don’t have any time to do much else. However, that is no excuse.

  8. 1. It is sad that he is dying but it is cool he can find the positive about it and keep on going. I find it inspiring that he has the strength to keep going.
    2. I understand that that could be someone I know. It would still be hard to believe but I have known quite a few people with cancer. It would be hard to stay positive through it and it would be hard knowing it is terminal.
    3. I think that I could be living life a little bit more exciting but it can be hard when you are always working or doing homework.

  9. 1. I find it inspiring that he could do these things before he passed away and he wanted to inspire other people.
    2. I would be very sad if I got this news but we would have to find a way to fulfill the rest of the time we have together as best as we can.
    3. I think I do a lot of fun things but I don’t think I am doing everything I want to do, so I am not living my life to the fullest.

  10. It is sad he is dying, but it is great he is trying to inspire others. He wants to keep going and find the postivity.

  11. 1). When i hear about Zach’s story i do find it inspiring because he knows he is going to die yet still keeping a positive outlook, and i think his music helped him a lot with this process. I feel as if he is using his song-writing not only to put his inner thoughts out there but also to cope with the fact of the matter.

    2). Cancer is never asked for, it comes out of no where, that is why i know this could be me or a loved one in a matter of days. I do not cope with death well however so if a loved one had it i don’t think i would handle it very well. Also if it was me, i also do not like needles, at all. So maybe i would have a lot of trouble either way.

    3). I would say i am living life pretty good, i wouldn’t consider how i am living to the fullest because there is things i would like to do, however i either don’t have a way to, the motivation, or this school gets in the way.

  12. Zach’s story is really heartbreaking, but it shows just how much of an affect that death can have on someone’s personality. It is inspiring that the whole country got to listen to his inner thoughts while going through the pain.
    I would probably be very sad. It is unbearable to think of death. Although it is understood, it’s not really accepted.
    I think that I could live life, but I could not live my last days with such uncertainty and fear.

  13. 1. It makes me appreciate life more and it kind of gives me a boost of confidence that i can do what i aspire to do. he is extremely inspiring.
    2. I would be devastated i don’t know how he copes with it so well. i would be all over the place, worried if it was a relative.
    3. I am living life but i feel like i’m not living it to the best of my abilities because of anxiety.

  14. 1.) i thinks it’s a very great inspiration story. it’s sad but still very good and i feel as if it could happen to anyone.
    2.) i honestly wouldn’t even understand how to feel about a loved one being like that. a lot of emotions and stress would be going through my body
    3.) i will always live to the fullest no matter what!!!!!!!! you only get one january 28, 2020. cherish the time and people here with you.

  15. 1. Yes, the story is inspiring, but it is sad.

    2. Yes, I understand this could be me or someone that I love. I would respond to this like I have in the past by holding in my emotions, and just moving forward because at the end of the day, the world will continue to function if someone dies.

    3.No, I’m not living my life to the fullest, because I am trying to deal with problems I have, and trying to make sure everyone I care about is taken care of.

  16. His story is very saddening because he seems like he had a beautiful soul. It’s inspiring because receiving news like that can be very depressing, but he turned it into a positive experience.
    I understand that this could happen to me or anyone, and i think news like this would really bring my spirits down.

  17. [1] I feel happy for him since he lived his life to the fullest in the end, yet I am still sad for him that he didn’t get to see march 14, 2013. It was inspiring.
    [2] I understand that this could be anyone of my loved ones. I probably won’t handle it well.
    [3] I am not living my life to the fullest ,but can anyone else truly live their life to the fullest. because living life to the fullest means you would have to experience perfect happiness which is impossible until you find it ,but because there is always something better it would be impossible to find perfect happiness.

  18. 1. He knew he was dying and he still lived his life to the fullest but I wish he could a got to see March
    2. i understand it could be me or my loved ones I wouldn’t take it well
    3. yes I am I still haven’t did everything I wanted to do but other than that I am

  19. 1. I think it was very inspirational because he knew that he was dying soon but he was still living his life as much as he could.
    2. I understand how it could easily happen to me or family. I would just try to stay positive and live life to the fullest for the rest of time.
    3. Probably not because I personally could be doing way more things than I do to live my life to the fullest.

  20. 1. I was very inspired by this because he was one of those kids who even though he had a very short life he was living life and living to see each day he could. Most people I am sure would give up not him he lived to the fullest.

    2. I would take that horribly it would be awful for me I cant imagine my loved ones going through that. I would be crushed. I would be spending tons of time with them and talking to them, trying to be with them.

    3. I think I am living life good and remembering to cherish every moment I have. I still have so many things I want to do and get to do. But things get in the way, and sometimes I am not able to do them right away.

  21. 1: I find it inspirational that regardless of what’s pulling at him, what should be tearing him down, he’s doing what he can to live his life to the fullest doing what he loves all the while.
    2: At first i’d probably be shaken, or terrified, but once I comprehend the situation and accept it, I think I would do what I love and work hard to make those around me comfortable.
    3: I feel like I could be spending my time better, but I’m doing what I love and making sure I can have a future where I am making the most of my life, my time, and giving it my all.

  22. 1) Yes, because he lived to the fullest no matter the date.
    2) I understand that it could easily be me or someone in my family, and it would hurt a lot, but I would try to stay strong for them
    3) No, I live sometimes under a cover of free and even though March 13th, 2013 was 8 years ago, if I could only live till one more March I think there would be much I would regret.

  23. I feel kind of sad and scared for him. I find his story inspiring because he didn’t let it keep him down or stop him from doing what he loves. I do understand it could be me or a loved one, anything can happen. I don’t think i could cope. I would be in a constant worry and wonder “what if” all the time. I don’t know if i’m living it to the fullest, but i am trying to be successful and get where i want to be in life, and education takes up a lot of that.

  24. 1.I think Zachs story was very inspiring because he knew that he was going to die but he decide he going to live his life to the fullest
    2.I do understand that this could be me or any of my loved ones. I would not take this very well.
    3. Im living life but i feel like i could be living it more to my fullest.

  25. 1) Zach’s story reaches out to others who are going through what he is going through, or others who need that bit of inspiration to try things out of their comfort zone.
    2)If this were to be one of my family members, I would first accept the things going on around me. I would spend as much time with them as possible.
    3) No, Im really not.

  26. I feel like is activated whatever he wanted to to make life as good as he could get it and if you wanted to change it or did something differently or he didn’t get to do something he wanted to do well you don’t have anyway to change it but change it for yourself to make yourself better and God helps with a lot of that

    How would I cope with this I do a lot of fun things making sure that my life wasn’t boring go blow some stuff up just go have fun go do something don’t sit in the house and we’ve about it I understand it might hurt but you know what one day someone’s going to look back and be like look at him go look at him try to do something instead of just sitting there dying you may die from it cuz he have cancer but you know what it didn’t say you cancer is going to kill me without fun

    No one can leave their fullest life because there’s always some ways someone regret something so I’m living my life how I want to do it not my fullest life my fullest life is some person that cares about what other people feels about it and I honestly don’t care what people think about what my life is and how I did it because it’s my life I made that decision and I’m going to take responsibility over it and no one can tell me different

  27. I find Zach’s story very inspiring
    I understand that this could be one of my loved ones, I would be deeply upset.
    I am living life, but I feel not to the fullest.

  28. 1. I think Zachs story is a good story and I also think it is very sad that he died at a young age . I think this story is inspiring.

    2. If this was one of my loved-ones I would probaly cry and be very said that they had died and that they cancer.

    3. I think if I only had to live to that date than I woudl try and live to my fullest before I passed away.

  29. The fact that Zach chose to live his life regardless of his cancer is truly brave. He chose to write a song rather than sleep his life away. It’s better that he was able to express himself and leave something behind for everyone to remember him by. I don’t think I could be as brave as him, embracing life and death equally. I hope he’s happy, wherever he’s went. I wish his family well.

  30. this story is about a kid named zack that went for a run and had a pain that was cancer he fought cancer for a while and went through chemotherapy and it did not work and he ended up dying on March 13th.

  31. This article leaves a very memorable remark and it inspires others to push on with their life no matter what no circumstance should put them down always believe in yourself

  32. This blog was a good blog and a positive one too. They had me in the first half thinking “man that’s sad” But then when the blog said he wrote a song to say goodbye to his family that was heartwarming.

  33. 1. When I read this article I thought it was really inspiring and it made me appreciate my life a bit more.
    2. I know that it could easily be my loved ones because my great grandma and people before her had cancer. She doesn’t have it anymore but if I ever got news of her or someone else in my family I would be sad but I’d know to make the best of the situation and do all the things I wanted to do with them. If they ended up not making it then I’d remind myself of how much fun I made their last moments and that it all happened for the better.
    3. I am living life to the fullest right now because I can’t predict the future so I make the best of however much time I have.

  34. 1. what I found inspiring was he made his time count for what little time he had.

    2. If it was me or my family it would be sad that we would have to go through that.


  35. I find Zach’s story very inspiring. While reading it I think about what I might be feeling while in Zach’s situation. I would be super scared and worried. I understand this could easily be myself or a loved one and just the thought of that worries me. I would cope with these news by doing everything I love to do or spending lots of time with that loved one. Zach’s perseverance shows a lot about his character and how he is refusing to give up, even with him possibly dying in the next couple months. I would for sure live my life to the fullest knowing I would die soon and I could not even imagine being told these news and I am shocked at how Zach continues to keep going, even with this.

  36. Zach’s story is very inspiring and I admire how even in a time of hardship, he persevered and wrote a song to communicate and inspire others.
    This could happen to anyone in my life, and I’d want to be there for them, or I’d hope they’d be there for me.
    I always want to live to fullest I can and not take any moment for granted.

  37. This story is very inspiring because Zack chose to make his last days of life happy ones and he chose to have a positive attitude. He chose a healthy way to cope and took a good approach to his bad situation.

  38. 1) I think Zach’s story was very inspiring and I feel like he let out his emotion the right way and that is something his friends and family can hold on to forever.
    2) If this happened to a loved one I would probably cope with lots and a lot of crying.
    3) Yes, I think everyone should do everything they want to do.

  39. i believe zachs story is a really good one and can be really inspiering to some, coping with a lose or an illness can be extreamely hard but he pulled through the best he could living his fullest.

  40. 1. I find Zach’s story inspiring because he let out his emotions into something he likes doing and people are actually able to know how he feels and expresses it through music which i think is one of the best ways to express things.

    2. I’m not sure how I would cope with this kind of news I would probably spend as much time as I can with my family and people I love and do things I’ve always wanted to do.

    3. I am not living my life to the fullest as i care about getting in trouble and being careful and stuff.

  41. 1. I find Zach’s story inspirational to me. He showed what he was feeling in the time he has left. Music is the greatest way to express what you are feeling and I think its a great way show what you’re feeling.

    2. I would accept it and live every day to the fullest. I would cry as soon as I was told the news but I would accept it.

    3. Yes. I am living life to the fullest. I do everything I possibly can every day to live like it’s my last.

  42. I feel emotional over Zach’s story. I find it to be very inspiring.

    Yes, I believe so. I believe I would cry every day without writing songs.

    No, although I really should start.

  43. 1. Yes, it is inspiring because he was going through a lot and still had the strength to express his emotion through something he loved. I feel lucky that I am not in that situation and thankful for the life I have.

    2. This could easily be me or a loved-one and I am very thankful that it is not. I would try to not be fazed by the news and do everything I can to spread the word while deepening my faith.

    3. I don’t think I am living life to the fullest, I usually just watch football at home and I could be hanging out with friends or doing other things I love.