Character and Leadership Sports Bingo

Character and Leadership Sports Bingo


I cannot take credit for this card.  It comes from the Jansen Group. However, it is worth sharing. I don’t expect you to play “bingo” as a team. However, I would like you to look at each square and see if you can do some of these tasks in the next 7 days. Do it deliberately. Do it consistently. And…expect zero accolades for doing these things.  You should do them because they are the right thing to do.

Do them because they they build your team. Do them because they build your character and make you a better leader.

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  2. This was a fun activity to complete. I did a double bingo. It would be fun to complete this as a fun team activity.

  3. I love this bingo card. I will definitely be trying to complete this card as a good character building and helping me gain confidence.