Coach Staley Condemns Taunting and Jawing

Coach Staley Condemns Taunting and Jawing


Last week South Carolina played a tough game against Duke. At one point in the game, a South Carolina player blew a kiss at a Duke player after she hit a big shot in the game to say “goodbye.” In a separate incident, a Duke player blocked a shot and stood over the South Carolina player to taunt her. Both teams started jawing at each other and players had to be restrained. This activity resulted in double-technical fouls.

After the game, South Carolina coach Dawn Staley (one of the role models profiled in this program) addressed the media. She said that after watching the video, she directed her players to apologize to the Duke players for their actions. Staley emphasized the importance of displaying better sportsmanship and avoiding scuffles like this.  She was concerned about her team crossing the line between playing hard and unsportsmanlike behavior.  She hopes that her team will learn from this experience and respect the game moving forward.

Joe’s Perspective: When competitors meet in competition, it is easy to let your emotions get the better of you. However, as Coach Staley says, we need to respect the line between playing hard and unsportsmanlike behavior. The hard part is not crossing it in the heat of the battle. In the end, we must respect the game, respect the opponent and respect the schools that we represent. After all, it is just a game and our character matters much more than the outcome of any contest. Remember that.

Your Turn: Have you ever crossed the line to the line from playing hard to unsportsmanlike behavior? If so, using 20/20 hindsight, what would you have done differently?

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  2. I have only once when I was playing basketball. I got mad and completely fouled someone and it was unsportsmanlike. I should have taken a breath and controlled my emotions.

  3. If I ever crossed the line from playing hard to unsportsmanlike behavior, I would reflect on myself and ask myself what I would do differently. This would include questions like what happened, how did I react, and how do I and the other team feel.

  4. I have never crossed the line despite wanting to multiple times. My parents and coaches and have made it clear to not fight. Let your game do the fighting for you.

  5. I do not think I have crossed that line. The only way I will talk is if someone talks to me first or disrespects my team or myself.

  6. I rarely cross the line of sportsmanlike and unsportsmanlike behavior but if I do I usually catch myself. When I get really into the game I don’t talk much and when I do talk it’s calculated.

  7. I have never crossed the line of being a unsportsmanlike player. I think you can prove points without getting into fight or other unsportsmanlike actions.

  8. I’ve been frustrated with another player, but don’t act on it with bad sportsmanship. If this happened I would walk away and use the frustration to play better.

  9. I have never crossed the line with other teams. A lot of the teams that I play against, have my friends from club sports on them so I’m not rude to them.

  10. I love how Coach Staley addressed her players. You can play hard and still respect the other players. It doesn’t matter how good you are, it shows a lot when you play hard but still have respect and good sportsmanship.

  11. I haven’t ever crossed the line in sports, but I did at home. I said I didn’t love my sister and I hated her and then locked myself in my room but I wish I never did that. I wish I would have told her I loved her and just not gotten angry.