Deion Has a Message for Coaches and Sports Parents

Deion Has a Message for Coaches and Sports Parents


Deion Sanders was one of the best NFL players of all time, which is why he is in the Hall of Fame. He also played 9 years in Major League Baseball.  In retirement, he has a message for parents and for coaches. The message is simple – don’t let athletes get away with breaking the rules. Hold them accountable. It teaches discipline. It helps them respect you and the rules. It ultimately builds character.

Joe’s Perspective: Kids have always broken the rules. They push the envelope. They test adults to know what they can get away with. It’s human nature. It’s up to adults to provide consequences and hold kids accountable when they go too far.  So, when an athlete gets away with “murder,” I don’t blame the kid, I blame the adult.  So, I agree with Deion on this one.

Your Turn: That’s what Deion thinks and that’s what I think, but what do you think?

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  1. I agree with Deion Sanders because he is a very respected person and very prominent person who knows what he is talking about. I think it is on the parent for what the kid gets themself into more than the kid.

    1. I believe that partial blame can be on the adults, but everybody can make their own choices and if rules are broken, consequences are necessary to learn and move on.

  2. I agree with Deion. Parents are the number one influence in kids’ lives, so they are responsible for teaching their kids respect and how to behave.

  3. Deion is right because parents are an essential role to the kids growing up and without support the kids may not enjoy the sport.

  4. Deion is right but you can’t ultimately blame the parents for the kids action. Yes the parents are responsible and should have raised there kids better and punished them so that they wouldn’t do some of the stuff they do, but parents could raise a perfect kid to grow up and go wild and that’s on them not the parents.

  5. As a kid I agree with discipline to a certain standard but you also have to give your child the chance to make a mistake because that’s how we learn and in sports life work mistakes are what help us become the best person we can be

  6. I agree with Deion! Kids these days aren’t disciplined. If parents and teachers would discipline these kids, kids wouldn’t get away with as much.

  7. I think that Deion is correct because in my experience parents and their behavior with their children can effect how children act in their everyday life.

  8. i think it’s important to be disciplined. if you always get what you want you will never have to the drive to go out and get it yourself.

  9. I agree with Deion because if you let people think you can get away with anything without any consequences then it’s going to happen more often. But I have a personal experience that when you do something wrong you have a consequence and it really makes you think about things and what could’ve happened rather than what did.

  10. Discipline is vital for raising children to be structured and strong adults. It teaches people to do the right thing and to work hard.

  11. I agree with Deion, parents are a huge part of the athlete’s life. The adults are the main influence and can effect the way a student acts. If the parent is discipline, the student will hold themselves more accountable and make better decisions.

  12. I agree with Deion, when kids are growing up they learn everything by the people around them. That’s when having a role model is most vital and if kids don’t have a positive role model that’s when they will start to make bad choices.

  13. I feel as if Dieon is right because when you are disciplined you suffer consequences and when you suffer consequences it makes kids think about what they have done wrong and it makes them regret doing it. It makes them want to re commit themselves in a more positive way.

  14. I agree with Deion but I believe that the parents build the foundation of discipline and as time goes the child(ren) will begin to carry that own discipline for themselves.

  15. I agree with Deion. The adults in a child’s life are responsible of holding the accountable. The normal kid cannot hold themself accountable and a parent or coach who is not lenient with a child will make the kid more responsible.

  16. I completely agree with Deion because I feel that playing with the rules builds character and doesn’t allow an athlete to dip under the expectations and the principles they should be learning at this age.

  17. I agree with Deion. If the adults in the athletes life make them take responsibility for their actions and act as a role model the athlete will hold themselves accountable. Parents are a big part of their kids lives and should have a positive impact on their kids.

  18. Parents definitely impact how their child acts. I believe it is up to the athlete to conduct themselves properly, especially because when you are in high school, you should know better, and be able to take criticism from your coaches

  19. I think its more of how the Athlete acts is how he should be punished, but the parent should be teaching there child the rights and wrongs

  20. I agree! A child first role model is their parent, they are always watching them to see what is right. I think once you get to high school, the athlete should know how to act by then.

  21. I believe Deion is correct because although children are their own people, at that early stage of life parents have an extreme influence on their behavior.

  22. As a kid I agree with discipline to a certain standard but you also have to give your child the chance to make a mistake because that’s how we learn and in sports life work mistakes are what help us become the best person we can be

  23. I believe that Deion is absolutely right! Every child needs to have rules and parents needs to enforce them. Kids today have to realize that everything in their life that they love to do can be easily taken away from them. Especially when we are older and the case can be more serious. If someone commits a crime like murder they will be put in prison even if they were the starter quarterback for a D1 school. Discipline is needed!

  24. I thinks he’s right never make a mistake with letting your kids or students get away with anything because in the end you’re the blame of why they act the way they do.

  25. I agree with Deion. When a player starts to disobey coaches and the rules of the game, consequences should be enforced. Parents and coaches should take insubordination into their own hands and communicate to the players what changed need to be made.

  26. I agree with him kids shouldn’t be trying to push the rules to see what they can get away with. They should play by the rules to have a fair game

  27. I think if a kid/ athlete messes up you should discipline them and not just let it slide, because if you let it slide they will keep doing it.

  28. I agree with Deion because I think that parents have a big role in teaching right from wrong but there’s a point when we chose and we have to take the punishment ether way good or bad.