Election Post #3: Beat Up for Voting

Election Post #3: Beat Up for Voting

I saw something this morning that made my jaw drop. A guy who apparently just voted in the 2016 Presidential election was dragged out of his car and beaten by 3 or 4 individuals. There is limited context for this, but apparently this man had just voted for Trump (how they knew or guessed this, I don’t know) and these guys wanted to teach him a lesson.

Listen, I know this was a highly divisive campaign and people have strong feelings on both sides. However, every American has the right to vote for the candidate of their choosing, even if they write in their own name. No one should be able to intimidate or use violence against another person simply because they disagree with another person’s vote. This is sad.

The truth is that we live in a democracy that is largely characterized by a two-party system. Likewise, we are a deeply divided country, roughly split equally between republicans and democrats. Sometimes a republican wins and sometimes a democrat wins. This means that your candidate will probably lose half of the time. Regardless, we need to be respectful of the democratic process and the vote of all Americans.

Your Turn: When you saw this video, what were your thoughts and feelings?

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  1. THIS IS CRAZY!! It is people’s chose who they vote for even if you don’t agree that no way to treat a person. I hope that this is not a way they want to be treated. (Golden Rule:treat others the way you want to be treated) It is the rule you learn when your young but it should be used in anything you do.

  2. I think beating someone else up because they voted for someone you don’t like is unnecessary. I have friends that like Trump, and I don’t beat them up or make fun of them. The black men who beat this other men are immature. You don’t have to beat someone up because you don’t like what they did. That’s called being a kid.

    1. Post

      Sosna, I’m not sure immature and unecessary are the right words. I would use the words criminal and violent… but I do agree with your main point 🙂

  3. I thought it was kinda harsh and messed up because although I don’t agree with our now president nor like it him. I think it was unnecessary for his beating. We all have rights even if your opinion differs from everyone else. You never hear about someone getting beaten up for voting for Hilary why is it any different for anyone else?

  4. I think this is messed up…no, i do not support trump or agree with anything he has to say but just because someone voted for him doesnt make them anything less then a person. I know many people who support them but i do not treat them poorly nor did i stop talking to them because they support trump. There’s nothing we can do now but sit back and watch what trump does and says. All we should do as a state is come back together and support each other no matter who the voted for

  5. It was hard to imagine that people could be so cruel. The men who beat up the person who voted for Trump had absolutely no right to do so. They based their actions off of the fact that they disagreed with him and wanted to teach him a lesson. People have the right to vote for whoever they want and their decisionm must be respected.

  6. I think that people should respect other people’s opinions and beliefs. Each person has the right to free speech and to believe in what they wish and this act was taking away and punishing someone for having rights. This made me disappointed because people are letting their beliefs take over their feelings and are acting irrationally. We all need to live together and coexist peacefully.

  7. Though I strongly oppose Donald Trump and his campaign, I disagree with anyone who attacks another person for voting for their candidate. People need to understand that Trump is now president, and we should work towards equality and ensuring a peaceful transfer of power.

  8. With all the slander used in the campaign, I can understand how people could have their views warped enough to paint a picture of someone voting for the other party as a supporter of a super villain from a comic or tv show. With so many people convinced that anyone from a different political party is evil, I’m not surprised that this type of thing is happening. I am really disheartened that it has gotten this bad but with everything as extreme as it is, I can’t say that no one saw it coming. While the supporters of Trump have committed their fair share of taboos from what I have seen, it’s actually the Hilary supporters who “are opposed to prejudice and the poor treatment of others because of who they are” are actually the one’s reacting most violently. Personally, I am a political swing and try to avoid standing for any side and try to resist calling out any party as a whole but really when I’ve recently seen people verbally attacking third-party voters saying “It’s your fault because you didn’t support Hilary” So please everyone just needs to settle down.

  9. What made these people think this is necessary? Everyone has their own viewpoints on politics. Beating someone over their own viewpoints is just unnecessary in my opinion. This man was voting for what he thought was the right person to help lead this country. Just reading the caption made me question what made these people decide to beat them.

  10. I don’t understand how anyone can think this is ok. Everyone has an equal right to vote and should be respected no matter what their opinions are. Even if you truly hate Trump, there is nothing you can do about it now. We need to focus on improving life for down the road and not cry about who our president is.

  11. I can not believe that some people think that this an acceptable thing to do. If you don’t agree with someone on their political views, fine, but you don’t go and beat them up just because they voted for a candidate that you didn’t like. I think it is harsh, and very cruel of those people to beat that man up just for voting for Trump.

  12. Personally this whole video makes the black community look ignorant. They are pretty much making the stereotypes that we claim aren’t true, actually reasonable. The fact that someone can sit and complain about how us black people are getting treated and then go and treat someone of another race like that because of who they voted for is ridiculous and disgusting. There isn’t a good enough reason in the world to go and drag someone out of their car and beat them. You want to get treated like an equal than act like it. This is disgusting.

  13. I believe that the way these people treated the man who voted for trump is terrible. This world has to start to realize that Trump is the future for us and we have to find peace in all of this. People have the right to vote for who they want and believe in whatever they want. Who the man voted for has nothing to do with these other people who were attacking him. So therefore these people were wrong of attacking this man.

  14. This idea of beating someone for who they voted for is insane and I see no point to it. People should always have their own voice and they shouldn’t have to worry about criticism or getting beat for just simply giving their opinion. An opinion is something people deserve but there shouldn’t be a sense of entitlement coming along with it.

  15. I believe that the people in this video were very disrespectful. We need to have respect for each other’s opinions. Even if one does not agree with another, there is no reason to be cruel to another. In America we have the right to vote and should not have to worry about someone fighting is based off our beliefs.

  16. I think this is crazy. We live in America, a free country where every one has the right to their own opinion. Even if you don’t agree with Trump and his supporters, you should not look to violence, because that won’t solve anything. If we turned to violence every time there was a disagreement, we’d be living in a war zone. People need to learn to accept that every one has their own opinion, as long as they have reason to back up their opinions, then nothing is wrong with having your own opinion.

  17. After watching this video, I felt disappointed in our country. Despite whether one supports or is against Donald Trump, he is our president elect and the violence being projected toward him and his family will not benefit our nations and the citizens in it.