Entire City Learns Sign Language for Hearing-Impaired Resident

Entire City Learns Sign Language for Hearing-Impaired Resident


Members of one small town came together to support one of their own residents, Muharrem, who is hearing-impaired. The residents secretly spent a month learning sign language and then spent a morning surprising Muharrem with all that they learned. Everyone signed their communications to Muharrem.  Watch the video below to see how it all unfolded and how Muharrem responded.

Joe’s Perspective: Muharrem’s response tells me that simply communicating (being heard and understood and vice-versa) is not a regular part of his daily life. His response helps me understand how even the most mundane parts of our lives (ordering food, talking with a stranger, hailing a cab) must be difficult. Anything we can do to minimize these difficulties is a positive.  This video also makes me question what I have done and can do to help the visually-impaired… the hearing-impaired and the mobile-impaired. I also wonder what you can do…  what everyone can do. It’s called empathy… It’s called compassion.


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