Entire City Learns Sign Language for Hearing-Impaired Resident

Entire City Learns Sign Language for Hearing-Impaired Resident


Members of one small town came together to support one of their own residents, Muharrem, who is hearing-impaired. The residents secretly spent a month learning sign language and then spent a morning surprising Muharrem with all that they learned. Everyone signed their communications to Muharrem.  Watch the video below to see how it all unfolded and how Muharrem responded.

Joe’s Perspective: Muharrem’s response tells me that simply communicating (being heard and understood and vice-versa) is not a regular part of his daily life. His response helps me understand how even the most mundane parts of our lives (ordering food, talking with a stranger, hailing a cab) must be difficult. Anything we can do to minimize these difficulties is a positive.  This video also makes me question what I have done and can do to help the visually-impaired… the hearing-impaired and the mobile-impaired. I also wonder what you can do…  what everyone can do. It’s called empathy… It’s called compassion.


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  1. This story is so cute! It gives this guy another sense of community outside of his family. This just goes to show that a community is just as strong as your actual family

  2. This was so cute. I liked this video because it shows how important and loving community is. It reminds me of the Lancer Family because we do things to show love and support but it is even more touching because it is rare to find that in life outside of high school. Love!!!

  3. I love how close the community is to go out of their way for another person’s happiness. if everyone treated each other like this then we would live in a war free world.

  4. This article and story was very influential and truly gave me faith in humanity. I cannot understand what Muharrem is going through, but I am glad people are around that care. To have a whole neighborhood get involved shows how community is a huge aspect of their everyday lives.

  5. This is a cool story. It gave me an opportunity to see how much a town can influence someone in a community. I am inspired that people are still willing to help and care for those around them.

  6. This article is awesome. It shows how community is just as important as family and how everyone is united together in their own way through relationship.