Final Thoughts On Joe Paterno

Final Thoughts On Joe Paterno


I have seen lots of individuals, who were considered positive role models, let us down. The names of Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton, OJ Simpson and Michael Phelps come to mind. To be honest, it really hurts to see Joe Paterno on that list. For me personally, it’s difficult to see a legend, who did so many great things, go out like this. It seems that he exemplified all of the traits covered in this curriculum for a very long time.  It also goes against my belief to throw someone under the bus for one lapse in judgment unless it’s something terrible and/or done with malice. Yet, I know many feel that his handling of the alleged abuse case at Penn State meets that criteria… which is why I will not provide a long commentary on this matter. Instead I ask you to watch the short video and then discuss it yourself. Just keep in mind that there are no right answers, just opions based on emotion and perspective.

What is Joe Paterno’s legacy?
Should the media have been so quick to judge? Do you think some of them felt bad about their harsh comments when he died?
Did it make you sad that his life ended in this bitter way or was it Karma? Poetic Justice?
How do you balance all the good in his life with his lack of action on the abuse scandal?

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