Football Coach Teaches Life Lessons Via #ManlyMondays

Football Coach Teaches Life Lessons Via #ManlyMondays


Every Monday Coach Carter, an assistant football coach at Athens High School takes five minutes of practice time to teach his football players valuable life lessons. Among many lessons, he teaches his athletes how to change a tire, magnetize a screw driver, general plumbing pointers, changing oil in a car… Each week he does a little demonstration. Each week he passes on a little information that his father probably passed along to him many moons ago.

So far, this week’s video has been viewed 9.75 million times.

Joe’s Perspective – this coach is a role model: Coach Carter understands that there is more to life than football. He knows that 1-2% of his athletes will go on to receive a scholarship to play college ball and probably only one player throughout his entire coaching career will ever play professionally. So, I’m sure, he feels the need to teach these students something they will actually need to know as adults. He probably also realizes that many of their parents aren’t teaching these life lessons. For that, I say, thank you Coach Carter.

Joe’s Perspective – teaching character and leadership is even more important: I have dedicated my life to teaching valuable life lessons to high school students, in the classroom and in athletics.  The Student Athlete Program is dedicated to teaching character, leadership and sportsmanship to high school athletes. Every day we provide 2-5 minutes worth of valuable content, delivered via our app. In fact, every Monday we provide what we call a “Monday Life Lesson”. This is a 2-minute video provided by a coach or an athlete who gives his/her most valuable lesson. For example, Instead of hearing from one Coach Carter, they get to hear from 36 different coaches over the course of three seasons. Each day of the week is something different and interesting. The intent, of course, is to make all athletes better people, better teammates and better leaders – on an off the field.

Joe’s Perspective – Why aren’t more coaches doing this: The latest video by Coach Carter received 3.7 million views. Almost all of the comments are positive. “This is what America needs right now. Thank you Coach Carter,” “Looks more important than tackling and blocking.” So, my question is why don’t more coaches teach these types of lessons? You don’t have to use our Student Athlete Program, but coaches should spend part of their time on life lessons, leadership development and skills that will help students 1) off the field and 2) down the road.

Your Turn: What do have to say about this story and my perspective?



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  1. I think high schools themselves should be doing this, so go Coach Carter! Life lessons that will be used outside of the class room or off of the field are, for most players, more relevant and vital than the information we harness from school and sports.

  2. I think Coach Carter is doing a great job showing his players vital skills in life outside of football. Moments like these are great bonding times and it shows his players that he thinks of them as more than just his players.

  3. I think this is amazing!! I love that the coach is taking time out of his practice to teach his athletes about stuff other than football.

  4. High school students nowadays barely know how to do half of the things that someone needs to know when transitioning into young adult. For example, I don’t know how to put oil in a car as embarrassing as that sounds. More coaches should definitely be doing this as part of their daily practice routine.

  5. I think this coach has the right idea about teaching these football players life lessons. The majority of athletes never end up playing a professional sport. We as athletes need as much life lessons as we can to prepare us for the real world.

  6. It’s a perfect idea. Sports should not just make you a better player, but also a better person. You may not use the skills you learn in a sport on a daily basis or ever in your normal life, but small tips and tricks that Coach Carter teaches his team will be used.

  7. I believe the coach teaching them valuable life lessons is just as important as playing the game. If they learn at practice for the real word it’s a win-win.

  8. I believe the coach teaching them valuable lessons to is just more important as playing the game. If they learn at practice for the real word it’s a win-win.

  9. I think that’s amazing that this coach doesn’t just teach is players strategy in football. I think that it’s very important that he teaches life lessons to all the players.

  10. I think this coach is very smart for trying to teach his team more than just strategy in sports. I think as athletes we need to be thought life lessons for often to prepare us for the real world because we can’t play sports for the rest of our life’s.

  11. I strongly agree with his perspective. Most things in school that we learn today are not going to help us when we become adults and go to college life. Many may play their sport in college but that doesn’t help them in their way of life. Teaching usable life skills I think is very important for a teen to learn for when they are on their own.

  12. I think Coach Carter is a great example of what other coaches should be doing. How will athletes survive in the real world if we aren’t taught these important life lessons.

  13. I think that this is a great idea. Teaching young players how to do something in a crisis that will help them. Other coaches should learn from him.

  14. This is great!! These are life lessons that are absolutely going to be used later on. It’s shouldn’t always be about football, other things should be sprinkled in there.

  15. I think this is very important. Not only is this coach teaching sports, but he is also teaching about life. At one point, sports end. So it’s important to always be looking at what we can do to prepare for life ahead of us.

  16. I think the football coach is doing a great thing for the high school football players. I also think the stuff the players learn from him will become more important than football.

  17. I think that is a great system to adopt in high school sports because like the article said only 1 or 2 percent of the players will go on.

  18. I think that this story is awesome and more coaches and schools should do this and it also teaches people how to get ready for later on in life and it is like a family and sometimes not about sports

  19. The idea of teaching life lessons is very valuable and can definitely be implemented into other areas of life is sports does not turn out to be our profession

  20. I find it great that athletes are being taught life lessons, however I find it sexist that it’s called manly Monday’s because woman can also do all those tasks just as well as men.

  21. What I have to say about this story is that there’s more than life than just being a human being. For example, this football coach is more than just a football coach he’s being a role model to this kids. This football coach is that just showing them skills for football he’s also showing them life skills. This kids can grow up knowing football but they will never know skills to life it’s self. It’s good that someone is showing change and being a role model.