Having Fun!

Having Fun!


Something caught my eye the other day. It was a short video of the Chicago Bears sloshing around on the rain-drenched field. They ran and lunged their bodies onto the ground and each person slid a good 10 yards. It’s easy to just see these NFL guys as paid professionals, which they are. They are paid to compete at the highest level and they are paid to win. However, this video reminded me that – even at that level – it’s important to have fun… Cut up, laugh, play practical jokes or do something zany for no particular reason.

This is especially true at the high school level. I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but, here we go… surveys consistently show that the number 1 reason that high school kids play sports is, “it’s fun” and the number reason that high school kids quit sports is, “it’s no longer fun.”  So, it’s important to create your own type of fun – good, clean, genuine fun… for no reason… even if you look goofy or different. Life is supposed to be fun and whimsical and spontaneous.

For example, during long runs on the cross country team in high school, when someone yelled,  “tangent,” we would all begin running in different directions. Why? Who knows and who cares. It just became a thing. I could list about 10 of these odd things we would do to make practices fun. The important question is, “Can you?” I hope you can because that would mean that you are having fun!

Your Turn: How much fun do you have with your teammates? What do you do to increase that level of fun?

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